Upcoming Events

Tuesday is our Thanksgiving Show in the Classroom at 9:30 AM, Lunch is at 10:30.


American Indians:  Brown shirts or dresses

Pilgrims: Black shirts or dress

Turkeys: costumes provided

Pilgrim minister: button down and a tie

This is what I would love to see the students wear.  If you have it, Great!  If not, just do something you can.  Thank you!

Book fair starts Monday in the Learning Commons.

Smencils go sale, Monday for $1


Thank you to everyone for returning your books!  Almost every child returned their books today!  The students may keep them for 2 weeks.  Due to Thanksgiving break, they get a bonus week with their book.

Tomorrow, Please dress your child in red,white and blue to honor our veteran’s and help us continue to learn about Veteran’s Day!

Today, we had a lesson with our school counselor, Mrs. Weber.  We learned about ways we can cool down, when we are angry or frustrated.  Howard B. Wigglebottom, learns it’s ok to walk away.  Please discuss this with your child.

Check out Your scientists!

We have been learning lessons about forces.  In Kindergarten, we concentrate on pushes and pulls.  The students have really enjoyed our resource Mystery Science.  It is a hands on, active science lesson.  We used our model wrecking ball to push a wall down.  The object was to knock down the wall without knocking down the houses that were close to the wall.  We had to adjust the amount of push or how high we pulled the wrecking ball, before releasing it to knock down the wall.

Read For The Record!

Today, October 19, 2017 is Jumpstart’s Read for the Record!

Our class had the opportunity to participate in setting a new World Record today!  Jumpstart is trying to beat the old World Record of the most people reading and listening to the same book on the same day!  If you have the opportunity, read the book again tonight to your children!  If you do, go to Jumpstart’s website  https://www.jstart.org/read-for-the-record/

how many people heard or read the story.  


Thank you to everyone who came to conferences this week.  For those of you that I meet with in the next few days, I look forward to getting to know you.

Resources Mentioned:

Math sight Storybots, sign up for a free subscription!      http://parents.storybots.com/

Sight words and games        http://www.mrsperkins.com/dolch.htm

Sight word Ap    Sight word ninja

Sight Word List:

Week 1 (10/23/2017)         (is, a, see, the, here)

Week 2 (10/30/2017)        (do, you, what, and, big)

Week 3 (11/6/2017)            (I, can, go, have, it)

Week 4 (11/13/2017)           (all, in, for, to, we)

Week  5 (11/27/2017)          (an, day had, like, my)

Week 6 (12/4/2017)             (me, look, run, said, all)

Week 7 (12/11/2017)            (not, play, are, you, has)

I noticed that my list has a few repetitions.  We should be fine to cover all the sight words.  The last week of December will be for review.  Thank you for helping your child become a great reader by learning sight words!



September 7, 2017

Check Us Out!  We won the Golden Mouse!

Our class showed great behavior in the Computer Lab.  We were awarded a certificate and a Trophy to keep in our class for a week.  Great Job to our students!  Way to Be A Better Brave!

Upcoming Events

Great Skate
Join us for a skate party to celebrate the Back the Jack campaign. It’s a great event for the entire family. Last year’s event, 400 attendees enjoyed skating, food and games. Indeed, we’ll do the same this year. We’ll announce the winner to the Nintendo Switch at Great Skate too.
Go to Foundation page to buy tickets.
Sunday, September 17, 2017
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Sparkles Smyrna
666 Smyrna Hill Dr.
Smyrna, GA 30082
$8 for skaters
$5 for non-skaters
$10 admission at the door (skaters and non-skaters)
Free for children 3 and under


Open House K-2

Tuesday 6:00 PM

Happy Birthday Joseph and Cara!

Yesterday the children were happy to have popsicles as a treat after a hot day at recess to celebrate Cara’s Birthday!

Today the children were treated to Krispy Kreme donuts to celebrate Joseph’s birthday! 



Welcome To A Great New Year

Welcome Back!

Thank you to everyone who came in to meet Mrs. Walker and Myself.  We are looking forward to a Great Year!  We have Music on our first day.  Our lunch will be at 10:30.  Please do not come to lunch with your child for the 1st 2 weeks.  We want them to get used to the routines.  After that, you are welcome to come eat with your child.  It’s a fun treat!  You will need to come a few minutes early to sign in at the front office.  Then wait outside the cafeteria for us to come through the lines.  We are line B.  I am updating the schedule online.


Food Truck Friday!!!

Come enjoy a relaxing evening of food and movie time with your children and your neighbors.  Friday night at the Jack!

Check out our garden!  We planted some vegetables last week. They are already growing!