We are off to a great start!  We are cruising through our 3rd week of kindergarten!  The students are adjusting to their routines.   We are currently working on our ABC books.  We are trying to do a letter a day.  Today, we worked on the letter G.  We also learned about gorillas.  We do phonics everyday to become better readers and writers.  The students do a craft, learn a song, and much more for each letter.

We read a fun book in Math.   Ask your child about it!

In math, we worked on the number 2 today.  We learned a rhyme to help us write the number correctly:

Half a heart and a straight line too, that’s how I make number 2!

We also worked on lots of ways to show 2, with our fingers (lots of possibilities!), on a ten frame, a dice, a domino, tally marks, on a ten frame, on a number line, and a picture.

We rolled out the Braves Bucks on Monday.  This is a school wide behavior incentive.  The students earn Braves Bucks for doing the correct things.  Right now the entire school is working on proper hallway behavior.  Students should walk quietly on the 3rd tile so we do not disturb other classrooms.

Welcome to the Hall of Justus Kindergarten

Hi.  I was so glad to meet you all in the last few days.  It looks like we have a wonderful class!  We have 12 boys and 11 girls.  We have begun working on rules and procedures.

Important Dates:

August 7th – Open House (K-2)  6:00
August 9th – Open House (3rd-5th)
August 29th – Early Release (12:15 p.m.)
September 3rd – Labor Day, No School
September 24th – 28th – Fall break No School
October 11th – Early Release (12:15 p.m.)
October 15th – 19th – Conference Week, Early Release (12:15 p.m.)
November 6th – Election Day, Student Holiday
November 19th – 23rd – Thanksgiving Holidays, No School


Remember to join our class on Class Dojo and Shutterfly



Happy Spring!

There are so many upcoming fun events!   See Below:

What’s going on in class:

Math adding and subtraction to 10 and more, place value, writing #’s to 100 correctly.

Science:  All about plants.  We have a garden planted in our classroom; carrots, radishes, lettuce, flowers, pumpkins, peas, watermellon.

Language Arts:  blends  sh, ch, bl, cl, sl.    Continue with sight words:  with, went, want, ride, must

4-23  new, now, sat, day, under

4-30  please, pretty, there, three, they

Reading at individual levels.  Please check your child’s folders for reading practice sheets or books.  They are excited to read to you!


It’s Time for Dr. Seuss!

Read Across America is Friday, March 2.  Please send in your child’s favorite Dr. Seuss book any day this week.  Please put their names on their books!

Class pictures on Friday, March 2.  This will be both individual  pictures and our class group photo.

Please send in completed field trip permission slips by Friday, March 2.

This week’s sight words:  help, funny, on, made, over, who

Sign up for the Nickajack Dash!  It’s fun.  There is a great silent auction as well.  I will be there.  Hope to see you all there.  Saturday, March 23.


February Happenings

February Events

1st- STEAM Night

5th-12th   Candy Grams on Sale

6th-7th Talent Show Permission Forms Due

9th Sweetheart Dance

14th Valentine’s Card Exchange

19th-23rd  Winter Break

27th  6 Flags Reading Log Due

What’s going on in class:

Social Studies:  President’s Day, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump.

We will also be talking about famous people in honor of Black History Month.

Science: Shadows, sorting materials, and rocks and soil

Writing: writing our opinion and supporting it with details

Reading: Making inferences from stories and retelling, Keep working on those sight words!

Phonics:  Letters Q, W, Y, X   and sounding out CVC words, rhyming words

Math:  Counting by 10’s, story addition and subtraction problems





January 2018

Kindergarten News Jan 5-sctw1v

Above is the link to the Newsletter.  It has A LOT of important info!  Please Read!

January 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day NO School!
January 23 The 100th Day of school! Special projects due and fun activities in class. Details to come.
February 2 Ms. Walker’s Birthday and Groundhog Day
February 14 Valentine’s Day (always fun in Kindergarten!)
You can start making your collection boxes. (Cereal boxes work great in book bags!)

December Happenings

December 8 – Father’s Being Involved Reader Day

December 14 – Holiday Party

December 15 -Optional Dress Up As a Snowman

December 18 -Optional Dress Up As a The Grinch and make a gingerbread house. Donations needed.  Please see shutterfly for sign up.

December 19 – Optional Dress Up as a Reindeer and Early Release

December 20- Optional Wear Your PJ’s Day and Early Release


Upcoming Events

Tuesday is our Thanksgiving Show in the Classroom at 9:30 AM, Lunch is at 10:30.


American Indians:  Brown shirts or dresses

Pilgrims: Black shirts or dress

Turkeys: costumes provided

Pilgrim minister: button down and a tie

This is what I would love to see the students wear.  If you have it, Great!  If not, just do something you can.  Thank you!

Book fair starts Monday in the Learning Commons.

Smencils go sale, Monday for $1


Thank you to everyone for returning your books!  Almost every child returned their books today!  The students may keep them for 2 weeks.  Due to Thanksgiving break, they get a bonus week with their book.

Tomorrow, Please dress your child in red,white and blue to honor our veteran’s and help us continue to learn about Veteran’s Day!

Today, we had a lesson with our school counselor, Mrs. Weber.  We learned about ways we can cool down, when we are angry or frustrated.  Howard B. Wigglebottom, learns it’s ok to walk away.  Please discuss this with your child.

Check out Your scientists!

We have been learning lessons about forces.  In Kindergarten, we concentrate on pushes and pulls.  The students have really enjoyed our resource Mystery Science.  It is a hands on, active science lesson.  We used our model wrecking ball to push a wall down.  The object was to knock down the wall without knocking down the houses that were close to the wall.  We had to adjust the amount of push or how high we pulled the wrecking ball, before releasing it to knock down the wall.