Feb.5-9 is National School Counseling Week


Goals, similar to dreams, are things that you aspire to do. You can
have a goal to get a certain grade in your most challenging class. You
can have a goal to create a time management plan for tackling your
homework after school. You can even have a goal to wake up a bit
earlier each day so you won’t rush in the mornings before school.
Goals are things you want to set your mind to accomplish. Do you
need help with setting your personal goals? We are here, so stop by and
see us.
Stay focused. Be kind. Be great!

From-ASCA   National School Counseling Week 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back!

This month Dr. McNealey has been in classes teaching and helping students set goals.  Mrs. Angresano has been teaching her students problem solving skills and empathy.

If you would like more information about goals please click on the link below.


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Registration for Thanksgiving and Christmas programs

Registration for Thanksgiving and Christmas programs

When:  November 7th from 11:00 am- 6:00 pm

Where:  Cobb County Civic Center   548 South Marietta Pkwy SE     Marietta, GA 30060

All Applicants must bring:

Picture ID, Social Security card or birth certificate for each person in the household,

Written verification of all household income(e.g., TANF, unemployment, worker’s comp, Social Security,  SSI , child support)

Persons with no income in the previous 4 weeks must verify their situation

Verification of residency in Cobb County (e.g., lease, utility bill in your name, etc.)


MUST Toy Shop Registration 2017

When:   November 7- 10     5 pm- 8 pm

November 14- 17    5 pm- 8 pm

Where:  MUST Ministries- Marietta Office        1407 Cobb Parkway NW   Marietta, GA  30060

Please bring Picture ID for parent or guardian

Proof of residency (October or November utility bill in your name)

Birth Certificate for each child

Current report card for all school-aged children

Under school-aged children will need a shot record

Additional helpful info:

Social Security Card, Birth Certificate or Passport for the parent or guardian

Household income for the last 30 days






Red Ribbon Week

October 23rd-27th

The theme for Red Ribbon Week is “I Like Me Drug Free”! Please help us celebrate being alcohol and drug free by having your child participate in the Red Ribbon Week dress up days.

Monday– “Lei Off Drugs”- wear the lei that the teachers give you

Tuesday– “Love Yourself, Be Drug Free” – wear a red shirt with your uniform pants and your red bracelet from your teacher

Wednesday– “Drugs are Wack”- wear wacky, tacky clothes

Thursday– “Put a Cap on Drugs”- wear your favorite hat

Friday– “Team up Against Drugs”-wear your favorite sports jersey or t-shirt

Attending for Success!

Parents, please remember that our school day starts at 7:50 a.m.

Students arriving after that time are considered tardy.

Did you know….?

Research shows that students who are chronically absent in K & 1st grade are less likely to be able to read proficiently by 3rd grade.

Students who are late to class by just 10 minutes every day end up missing more than 30 total hours of class.

Excused and unexcused absences both add up to lost class time.

How can I, a parent, help?

Know the bus schedule pick-up time and aim to be there 5-10 min earlier.

Have clothes and school bag ready the night before.

Set up a good example by modeling regular routines. This may include a time for completing homework, having dinner, bedtime and morning routines.

Try to schedule medical visits after school.

Plan family trips and vacations during school breaks.

For more info please visit: www.countmeinmaine.org

How can we help?  Please communicate with us.  We are here to help along with our Social worker.

One Team, One Goal, Student Success!


Welcome back!

Welcome back!  It has been wonderful seeing all of our students, parents and staff.  We have a new counseling schedule this school year.  Dr. McNealey is our full time counselor and Mrs. Angresano is our part-time counselor.

Dr. McNealey works with all of our students.

Mrs. Angresano works with K, 1 and 5.

Mrs. Angresano is at Russell Tuesdays, Wednesdays and on Friday mornings.

As school counselors we provide different services to support our students.   We provide classroom guidance lessons which address social emotional skills, academic success and careers, small group counseling and individual counseling.

We are looking forward to a great year. We are here to help.

One Team, One Goal, Student Success!