Welcome to 3rd grade

What are we learning in the 3rd grade?

What are we studying during the first nine weeks?

Reading:  We will be looking at ourselves as readers and working on establishing good reading habits.  We are also going to start learning the differences between folktales, fables, and myths.

Writing: Students will be using the writing process to write narratives.  We will also be working on our grammar skills (nouns, pronouns, and prefixes).

Science:  Rocks and minerals will be our first unit of study in science.  We will explore how rocks and minerals are similar and different.  After our first unit, we will dive into studying fossils.

Social Studies:  Students will be studying Native Americans.

Math:  Students will work on strengthening number sense, using addition and subtraction skills, and starting to create bridges between addition and multiplication.  We will also be working on two step problem solving.