April/May Important Dates Updated

Hey everyone! Now that we are finished with our Milestone testing (YAY!!), we have a bunch of really awesome events coming up! A hard copy of the calendar came home this week, but mark these dates down:

-April 27th: Field Day

-May 2nd: Teach One to Lead One Graduation (Vitale, Brooks, and Frierson only)

-May 4th: Moms and Grandmas in the cafeteria

-May 9th: School wide STEM Day

-May 10th: Chick Fil A biscuits in carpool

-May 15th: Cremafina Spirit Night

-May 22nd: Early Release Day for students

-May 23rd: Early Release Day for students/LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Milestone Testing!

We have officially finished our Milestone Testing! The kiddos did a great job!!!! If you haven’t already heard, we had a fun incentive for students to do their best. They had an Milestone MVP Punch card, where they could earn punches each day for 1) being at school, 2) taking their time, and 3) for showing their strategies. Based on the amount of punches they received, they earned specific prizes. These prizes include: extra recess, game/tech hour, movie, art party, and slime party! They are all so excited! We are all so incredibly proud of our students!