January 15-19, 2018

Welcome back everyone!  We hope you all had a great weekend.

Important Dates 

Monday, Jan. 15th MLK Holiday

Thursday, Jan. 18th- Ident-A-Kid

Friday, Jan. 19th- STEM Fair in the Learning Commons

Saturday, Jan. 20th- Sparkles Spirit Day 1pm-3pm

Jan. 30th- Moe’s Spirit Night

Feb. 27th-KSU Museum of History and Holocaust Education Field Trip (permission slips went home on neon green paper on Friday…)  Please turn in as soon as you can.  

Academics for the week:  

Reading- We will continue Among the Hidden; Vocabulary Unit 8 test is Wednesday, Jan. 17th.

Language Arts- Interjections/Conjunctions review

Math- We will continue multiplying fractions.  We will have a quiz on Thursday covering models/algorithm.  Students are allowed to use their notebooks.  We will introduce dividing fractions later in the week.

Science- We checked the study guide in class on Friday.  Please use this and the notebook to prepare for the chapter 3 test.  The test will be Friday, Jan. 19th.  I will post some review games via Edmodo for students to get extra practice.

Social Studies- Today we began our next unit (WWI, the Jazz Age, and Great Depression).  We glued in the contract and the unit vocabulary.  Please begin reading chapter 9, lessons 2 and 3.  Parents, please take a look at the contract to get an idea of what we will be doing.  Due dates are highlighted.  The vocabulary will be due Jan. 23rd.  All other due dates and accelerated option explanations are inside the notebook as well.  We have videos and interactive sites linked on Edmodo.

Thanks again for all that you do!  We are looking forward to another great week!

Jan. 8-12, 2018

Welcome back parents and students!  Our soon to be 6th graders had a great short week last week.  We hope you had a chance to take a look at the report cards.  Please be sure to sign the envelope and return it.  Please do not seal it.  You are to keep the report card.  There should be no surprises as grades are posted on synergy weekly.  If you do not have access to synergy, please contact the front office for your code.  We will work with the students on making goals for this nine weeks.

A few reminders and dates:

*Outdoor weather- we have to follow protocol when taking the students out in cold weather.  Please be sure to send your child to school with a coat/jacket.  They can not go outside in only a sweatshirt.  They also need to wear long pants/leggings.  If it is too cold, we will not go outdoors.

This Thursday is math night at Publix from 6:30-8:00.  We look forward to seeing you all there.

No school Monday, Jan. 15th for MLK day.

Academics for the week:

Reading- 25 book reviews for the 2nd nine weeks were due on Jan. 4th.  Students that made their goal will participate in our reward.  (More details will come soon.)  If students did not make the goal for the 2nd nine weeks, they will not participate in the reward.  However, they still need to catch up on those book reviews.  This nine weeks students need to obtain 6 stickers (plus any that they need to make up).

Vocabulary workshop (blue book) unit 8 will be introduced on Wednesday with the test on Wed. Jan. 17th

Language Arts- We will work on non-fiction (science) writing prompts this week.  Sort 7 test will be Friday, Jan. 12th.  Words were given in class on Thursday.  Words are on the blog and on spelling city for extra practice.

Math- We will begin multiplying fractions this week.  During the week, will post tutorials on Edmodo for help at home.  Bellringer quiz will be Friday.  We will continue to complete spiral reviews.  Please use the math notebooks to refer back to previous taught skills.

Science- We will complete chapter 3.  This week we will focus on chemical and physical changes.  Monday night students will have to watch a video via Edmodo and complete a worksheet that goes along with it.  This will be due Thursday (if students do not have access to a computer, they can come in Wednesday morning and watch it).  The study guide will come home Wednesday and we will check it Friday.  The chapter test will be Friday, Jan. 19th.

We thank you for your support!  We will continue to prepare your child for middle school.

Have a great week!



December 18-20, 2017

Hi parents and students!  We made it to our last week before the break!

Events this week:

Monday 12/18 is the spelling bee.

Tuesday 12/19 is the talent show at 8:15.

Wednesday 12/20 at 8:30 is our Holiday Party.  Thank you to our room moms and volunteers for making this a special event.

Don’t forget Tuesday and Wednesday are early release days.

**For Tuesday:  Please bring a medium size gift bag or a brown paper bag and tissue paper to wrap gifts. 


Academics for this week:

7 stickers for 25 book reviews are due 12/4.  We want to give students time over the break to catch up if needed.  Therefore, there will be no extensions.   Extra book reviews are in the class for students to pick up as needed.  We also have them posted on the blog.

We will spend these few days catching up on any incomplete assignments.

Social Studies:  Accelerated Option is due Monday 12/18th.  We will spend part of the day presenting and sharing the projects.  Please be sure to review the guidelines that were emailed and glued in the social studies notebooks.

Math:  Math test on 12/19.  This will cover adding and subtracting fractions.  We will briefly introduce multiplying fractions this week (but it will not be covered on the test).

Science:  We will continue Chp. 3 (Matter).  We will work on vocabulary and workbook pages in class.

Reading/Language Arts:  Complete our non-fiction writing on Westward Expansion/Immigration.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!  Enjoy the break!

December 12-15, 2017

Hi parents and students!

We hope you enjoyed your snow day!

Here is what will be going on this week:

Reading-Summarize informational text with scholastic weekly reader and science content;

Please keep an eye out for info from our room moms on our Holiday Party.  Our party is Wed., December 20th 8:30-9:30.

Spelling Bee is December 18th.  The talent show is Tuesday, December 19th at 8:15.  Remember next week, Dec. 19th and 20th are early release days.

Math- Adding and Subtracting mixed numbers; fraction review; Continue to review fraction skills  – use prodigy and edmodo folders for skill practice.

Grammar-Incorporating conjunctions and prepositions in writing; Writing will be about Westward expansion and immigration

Science- Introduction to chp. 3 (Matter); Vocabulary and contract will be given out on Wednesday

Social Studies- Turn of the Century; Test will be Wednesday, Dec. 13th; AC option is due Monday Dec. 18th; Study guide was sent home last week.  Students can use the study guide and their notebook to study.  I also have a quizizz for students to use.  The website is: https://quizizz.com/join/and the code is:  190914

Check your child’s agenda this week for the guest username and password to practice on the math site below.  Thank you!

Math Game : Fractions & Decimals : Subtract Mixed Fractions with Unlike Denominator

Subtract Mixed Fractions with Unlike Denominator Math Game – Learn about fractions & decimals with NeoK12’s interactive quizzes and math games for kids.

December 4-8, 2017

Greetings parents and students!

Important Dates

December 4th- Holiday Shop

December 6th- Atlanta Symphony Field Trip (Lassiter High School)

Reading- We will be working in reading groups to complete nonficition text.

Language Arts- We will be working on prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections.  We will also work on our informational writing.

Science- We will begin our matter unit.  We will continue collecting data on our Hydroponics unit.

Social Studies- We will complete our Changing Nations unit.  The test is December 8th.  Please see Edmodo for the practice study guides and additional resources to practice.


November 27-December 1

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!


Thanks to Mrs. Brown (Miranda’s mom) for coming in as our Mystery Reader.  We thank you !

Congratulations to Trinity and Braden for being our classroom Spelling Bee winners!

The 4 1/2 week mark for the second grading period has passed. When you signed the accountability sheet on Friday (in the blue folder), you are stating that you are aware of your child’s current averages.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Look out for information on the Holiday Shop.  This runs from December 4-6th.

Jingle Jog is this Saturday, Dec. 2nd!

Academics for this week:

Reading- We will continue reading comprehension skills with our scholastic weekly reader.  Unit 7 vocabulary will be introduced Wednesday.  Our test will be December 6th.  Please make sure your child is working on their book reviews.  Students are responsible for 7 stickers when we return from the next break.  Students must read ONE BIOGRAPHY this nine weeks.  The learning commons has new biographies for students to check out.  🙂

Language Arts- This week we will begin information writing using our social studies content of immigration/westward expansion/turn of the century.  Students will review various sources to collect evidence.  Sort 6 spelling test is this Wednesday, Nov. 29th.  The words are posted on Spelling City and our blog.  We will give back spelling worksheets students completed before the break.

Math- This week we will begin our unit on fractions.  We will focus on greatest common factors, how to simplify, how to compare, and least common multiples.  This will help students prepare for further work with fractions.  *Students need to know their multiplication facts.  It becomes difficult for students to work efficiently if they have not mastered this skill.**  As usual, we will continue with our weekly bellringer (quiz on Friday).

Science- We will continue to collect data from our hydroponic system.

Social Studies- Students are responsible for reading Chapter 7 (all lessons) and Chapter 8 (lessons 1 and 2) by the end of this week.  We have broken this down on specific days for homework/classwork.  (We began Chp. 7 lessons 1 and 2 before the break.)  We will continue to take notes, watch videos, and discuss the way American life changed at the turn of the century.  Be sure to use the Edmodo folders for extra resources.  The vocabulary test covering this unit will be Friday, Dec. 8th.  Please plan accordingly.  We will post links to practice the vocabulary words by the end of this week.

November 13-17, 2017

Thank you to our parents and volunteers for helping with our book buddy feast!

Our canned food drive is still going on.  If you can, please donate!  Don’t forget to place a tag on your bag with your name, teacher, and number of items.

Class Thanksgiving feast is Wednesday, November 15th from 12:00-12:45.

Academics for the week:

Reading:  We will complete activities about the Wild Robot.  We will take an open book test Thursday/Friday.  Unit 6 Vocabulary Test is Tuesday, Nov. 14th.

Language Arts:  Introduction to spelling sort 6 (test Nov. 29th); Thankful Writing; how to elaborate on a topic

Math:  Continue to divide decimals, review multiply decimals; test on Nov. 14th (Test will cover multiplying and dividing decimals).

Science:  Continue to collect data on our hydroponic system

Social Studies:  We will be reading from chapter 7 and completing the workbook and atlas pages throughout the week.  Workbook and atlas pages will be done in class.  Students have been assigned videos on Discovery Education to supplement.  Continue to use the Edmodo folders for additional resources to help review.  The unit vocabulary is due Nov. 16th.  Please make sure definitions and pictures are complete.

Thank you all for a great week!  We enjoy teaching each and every kid.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



November 6-10, 2017

Important Notes for this week:

Thank you for the BIG HEAD donations!  We met our school goal!  We exceeded our class goal as well (106%)!  Thank you for your generosity!  We can’t wait to share the transformation of our learning commons with you!

Tuesday, Nov. 7th is a teacher work day.  Enjoy your day off!

Friday, Nov. 10th we will have our Thanksgiving Feast with our 1st grade Book Buddies from 9:45-11:00.    Be on the look out for a sign up genius from our room mom.  Thank you so much for your help!  We look forward to spending time with our little friends!

Finally, don’t forget about our Thanks 4 Giving food drive!  Let’s continue to do a great job of helping those in need in our community.

Academics for this week:

Reading- We will complete the Wild Robot, Begin Unit 6 Vocabulary (test Nov. 14th)

Language Arts- Continue to revise and edit “Chocolate Milk”; grammar review

Math- Divide Decimals, Bellringer — Our test on will be Nov. 16th (This will cover multiplying and dividing decimals).

Science- Review chp. 6 and 7; Our test will be Nov. 10th.  We went over the study guide today in class.  The answers will be posted on Edmodo in the event a student was out.  New plants have been added to our hydroponics system and the students constructed a tool to help prevent algae from growing.

Social Studies- We will begin our next unit Changing Nations.  The new learning contracts will be give out Wednesday.  The vocabulary will be due Thurs., Nov. 16th.  All other due dates will be given to students via their social studies notebooks.

October 30- November 3, 2017

Hi parents!

We thank you for all of your donations to our Big Head Campaign.  We can’t wait to share the final results with you.  Remember, this money will be kept locally at our school to provide additional laptops for our Learning Commons.

Tuesday, Oct. 31st in Halloween!  We will meet with our Book Buddies.  Students are allowed to dress up for $2 (for Foundation).  Remember no masks or toy weapons.

A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Lewis (Mason’s mom) and Mrs. Steinlight (Ava Pearl’s mom) for setting up and bringing in breakfast treats to those that made their  25 book goal during the first nine weeks.  We hope to see all students at our next reward.  We also want to thank all of the parents that came out to make the 5th grade lock-in a huge success!

Academics this week:

Reading- We will continue reading, discussing, and analyzing the Wild Robot.  We will introduce Vocabulary Sort 6 on Thursday.  That test will be Thursday, Nov. 9th.  This nine weeks students need to obtain 7 stickers.  Remember every 150 pages = 1 sticker.  Happy Reading!

Language Arts- We will continue working on our drafts of “Chocolate Milk.”  We are proud of the progress students are making.  Sort 5 words were introduced on 10/27.  The test will be Friday, Nov. 3rd.  See spelling city or our blog for various ways to practice.  Spelling City Link

Math- We will continue working on multiplying decimals with and without models.  Please have your child review the notes in their notebook.  We complete many of the models in class together to make sure students have a good understanding of what they need to practice.  Don’t forget to review the Bellringer.

Science- We will begin discussing learned and inherited traits this week.  Students may refer to chapter 7, lessons 2 and 3 (we will read those in class).  We have been working on the workbook pages in class, and students are doing great with those.  Continue to review the notes in the notebook to prep for the end of unit test.  A study guide will go home this week and will be due Thursday.  The test will cover chp. 6 and chp. 7 will be November 7th.  The study guide and notebook will be the best way to prepare.

We thank you all for your support in pushing your students out of their comfort zone in order to achieve high standards.

Have a great weekend!