April 16-20, 2018

Hi parents and students!  TWO more days of testing…we can do this!

Important Reminders:

Our 5th grade field trip is coming up soon.  We will be sending home more details, but wanted to remind you to make sure your child has a sack, disposable lunch for that day.

This Saturday is our Community Service Day from 8:30-noon.  Come out and help spruce up our gardens!

Academics for this week:

Reading- We will begin our Reading Project this week.  Students picked out their books Friday in the Learning Commons or our class library.  I sent out an email with details, so please refer to that.  I am attaching all of the reading project pages your child should have (*see below).  We will not give out extra copies, so please hold on to them.  The pink papers are in their notebooks and the green papers are in their binders.  They will also have a blue paper with a calendar to keep them on track for how many pages they need to read each day.  This is a HUGE part of their final grade for reading/language arts.  Please be sure your child is keeping up with their reading responses and works on the final components in a timely manner.  It is a super fun project that the kids love to share at the end.  🙂

Click here for the Reading Project Pages

Unit 12 Vocab Test will be Wednesday, April 18th— open book

Language Arts- Work on components to our scholastic weekly reader (issue from 2.26 about Rhinos)

Math- Review Customary Unit; Bellringer quiz Friday

Science-Milestones on Monday; Later in the week we will go back to constructive and destructive forces

Social Studies- Milestones on Tuesday

Thanks for all that you do!  Please reach out with any questions!


April 9-13

Welcome back from Spring Break!  We hope you all had a great time.

This Tuesday, we will begin Milestone Testing.  Please be mindful to get your child to school on time each day.  Please do your best to schedule any appointments in the afternoon.

Thanks to all that volunteered to bring in snacks this week.

Academics this week:

Reading- Scholastic Weekly Reader, make sure you are keeping up with your reading…6 stickers are due at the end of this nine weeks, for a total of 25 by the end of the year

Language Arts- Vocabulary Workshop Unit 12

Math- Continue to review all concepts this year; review notebook pages each night

Science- Continue to review constructive and destructive forces; each night we will assign notes to review from earlier in the year

Social Studies- Economics; All week students need to study the map of important locations (located inside the social studies notebook)

Make sure to get a good night’s rest each day this week!



Spring Break!

Hi parents!

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful spring break!  A few kids asked about work over the break…I am not assigning any written work over the break.  I believe students need time to relax…we have had to cover a lot of work in a short amount of time. 


If you would like your child to do something, I suggested the following to students:

·        Read daily, Relax, Have meaningful conversations with your family and friends!

·        Go back to  math, science, and social studies notebooks and review from the beginning

·        Make notecards/flash cards on concepts that have been forgotten

·        Major math concepts to review- order of operations, add/subtract/multiply/divide fractions and decimals, converting metric and customary units of measurement, geometry (classify figures, perimeter, volume, area)

·       Major social studies concepts- Civil War, turn of the century/changing nations, geography, world war I- world war II, cold war, decades/civil rights unit (on One Note)

·       Major science concepts- Microorganisms and bacteria, classifying plants and animals, electricity, matter (chemical, physical changes), magnetism, constructive/destructive forces

·       Review folders/notes on Edmodo (most of the games won’t be active, I’ll reactive them over the break and email codes out to you…codes only last for 14 days, which is why they may not work sometimes)

I appreciate your hard work and dedication into ensuring the success of your child.  Enjoy this time off!  It is MUCH needed!  See you all after the break! 

March 26- March 30, 2018

Hi parents!

Events this week

3/26 Stevie B’s night 3:30-9:00 pm

3/27 Parent/student night @ Durham 6:30-8:30 pm

3/29- 5th grade visit to Lost Mountain 9:15-11:00

3/30- Autism Awareness Day (wear blue)


This Friday we will have our 3rd Quarter reward…I’ll send out an email soon!


Academics this week
Reading- Review paired texts/evidence based reading and writing

Language Arts- Spelling Sort 10 Test Friday

Math- Review conversions; Bellringer Quiz Friday; We will begin coordinate planes this week

Science- Constructive and destructive forces; review notes every day this week; We will have a quiz on Friday

Social Studies- Assassinations of important leaders, new technologies, Collapse of the Soviet Union, 9/11– Make sure your child is keeping up with their assignments on ONE NOTE








March 19-23, 2018

Hi parents and students!

Can you believe this third nine weeks is over?!  Thank you all so much for the sweet cards, decorated door, lunch, supplies, and our sweet Love Street gift!  We appreciate you all thinking of us!

Important Dates

Tuesday, March 20th- Spring pictures.  Don’t forget your money and order form if you are ordering.

Make sure you turn in your self-addressed envelopes for our guidance lesson.

Wednesday, March 21st- Report cards come home.  Please do NOT seal the envelope.  You are to keep the report card.  Simply, sign the outside envelope and return.  We will have instructions at a later date for the final report cards.  Grades are posted frequently on Synergy.  All graded papers are sent home weekly in the blue folder.  If at any point during the nine weeks you have concerns, please reach out to us.

Academics for the week:

Reading- Review comprehension skills; students need 6 stickers for the 4th nine weeks goal- 25 total for the year

3rd quarter 25 book celebration will be Wednesday, March 28th- Details will come home this week to those who made it…congratulations for making reading a priority!

Language Arts- Evidence based writing prompts; Intro to sort 11 words

Math- Customary and Metric Conversions; Bellringer and conversions Quiz Friday

Science- Begin constructive/destructive forces; Unit vocabulary due Wednesday

Social Studies- World War II- Cold War Test March 21st; Begin working on 1950s-Present day unit

Hang in there….Spring Break is near!


March 12-16, 2018

Hi parents and students!

Important Reminders:

This week the Book Fair is going on in the Learning Commons.  Students may go in the morning if they have money.

Tuesday- Lost Mountain visit in the Learning Commons

BOOK REVIEWS ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY!  Students need 6 stickers to make the goal for this nine weeks.  This deadline will NOT be extended.  Please help your child with managing their time to get this done.  They have had all nine weeks to work on there book reviews.  By this time, they should have at least 19 stickers.  Thanks for your cooperation.

Academics for this week:

Reading- We will continue Number the Stars- quizzes will be given throughout the reading…We encourage students to take the books home to re-read what we have read in class.  Vocabulary Workshop Unit 10 test will be this Wednesday, March 14th.

Language Arts- We will review perfect tense verbs this week.  We will glue resources in the writing notebook for students to review.  We will begin sort 10 spelling later this week.  The test for Sort 10 will be Wednesday, March 21st.

Math- Polygons test came home in the blue folder on Friday.  Please take a look at it and make corrections as needed.  We want students to understand their mistakes.  We will review volume of composite figures this week.  Please continue to use the resources on Edmodo to help review and practice.  Their is a Volume snapshot that students need to complete on Edmodo.  We will have our bellringer to review previous taught skills.  We will begin customary and metric units of conversions this week.  It is a lot of info going on in math, so we will make sure students take home their notebooks daily to review.  We will have a test ONLY covering volume on Friday.

Science- The Hidden Place projects are coming along well.  We will wrap those up on Monday and present on Tuesday.  We will post the final products to Class Dojo so you can see them.  Please remember the study guide is due Monday.  Here it is just in case anyone needs an extra copy.  Study Guide-2aj86bnWe will check it in class on Monday… the test will be Friday, March 16th.  We will begin our final unit on constructive and destructive forces this week in science.

Social Studies- This week we will wrap up with the Cold War.  We will review World War II- Cold War this week.  We will give out a study guide on Tuesday and it will be due Friday.  (I am posting it here if anyone wants to get started early.)  WWII- Cold War Study Guide-1ly3zf7  The test will be on March 21st.  I will post a Quizizz review for students later this week.

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Have a great week!


March 5-9, 2018

Important Info and Reminders…

Thank you to our amazing parents that came to chaperone at KSU and the Varsity.  We could not have done this with out you.  🙂

Thursday, March 8th- Chick Fil A Night

Friday, March 9th- Book Fair Opens


Academics for the week

Reading- We will continue the novel Number the Stars.  We will begin Unit 10 vocabulary this week.  The test will be March 14th.  On Friday we sent home the Figurative Language quizzes.  Students were allowed to use notes to take the quiz.  Please take a look and review those as needed.  Continue to review the notes in the notebook, as we will review in class.  We will wrap up or Figurative Language with a test this Friday, March 9th.

Language Arts- We will revisit opinion writing this week.  Spelling this week is Sort 10.  The test is Wednesday, March 7th.

Math- Students have been learning about classifying polygons.  Work came home Friday in the blue folder.  Continue to review the notes and pages we have sent home.  No bellringer this week.  Prepare for the test on Friday by reviewing notes in the notebook.

Science- We began working on the Hidden Place today in class.  Students are allowed to bring in boxes and decorations for their homes.  We have extra lights to supply if needed.  We are giving the students one hour each day to work on it.  The final product will be due this Friday.

Social Studies- We will begin wrapping our WWII unit.  We will move right in to the Cold War.  Check the agenda for what to read each night.  Unit vocabulary was due today.  The workbook pages will be due Thursday.  (We gave those out today).  Remember to study the unit vocabulary (test Friday).

We know it is a lot of work…hang in there.  March is full of work as we continue to prepare students for end of the year assessments.  We appreciate all of their hard work and your continued dedication.


February 26-March 2, 2018

Greetings parents and students!  We hope you all had a fantastic winter break!  Can you believe it is nearly March?!  Before we left for the break we celebrated Valentine’s Day.  The kid’s boxes were amazing.  We will post pictures on Class Dojo.  Thank you for all of the sweet cards, candy, and gifts!  We appreciate you all thinking of us!

Important Events for this week:

Tuesday, February 27, 2018- KSU Field Trip.  Chaperones, please meet us at the KSU Museum (3333 Busbee Dr. NW Kennesaw, GA 30144) at 9:45.  You will help out with group rotations.  From there, you will drive and meet us at The Varsity.  We will have slips for you to help us order lunch.  We couldn’t do this without you…so THANK YOU!

Academics for this week:

Reading:  We will be incorporating our social studies standards with our reading.  One way we will do this is with the novel, Number the Stars.  We have copies for the students.  We will ask students to bring the books home on certain days to re-read as necessary.  *We will let our social studies/science textbook readings count for the 30 minutes of reading time this week.*

Language Arts:  We will continue to review figurative language.  We will have quiz on Friday,  March 2nd covering these concepts.  We will introduce spelling sort 9 on Tuesday.  The test will be March 7th.

Math:  We will continue working with polygons.  This week we will review triangles and begin discussing quadrilaterals.  There will be a test March 9th covering the geometry concepts.  Please continue to review the notes and don’t forget to study the bellringer.

Science:  We will continue chapter 4.  Vocabulary was due Friday before the break, but we will check it Monday.  We want to make sure students have the correct definitions.  The vocabulary test will be March 6th.  We will assign workbook pages in class.  What is not complete will have to be taken home for homework.  Please be mindful of dates on the agenda.  Students are responsible for the nightly reading of assigned pages.  We will work on the AC option in class next week.

Social Studies:  We will begin WWII this week.  We will glue in the contract and vocabulary on Monday.  The vocabulary will be due next Monday, March 5th.  Please check the agenda for nightly reading.  (Reading will be assigned from chapter 11.)  We will begin working in the Victory Garden.  We will send Remind messages on those days so your child can dress appropriately.

Due to the fact that we are covering science and social studies at the same time, there will be more work than usual.  Hang in there.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication as we continue to cover the necessary standards to prepare for Milestone  Testing.  Thank your for allowing us to teach, motivate, and inspire your children.  We want them to be successful next year!  As always, reach out to us if you have any questions.  Continue to check your child’s agenda and the Remind messages.

Have a great week!

February 12-16, 2018

Hi parents and students!

Don’t forget to bring in your decorated box and Valentines on Wednesday, Feb. 14th.

Monday, Feb. 12th 3:30-9:00 pm Stevie B’s night

Feb. 19th-23rd Winter Break

Feb. 27h KSU field Trip

Academics this week-

Reading- Unit 9 Vocab Test Tuesday, Feb. 13th; We will continue to use Scholastic Weekly Reader this week; We will also begin Figurative Language

Language Arts- Continue to work on writing, we will work on adding details to paragraphs

Math- Bellringer (quiz Friday), Review fraction word problems, fair share (line plots); begin geometry (quadrilaterals)

Science- Begin chp. 4 (electricity, insulators/conductors), Unit vocab will be given on Monday and due Friday


February 5-9, 2019

Hi parents!

We hope you are having a great weekend!  Thanks to all that sent in donations of Clorox and Lysol wipes!  We appreciate it and are doing are best to keep our room germ free…as much as possible 🙂

Make sure you check your child’s blue folder for information about the school dance (this Friday, Feb. 9th), and our Valentine exchange.

Important Events this week:

Friday, Feb. 9th- Jump Rope for Heart (wear tennis and comfortable clothing)

Friday, Feb. 9th- School Dance from 6:30-8:00…see you there!

We are missing a few KSU permission slips and donations….please get those in ASAP. Our trip if Tuesday, Feb. 27th.   Thanks for your attention in this manner.

Academics for this week:

Reading- we will complete Among the Hidden; review with our scholastic weekly reader; begin unit 9 vocabulary (test Feb. 13th)

Language Arts- Spelling test will be Monday, Feb. 5th.  Use the blog or spelling city if you have lost your words.  We will continue our informational writing w/ The Great Wars.  We will also work on another piece in class.  We will focus on the writing process from beginning to end.

Math- Bellringer quiz will be Monday, Feb. 5th.  We didn’t take it on Friday.  The Bellringer should be in your child’s blue folder to practice.  This week we will continue dividing and multiplying fractions using models and the algorithm.  We will focus on word problems and fraction number lines (fair share).  We will re-teach modeling dividing and multiplying fractions this week and re-test Friday.

Science-We will begin another round of Hydroponics this week.  We will choose plants and begin prepping our system.

Social Studies- We are nearly done with our WWI/Jazz Age/Great Depression unit.  We have a few practice sites for students to use (go to Edmodo).  The study guide is due Monday, Feb. 5th.  A few students have completed this already (just in case you are looking for it).  The AC option is due this Friday, Feb. 9th.  Please make sure you take a look at the AC guidelines when completing your project.  Thanks to the few that have already turned their in!  The test is also Feb. 9th.  We will go over the study guide on Monday to make sure students have what they need.

AC Option Guidelines: WWI, Great Depression, New Deal- Acc option explanation-2j1nhoe

Thank you!