October 8-12, 2018

Important Dates:

10/8 Reflections Ceremony

10/10 STEM Speaker

10/11 Guidance and Early Release @ 12:30; Sparkles Spirit Night

Academics for this week:

Reading- 6 stickers for book reviews are due Monday 10/8; Unit 4 Vocab Test is 10/8; Continue reading non-fiction articles and respond to text

Language Arts- Complete 2nd narrative; introduction to spelling sort 4 (test 10/17)

Math- Bellringer (quiz 10/12); Study for math test (10/10)…The study guide was sent home last week.  I have the key posted on Edmodo and it was sent via Remind.  Please utilize this to prepare for the test.  This week we will continue working on decimals (addition, subtraction, estimation).

Science- Constructive/Destructive Review; Introduction to hydroponics

Social Studies- Continue to study for test (study guide was sent home last week…we have been going over some of the questions in class).  Use this to prepare for the test.  The AC option was pushed back to Friday Oct. 12th.


Please let me know if you all have any questions!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Date changes

Hi parents and students.

I want to make sure students have enough time to study for upcoming assessments, so I’m pushing back a few dates.

Reading- Unit 4 vocab test is still Monday 10/8…Don’t forget to log book reviews!

Math- Study guide will now be due Monday 10/8, with the test being on Wednesday 10/10.  We have been working on a few problems a day and practicing in class.  Please continue to do so at home.  The study guide format is similar to the test format.

Social Studies- The study guide will now be due Monday 10/8 with the test also being on Wednesday 10/10.  We have been working on the study guide in class, and I have given students support with some of the questions.  Please utilize this to prepare for the test.

The social studies AC option is now due Friday  10/12.  I hope this extra time is enough to complete an awesome project.

This week closes up the first nine weeks.  I continue to encourage students to to hang in there and do their very best.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


October 1-5, 2018

I hope you all had a wonderful fall break!

Once again, thank you for all of your big head donations!  Our school reached its goal!

Important Dates:

10/4: Ford Parent Support Night, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
All Ford parents are invited to attend Parent Support Night, to learn more about various supports and services offered at Ford Elementary to serve our school community beyond the general education environment. (Flyer)

10/9: STEM night  6:00 –7:30 p.m.

Academics for this week:

Reading- Complete Hatchet; review non-fiction reading skills w/ Scholastic Weekly Reader; Begin Unit 4 Vocabulary (test will be next Monday 10/8)

Students need 6 stickers to meet their reading goal for the first nine weeks.  One book must be non-fiction or historical fiction.  Please use this week to catch up.  Log into Biblionasium and complete the reviews before 10/9.  This counts for work and study habits on the report card.  Students should be reading a total of 2 1/2 hours each week, so completing the book reviews should be a breeze.  We also had an in depth training on how to use Biblionasium.  Students are allowed to come in early and use school computers to log reviews if necessary.  I continue to advise students to not wait until the last minute to complete this.  🙂

Language Arts- Begin second personal narrative

Math- Review division; Begin decimal unit (compare, order, estimate, add); Bellringer quiz will be Friday 10/5

Science- Mini review on constructive/destructive forces

Social Studies- Complete Turn of Century Unit; discuss important places in the U.S. (a map will be in notebooks for students to study); Unit Test will be Monday 10/8…a study guide will come home this week to help students prepare…I will also add resources on Edmodo to study online with Quizizz and Quizlet; AC option (this was given at the beginning of the unit) will also be due Monday 10/8  (see the social studies notebook for details on the project your child has picked…this counts for a grade)


September 17-21, 2018

Reminders for the week:

Annual Campaign!

We have raised $33,600 so far. If you intended to give, there is still time! All donations given through Monday, September 17th will be counted towards the Annual Campaign and to your student’s classroom. Teachers receive 10% of their class donations to be used on class materials and supplies.

We are in third place for 5th grade…we need to finish strong!  Please donate here!

Monday, Sept. 17- Tuesday, Sept. 18 we will complete taking the IOWA assessments.

Thursday, Sept. 20th:  Picture Retake

Friday, Sept. 21st:  Foundation College Wear (donation $1)

September 24-28 Fall Break.

Don’t forget to sign the agenda from Friday AND the red folder.  Make sure your child totals up their time reading for the week.

Academics for the week:

Reading:  Continue/wrap up  Hatchet; take home book to reread as needed; review reading skills with Scholastic Weekly Reader

Language Arts:  Spelling Sort 3 Words came home Friday; test will be this Friday, Sept. 21st; words are posted to spelling city for online practice

Writing:  Complete final copies of narrative pieces

Math:  Continue dividing by 2 digit divisors; begin place value; no bellringer this week, but there will be a quiz on division (Thursday)

Social Studies:  Wrap up chp. 7, begin reading chp. 8 (all lessons) and chp. 9 lesson 1; introduce inventors, immigration, and Spanish American War; students will be taking notes in notebook, please review these notes; We will set due dates for the AC option this week (check social studies notebook)



September 3-7, 2018

Reminders for the week:

Big Head Campaign Begins!  Donate here or with the envelope sent home on Friday.

IOWA testing Thursday and Friday (9/13 and 9/14…will continue through the 17th and 18th)

Green Apple Day of Service- Saturday, 9/8

Reflections Entries due 9/13  See the attached link for more details.


Make sure to:

Keep up with reading.  Total time for weekly reading will be checked on Monday.  6 stickers will be due by the end of the nine weeks.  Students obtain 1 sticker per 150 pages of a book.  Book reviews must be completed on Biblionasium.  Make sure to respond to at least two questions…for a total of a 4-6 sentences (a well written paragraph).

Sign red folder and agenda for Friday.

Check grades on Synergy.


Academics for the week:

Reading- Continue Hatchet; Unit 3 vocabulary (test Friday 9/14)

Language Arts- Continue working on transitions and endings with narrative writing

Math- Review previous concepts; begin dividing by two digit divisors; Weekly review with bellringer (quiz Friday)

Social Studies- Continue with Turn of the Century unit; read chp. 7; unit vocabulary is due 9/13- words are glued in the social studies notebook (definitions must be complete WITH colored pictures)

September 4-7, 2018


Our “Big Head” Campaign kickoff is Friday the 7th.  Please check the Ford Foundation’s web page to make your tax-deductible donation.

Funds will be utilized to update the Computer Lab with functional seating and laptops, provide professional development opportunities for our teachers, and continue funding Ford’s Advanced STEM curriculum including Project Based Learning in all grades.

Click on the following link and the click “Donate Now

Each year teachers get back 10% of what their class raises.  Last year I was able to purchase 8 rolling chairs for our classroom.  These are a big hit!  I plan on using the funds this year to hopefully complete our class set.  🙂

GREEN APPLE DAY of SERVICE is this Saturday, September 8th.

IOWA Testing begins September 13 and goes through September 18th.  Please click Testing Info for more information.

Make sure to sign the agenda AND red folder.  Take out all graded papers.  Those are for your review and keeping.

Academics for this week

Reading:  We will continue our novel study of Hatchet

Don’t forget to read a total of 2 1/2 hours each week.  Break this up as you need to.  On Tuesday, I will check the total amount of time (students should record this in their agenda next to Friday’s date).

Keep those book reviews coming in!  I check Biblionasium frequently for completed reviews.  Students must respond to at least two questions (in complete sentences). A detailed, completed review will consist of a well written paragraph (at least 4-5 sentences).

Language Arts:  We will continue narrative writing, Spelling Sort 2 word work will come home this week for practice.  Online practice can be found at Spelling City  and the words are posted in the Spelling section of the blog.  (Test Friday, Sept. 7th)

Math:  We will continue to work on single digit divisors.  Next week we will move on to two digit divisors.  Please continue to review order of operations and multiplication facts as needed.  Additional practice can be found on Edmodo.

Science:  We will continue to review constructive/destructive forces.  We tested on Friday, but will spend a few more days going over the information before we completely move on.

Social Studies:  We will begin our unit of life in America at the turn of the century.  For 2 BUGS tickets…Log on to Edmodo and view some of the resources with information we will be learning.  After students have viewed, answer the question on this Padlet.  Have fun!

Made with Padlet

August 27-31, 2018

Hi parents and students!

Reminders for this week.

*If you plan to order any books through Scholastic, I am extending the deadline to this Friday.  This is a great way to take advantage of any non-fiction books that you might be interested in for this nine weeks.

*Wednesday is early release.  Dismissal will be at 12:30.

PTSA Bingo Night is Friday from 6:30-8:00.

Please remember to sign the red folder AND the agenda.  Next to Friday’s date, students should record and circle the total amount of time they read last week.  This is checked on Monday.  

Students may now log into Biblionasium to record reading responses.  Students need to answer at least two questions about the book in complete sentences.  Once this is done, I will give them the stickers that correspond to the number of pages to place on the chart.  Don’t forget, students need to read one non-fiction or historical fiction book this nine weeks.  Students are allowed to visit the learning commons in the morning to search for book if necessary.

Academics for this week.


  • We will continue reading Hatchet.  (All quizzes are open book).
  • Vocabulary Unit 2 (Test Thursday 8/30).  Students can take advantage of practicing online through this link.

Language Arts

  •  We will continue narrative writing.
  • Review grammar rules (commas).
  • Intro to Sort 2 Spelling words (test will be 9/6).  Link to words can be found here.  Practice words through spelling city.


  •  Review order of operations/expressions/multiplication.
  • This week we will begin division.  Interactive practice can be found here.
  • Continue to review weekly bellringer/quiz on Friday.


  • We will wrap up constructive and destructive forces.
  • We will review for the test in class.  The in class review and the notes in the notebook will serve as the study guide.  The test will be on Friday, 8/31.

Thanks for all that you have done!

August 20-24, 2018

Greetings parents!


Book orders are due 8/24

Choose books with your child from the paper flyers or online at: scholastic.com/bookclubs

To order online, connect to our class using our Class Code:  M4CCJ

Academics for the week:

Reading- Students may begin logging their book reviews via Biblionasium.  This nine weeks students need to read one non-fiction book.   The rest of the books may be of their choice.

We will continue reading Hatchet.  Students will be allowed to take the books home to re-read chapters we have read in class.  Students are responsible for keeping up with the story.  Any quizzes we take will be open book.

Wednesday, we will return to vocabulary, unit 2.  Please prepare for the next Unit test on 8/29/2018.

Language Arts- We will wrap up our review on commas.  Sort 1 spelling test will be Wed., 8/22/2018.  Students will be practicing the words in class.  The only homework this week will be to study the words.  Words can be found on the blog, under spelling, sort 1.  This week we will begin narrative writing.

Online practice for spelling words can be found at https://www.spellingcity.com/users/Hunt2019 No username and password are required for the free games.

Math- We will continue to review order of operations and powers of 10.  We will begin multiplication using the traditional algorithm.  Please continue to review problems from the weekly bellringer.

Science- We will have a hands on activity this week to go with our unit.  Other than that, we will wrap up Unit 3.  Please study vocabulary words (from the notebook).  There will be a quiz on Friday, 8/24/2018.

Reflections theme this year is all about heroes!  Make sure to check your child’s red folder about the contest.

As usual, please remember to sign the red folder AND the agenda.  On Monday, the agenda will be checked to make sure 2 1/2 hours of reading was recorded for the week.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out.  If you have happened to sent an email and I have not responded, please send in a note.  I’ve been having some issues with getting emails and I do not want to miss any important information.

Thanks for all that you do and enjoy your weekend!