Don’t Fear Decimals! :)

Hey Spann Clan!


Here are the videos you can use to help with rounding decimals. The first one is from Math Antics. It’s a little long, but if you’re struggling to remember the steps for rounding it’s worth a watch. πŸ™‚



We’ve also used the chant from this video in class. Don’t worry about learning to round to the nearest thousand – we don’t have to learn how to do that in 5th grade – unless you’d like a challenge, of course! πŸ˜‰ You only need to be able to round to the nearest hundredth.



On IXL, I’d love to see you complete D.1 through D.7. See me at school or have your parents message me if you need your login and password.


For extra practice give this game a try!

Decimal Soccer Rounding

If you’d like to try some extra credit, let me know!

Division Helps

Happy Friday, Spann Clan!

I hope you’re as excited to see the weekend as I am!

We’ve been working on Multiplying and Dividing large numbers in Math Workshop. Β Tell your parents not to stress when you show them how to use the area model to solve multiplication and division problems. πŸ™‚ We’ll start partial quotients next week, and then the traditional algorithm.


I found a few really helpful videos on YouTube…

  1. Area Model with Long Division!

2. Partial Quotients with Long Division!


I would love to see more of you practicing at home on IXL. You can complete:

  • A.1 through A.5
  • V.1 through V.5
  • E.1 through E.3
  • C.1 through C.10, C.12. through C.18
  • D.1 through D.8

See you Monday! Enjoy your weekend!




Mrs. S

Hello 5th Grade!

Hey Spann Clan!


It’s been an awesome first week of 5th grade with you! You are already 22 of my favorite people on the planet! πŸ™‚


Every Student. Every Day.

We’re kicking off all of our workshops this week – Reader’s Workshop, Writer’s Workshop, and Math Workshop. You’ve already done an incredible job showing me what you learned last year in 4th grade. I cannot wait to dive into Story Elements, Narrative Writing, Order of Operations, Civil War, and the Scientific Method with you this month.


Keep earning Dojo points so we can have a class celebration at the end of the month – more info on that coming soon!


Hang on to your Panther Pause – our first “trade” day is coming up on Friday, August 11. Or, you can keep saving to use them in one of our school-wide drawings or rewards.


Let me know how I can help YOU have your best year yet!!


XO –


Mrs. Spann