Read Across America FUN and READING!

We had such a great Read Across America Event this year at Acworth. Although it was a little more low key than past events, everyone seemed to enjoy a day a reading and celebrating all things Seuss. We had a pajama day with kids and teachers dressing up for the day of relaxation.

In the Learning Commons, we had 2 full days of reading Seuss and doing Maker Space activities and we all loved it!

For second grade, we read I Wish I Had Duck Feet. Afterward, we showed pictures on the big screen of lots of wild animals and their unusual body parts that WE may like to have. Then, the students were asked to tell me what they wished they had…..and what they would use it for! They were so creative!

In Third Grade, we read Green Eggs and Ham and did an activity about what we would eat. I had magazine pictures of foods and they had to choose one that they would eat and draw a picture with them eating the food. With this activity, they could choose to make a rhyme or not (like the book does)…..but they were all fabulous!

Fourth and Fifth grades had a really creative activity that I had remembered from my own elementary school days! We read The Shape of Me and Other Stuff. Each student got a half piece of construction paper and folded in half. Then, they tore the paper, opened it and had to create something from that shape! It was really fun and they did such a wonderful job imagining!

What a fun way to spend a few days! We can’t wait until next year to do Seuss again :).

Wild West Bookfair SO Successful!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We had a tremendous bookfair—Acworth’s best since I have been here! Thank you for your support! We had some great volunteers that I would love to recognize:

  • Sandy Blake
  • Claire Mann
  • Kitty Vaughn
  • Stacy Melton
  • Susan Lewis
  • Lisa Ingram
  • Darlene Teague
  • Evita Velez
  • Gwen McPherson
  • Tami Watjen
  • Mike Watjen
  • Rachel Riggs
  • Sallie Mann
  • Mandy Gregory
  • Elisha Plumley

You all were awesome and I could not have done it without you!

Here are some fun pictures that the staff did that I know you will love 🙂

Scholastic Wild West Bookfair is Coming to Acworth!

Where: Acworth Learning Commons

Dates: November 13-17 Flyers are being sent home November 9.

Times: Open from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 8 a.m. until noon Friday

Online Shopping: Click the picture below and shop from November 5-18. Purchases are shipped FREE to Acworth!

We accept cash and charge at our fair; no checks, please.

Thank you for your support of our Learning Commons and we can’t wait to see you there!

Cobb EMC Presents Diane Z. Shore at Acworth!

We had such a fun time with local author Diane Z. Shore this week! Thank you to Cobb EMC and Gas South for allowing this opportunity for our fourth and fifth graders to meet a published author and poet! It is always exciting for students to understand first-hand how real writers write, how they get work published and what they write about. Ms. Shore did a GREAT program called Poetry Party and as a writer of non-fiction also, they began to understand how a writer writes what they are passionate about and about what they know. It was such a fun program and we thank Cobb EMC, Gas South and Diane for making it happen!

We have several of Diane’s book in our collection. Look at our Books to Love tab to find out more!

We Need Your Donations for our Maker Space!

The Learning Commons now has a Maker Space where kids can come and work on projects at school. It is also an area that will be utilized for building challenges, STEM projects, crafting, and more! After the Fall Break teachers will be able to sign up for 30 minute times to come to the Maker Space for fun, planned activities. Likely, students will be split into groups and will get the opportunity to rotate through some stations. I envision that one will be a building station and one will be a technology station. We may have themes or may do related read-alouds but the purpose is to get the kids THINKING and SOLVING PROBLEMS. I am very excited about the possibilities!

We do need your help, though! Please donate items to our Maker Space!

Click here for our wish list…..anything is welcome that you think we could use. These are just the items that I KNOW would be useful for kids to create with.

Thank you so much!


Welcome Back to the Acworth Learning Commons!

Here we are in Week 3 already! We have been doing Orientations in the ALC to get students back in the groove of coming to see us on their own or with their class. It has been super fun! Grades 2 and 3 have been exploring the Maker Space and making an emoji to show how it feels to be back in our space. They have also been exploring the Lego Wall and learning how to check out their books on their own.

Grades 4 and 5 have been really exploring the whole space! We have 5 stations set up with QR Codes and each has directions of what to do: add a Lego to the wall and take a selfie, find a book to check out using Destiny on our Interactive Board, see how the Media Scape works, creating a ALC word cloud and solving a “problem” at the Maker Space. We are so very fortunate to have this big space to work in!

We love our ALC and are so excited for the kids to be back here with us!

Acworth Named Highest Progress School by Georgia DOE

To celebrate a great achievement, we hosted a Breakfast of Champions for our staff! It was a great time and the staff got in on the fun creating Green Screen photos on a Wheaties box. Their only instruction was to “do something sporty!” They didn’t know what the background was… made for lots of laughs! We have such a great staff and they work hard every single day for our students and community. Way to go Acworth All Stars!

Press Release from GA Dept of Education