Challenge Day 20

This week, we will focus on National Poetry Month! Today is April 20! Enjoy the poems and being creative :).

To answer your question, click on the speech bubble and use this format for your answer: answer to question – first name only – teacher last name (example: 1936 – Peggy – Jones)

Question for Grades 2 and 3:

Go to the BrainPop Jr. database and watch the video for Poems. This video tells SO much about different types of poems: Haiku, Free Verse, Shape Poems and more. When Annie talks about writing a REBUS, she talks about an easier way to do one instead of thinking of the symbols first. What does she do first?

Question for Grades 4 and 5:

Go to the BrainPop database and watch the movie on Poetry. This video is a wonderful introduction to poetry and talks about things like rhyme, rhythm, meter and other devices used by poets. The movie also introduces several poems. One of the poets that is highlighted is Emily Dickinson (one of my personal favorites!) What is the poem about that is highlighted in the movie?

Everyone: I would challenge you to take the quiz after the movies that you watch! I also would challenge you to try to write an acrostic poem or a rhyming poem… is fun and challenging to write a poem! For more fun, you may want to check out Poet Shel Silverstein’s website:

Good Luck and Enjoy a Good Poem TODAY!

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