Challenge Day 22

This week, we will focus on National Poetry Month! Today is April 22! Enjoy the poems and being creative :).

To answer your question, click on the speech bubble and use this format for your answer: answer to question – first name only – teacher last name (example: 1936 – Peggy – Jones)

Question for all Grades 2 – 5:

Go to the Tumble Premium database and search by author for Stephen Mitchell.  You will choose Wishing Bone: The Last of the Purple Tigers. This poem is from a book of poems by Stephen Mitchell called The Wishing Bone and Other Poems. I love this poem! It is so creative and has so much description and great rhyme and rhythm. After you read the poem or have it read to you, answer this question. Although quite unexpected, what did the Purple Tiger do when the explorers found her?

Everyone:  You may to take the quiz after the poem OR read the rest of the poems in this book by choosing the other Wishing Bone book. I love reading good poems and really enjoyed these!

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