Challenge Day 27

This week, the questions will focus on UNUSUAL ANIMALS. Today is April 29. See if you can learn something new about the way animals live, look and act!

To answer your question, click on the speech bubble and use this format for your answer: answer to question – first name only – teacher last name (example: 1936 – Peggy – Jones)

Question for all Grades 2 and 3:

Go to the BrainPop Jr. database and search for CLASSIFYING ANIMALS.  Watch the movie and  answer this question: What is the world’s smallest mammal?

For extra fun, read the Pop a Joke! The Sortify Game looks like fun, too. Take the Easy Quiz and the Hard Quiz to challenge yourself!

Question for all Grades 4 and 5:

Go to the BrainPop database and search for GIANT SQUID.  Watch the movie and answer this question: What is the only know predator of the Giant Squid?

Take the Quiz and play the Sortify games for extra fun!

Good luck and have a great week!

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