Challenge Day 31

This week, the focus will be on U.S. NATIONAL PARKS. Today is May 11. My big vacation this year will be to some National Parks with my family. See if you can guess where I am going! 

To answer your question, click on the speech bubble and use this format for your answer: answer to question – first name only – teacher last name (example: 1936 – Peggy – Jones

Question for all Grades 2 through 5:

Go to the Britannica School database and do a search for NATIONAL PARK. Read about what a National Park is and what the first national park was in the United States (this is where my vacation is!) Look at the map in the pictures to the left side of the page. What is the name of a state that has MORE than 4 National Parks in that state? Remember to look at the MAP KEY to see what symbol represents a National Park.

Have FUN!

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