Challenge Day 33

This week, the focus will be on U.S. NATIONAL PARKS. Today is May 13. 

To answer your question, click on the speech bubble and use this format for your answer: answer to question – first name only – teacher last name (example: 1936 – Peggy – Jones

Question for all Grades 2 through 5:

Go to the Discovery Education database and do a search for WELCOME TO WIND CAVE. Watch the video about Wind Cave National Park and answer this question. What makes the wind move in and out of the caves at Wind Cave?

You may enjoy searching on Discovery Education for National Parks and viewing some of the other GREAT videos there about our National Parks in the U.S.!

Have FUN!

8 thoughts on “Challenge Day 33

  1. The high-pressure system makes the wind blow in, and the low-pressure system makes the wind blow out.-Monique-Bohm

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