Challenge Day 35

Today is May 18.

This week, we are going to do something different. YOU are going to pick a question for ME to answer by doing research! So….you have to use CDL resources to pick your question. Give me the way to get to the answer and hopefully, you will choose something that YOU are interested in researching.

Respond with your question and I will answer your post with another post. 🙂

I am excited to see how you do! And, I am excited to learn something new!

Good Luck!

6 thoughts on “Challenge Day 35

    • According to BrainPop Jr., solids are a type of matter that has its own shape but they have different properties so they look very different from each other. :)…..I loved the movie! Thanks, Kayson!

  1. When did the Vietnam war take place, who were their leaders? Go to brainpop and watch the video tirled vietnam war.

    • I enjoyed learning more about this war. I was born in 1964 and that is the year that the war began! Ho Chi Minh was the Communist leader of Vietnam and President Lyndon Johnson was the leader of the US side during most of the war until Richard Nixon was elected. I was especially interested in how the war started because I didn’t realize that we were helping the French at first! Great question, Monique…..I enjoyed doing that research!

  2. What are the most common colors of the Arabian horse?

    PebbleGo, Pets and Farm Animals, Horse, Arabian Horses

    • McKenzie, I enjoyed learning something new! The colors of Arabian horses are gray, red-brown or bay, which means that they have a reddish coat with a black mane and tail and they may have black markings on their legs. I had no idea what the word BAY meant related to horses! Great job! 🙂

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