Challenge Day 36

Today is May 19!

I enjoyed that research so much that I want to do that again! Both of those projects involved BrainPop that I did yesterday.  Thanks, Monique and Kayson! Can you find another resource for me to try out? Find something that you are interested in and let me learn about it, too!

Good luck!

4 thoughts on “Challenge Day 36

  1. Go to the Georgia Encyclopedia database, and search for immigration. Click on the second article that shows up, called colonial immigration. Read it and answer this question, What war was going on during the colonial immigration?

    • I think that the war you mean is the American Revolution. The people that had immigrated to the US felt like they had been here long enough to participate in the war against the British. I learned a lot about the people coming here! Thanks, Monique! 🙂

    • I am not sure what Am.Staff. means. Do you want to explain that? I used to watch the old black and white Little Rascals TV show!

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