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News Team 1 Will Be Missed! News Team 2 Taking Over for Fall!

We have a great news team group this year! News Team 1 left the sweetest notes on our whiteboard….I will miss them.

News Team 2 is taking the reigns for the fall… far, fabulous job!

CNN Field Trip Fun for Students!

Our field trip to CNN for the News Teams was such great fun and truly educational for our students. We did a Behind the Scenes Tour and loved having lunch at Chic-fil-a afterward. I just need to give a great big thank you to our 2 sponsor groups who gave us the funds for this experience: The CCSD Media Professional Group CCALMS and Pope HS Service Clubs! Thank you again for the opportunity!



CNN Field Trip Scheduled for March 26!

We are so excited to travel to the CNN Center and tour CNN News next week! We will eat at Chic-fil-a for lunch after the tour and head back to school. Please have your student wear their 5th grade t-shirt on the trip so that we will look like a team during the day. If you have any questions, please let me know!


Team 3 Does GREAT Job on Rotation!


CCALMS and Pope High School GRANT Our Field Trip Wish!

Thanks to a mini grant from our Cobb County Association of Library Media Specialists and Pope High School Service Clubs, our entire 32-person news team gets to travel to CNN Center in March for a tour and lunch! I have always wanted to take our students on this trip and we are so blessed to get to go this year! I presented the idea to a Shark Tank style meeting of CCALMS in September. I came in 3rd place and received $100. One of the Media Specialists there, Melissa Zonin from Pope High School, saw my video and presentation and took it from there. She asked some of her service clubs if they would be interested in helping sponsor our trip. Boy, did they come through! Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, Flop, NHS, Octagon, and Interact, we are fully funded for a day of learning and fun! We are SO grateful!

One of the important things that our students will learn is how our technology in our newsroom at school compares to the technology of a huge news service like CNN. It will be wonderful to show our students that a job they have now could turn into a future career with the right educational opportunities and choices. The 4 news teams will all be given iPads for the trip to take pictures and video to put back together in a mini-documentary of the trip.

Thank you to CCALMS and Pope HS! 


Team 2 Takes Over the News Room! 

From now until the end of the year, Team 2 will be doing our live shows daily. We are excited to have them in the Newsroom!


Team 1 Finishes Rotation

Our first news team did a stellar job this 9 weeks! Thank you so much to our wonderful students and the impact they made every day! We finished the rotation with doughnuts :)!




Last fall, I applied for my very first grant…..a Cobb IMPACT Grant. I was so fortunate to get $2500 to apply to a renovation of my production lab or newsroom. Because we do a daily news show, our equipment gets used every single day….from mixer to camera to computer. I work with wonderful 5th graders who do a great job, but our equipment had gotten outdated and some days were spent more on troubleshooting equipment than on trying to produce a good show.

Our transformation has been wonderful! Our equipment came from Nisewonger, who also did a great job in working with what we had and what we needed. Their whole team worked from consultation to set up to training with me….and they were fantastic!

As you can see below, our room is much more streamlined and modern. The anchors each have clip on mics; our camera is HDMI quality; our new mixer allows for background changes with the click of a powerpoint! The kids love it and we are not troubleshooting the problems…..instead, we are producing a great show for our school.

Below see a snippet of our new show! You can see the powerpoint and mixer used together to create a great Green Screen effect on the LIVE show. We are much more streamlined and our students have so much fun!

Thank you to the Cobb Schools Foundation for the IMPACT Grant! It is making a big daily difference here at Acworth!



Acworth News Team is currently accepting nominations for the 2018-2019 school year!

  • News Team is open to fifth grade students and is based on recommendations by teachers.
  • You must be nominated in order to be considered and invited to fill out an application–please have all signatures on application.

Acworth News Team members are leaders in the school. They are self motivated. They work well on a team. They are willing to take risks and learn new things. They are leaders in their classrooms by modeling good behavior and they always excel academically.

 Helpful Hints about News Team Auditions:

1. Turn in your application by the deadline and do your best on your application. There are some samples below of good ones–look how they all use complete sentences!

2. When you are asked to read, read with expression and with a powerful and clear voice!

3. Smile! Be happy to show us what you are capable of and why you deserve a spot on news team.

4. Answer questions by giving eye contact and expressing your thoughts.

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