Third Grade Science: Mrs. Bryan’s Class

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Grade 2 STEM Research for Pushes and Pulls

Native American Toys and Games

Article from Playtime – Kid’s Infobits

Article from Frontier Fun – Kid’s Infobits

Cherokee Games

Cherokee Toys and Games

Fun and Games

Native American Games and Crafts

Native American Games


Grade 5 Research

Instinct VS. Learned Behavior

Review of Instinct and Learned Behavior

Innate and Learned Behavior

Prezi with Examples of Instinct and Learned Behavior

National Geographic Animal Instinct

Articles from Kids Infobits

Animal Instinct from Weekly Reader

Smarter Than You Think from Scholastic

Do Animals Use Tools? from Scholastic News

It’s a Tradition from National Geographic World


Research on Rocks: Ms. Bryan 3rd Grade

Research Question: Where did the stone come from to build our nation’s monuments?

United States Geological Survey

Rocks of Famous Monuments

The Lincoln Memorial

The U.S. Capital Building

The Jefferson Memorial

The White House


For Garden STEM units, each grade level has their own websites to explore for research. Please use the following links.

Grade 2: Pests that Benefit and Don’t and Natural Pesticides 

Tipnut (Natural Pest Control) 

Tipnut (Slugs in the Garden)

Organic Lesson in the Garden 

Good Housekeeping 

Plant Care Today 

Grade 3: Researching Safe Methods of Weed Control



Plant Care Today 

Better Homes and Gardens

Print Article available from The

Grade 4: Researching Plants for Georgia Gardens (Sun, Shade and Fall Plants)

Native Plants of North America

  • Go to the Native Plants Tab and click on Search for Plants
  • Scroll down and search for our state-Georgia

Pike Nursery

Woodies Garden Goods

Walter Reeves