Budget Project

BUDGET PROJECT On Monday, we will be starting a real-world, in-class project that requires students to plan for and complete a month’s budget as if they were moving out on their own shortly after high school. In order for students to get the full experience that this: Read More: Budget Project


Hello!  Below is a link to Mrs. Norris’s blog where you can find all the Milestones Practice resources.   Please, utilize these resources at your convenience.  Thank you! MILESTONES PRACTICE: Read More: MILESTONES PREP!


FYI!  Friday is the last day to sign up for the upcoming 5th grade BINGO.  See the form below. 🙂: Read More: BINGO!

Dear parents, Please, refer to the following chart for guidance when deciding if your child should stay home due to illness. I NEED TO STAY HOME IF: Read More:
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