Conference Week


Hello Parents and Students,

This is a reminder that conference week starts Monday 10/16/17. If you have not scheduled a conference please do so as soon as possible. Also, if you came to curriculum night, you do not have to come to student conferences. If your student has a case manager, you are to meet with their case manager and not their homeroom teacher. If you need a translator let us know and one will be provided for you.

I got the chance to meet and play Kahoot with some of you and I am providing a link to the site just in case you like to practice at home. All you have to do is create an account and search for games. This is a great thing to do on family night and an awesome way to review academics.

See you all soon!!!


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Quarter 2 Overview


Student lead conferences start next week 10/16/17.  There were letters sent home with information and well as the meeting times and dates.  Students will meet with their homeroom teacher only.  Please note that some students will meet with a co-teacher for these conferences.  Conferences can be booked starting at 2:00pm and ending at 6:30pm.  If you are unable to make it please let us know.  Also, if you will be needing a translator please let us know.  In addition, students will be released at 1:30 for the whole week of 10/16/17.  Lastly, report cards go home Friday 10/13/17.

*If your student has a progress report attached to their report card this is just a report about how they are progressing on their goals.

*Picture Day is 10/10/17

ELA-Taken for Mrs. Parrish:


October is a busy month with many important dates.  Please make sure that you are marking your the dates in your agenda.

Today starts the beginning of Quarter 2.  Please start setting your goals for both behavioral and academic success.  In order to help you set academic goals for this quarter, please see an overview of the skills you need to know for this quarter.

Remember, Campbell Spartans are RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, AND SAFE!


Vocabulary Terms to Know:  

  • Narrative, Characterization , Setting, Conflict, Dialogue, Simile, Metaphor, Vivid Verbs, Transitions, Rising Action, Falling Action, Climax, Resolution, Compare, Contrast, Fiction, Nonfiction, Resolution, Commentary

Assessment Task:  

#1 Write a story using dialogue, figurative language, and vivid verbs that captures a real or imagined experience that includes all elements of a story ( character, setting. plot, conflict, theme,  climax, resolution).

#2. Write an explanatory response to the novel “Walk Two Moons.”

# 3 Write an essay explaining how people can improve their lives through observing and interacting with animals.

Grammar Assessment Skills:  

Pronoun usage

Subject/Verb Agreement


I know this seems like more than enough for one quarter, but I know that we will get through this unit with much success.

Go ahead and set goal to help you continue to climb the ladder of success.

Thanks Team!



Quarter 2 we are focusing on inferences, cause and effect, text features and skimming, main idea and key details and author’s purpose.

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Week 6 Reminders



Please be sure to complete all sections of your week 6 assignment sheet.  All of our weekly practices are helping us to prepare for our first Embedded Assessment.  This assessment is scheduled for next Tuesday.  You will be asked to compose your own personal narrative… keep practicing.

Things to help you get prepared:

Structure of a personal narrative 

Incident- the main event (cause)

Response– the emotions or reactions after the incident

Reflection- the impact the incident has on the narrator’s life

Point of View– First person ( I, me, we, myself)

Sample Draft using “My Superpowers”

Incident- Being bullied in front of a girl

Response– He fought back, screamed, yelled, chased them…

Reflection- Although the author never got his superpowers, he became an author who developed characters with superpowers to stop bullies.

Point of View– First person ( I, me, we, myself)


Taken from Tanika Parrish 9/7/17

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Week 6


Hello Everyone,

We have finished another successful week at Campbell and we are jumping into week 6.


We have given students a new homework packet, Understanding Literary Forms. We expect students to do one page each night.  Also, encourage students to read for at least 20 minutes each night.


Workshop 1 (Fitting In)-“Close Reading” focusing on finding the main idea

READ180 Software and Independent Reading (reading practice)

         Reading Workshop

Workshop 4 (setting expectations)

Workshop 5 (reading logs)

Workshop 6 (reading conferences)

Workshop 7 (interactive bookmarks)


We have given out a new homework sheet.  Students will do one section each night.  Motivate students to use the RACE strategy when completing written responses (strategy found in the resource tab).

BONUS ACTIVITY – Students are to have a dialogue (conversation) with you responding to the IB Connection on the homework page (students need to tell me what they discussed with you).



Narrative Writing


Urban- City

Vibrant- lively, full of energy

Ogling- to share

Congregate- to gather

Throng- a crowd


Homework is due 9/8/17


Week 6 Homework Assignment DI-1zvvina



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Early Dismissal


Hello Parents,

This is a friendly reminder that school will release at 1:30pm tomorrow 8/30/17.  Please ensure that your student has a safe way home.  If you have any questions please feel free to call Campbell Middle School at 678-842-6873.  Also, please find week 5 HW sheet below.


Week 5 Homework Assignment DI-20isnqo



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Week of 8/28


Hello Students,

Thank you all for another successful week.  You all have grown so much and have shown so much enthusiasm for learning.  I hope we have another great week this week.  Remember to do your homework weekly.  The sheets should be in your homework folders and are due every Friday.

Weekly Overview ELA

Skill Focus: (Reading and Writing  Personal Narrative/ Point of View)

1st person point of view– the narrator is a character in the story using pronouns such as I and we to tell what he or she knows.

3rd person point of viewthe narrator is someone outside the story using the pronouns he, she, they to tell the story.  

Grammar Focus:  Capitalization/Spelling

Proofreading strategy:  ARMS AND CUPS

Weekly Vocabulary Words:

-These words will help to follow the structure of a personal narrative.

Personal narrative – autobiographical story written in first person

Incident– the central piece of action that is the focus of the narrative.  

Response– the immediate emotions and actions associated with the incident

Reflection-a description that explores the significance of the incident 


Weekly Overview Reading

Skill Focus (READ180 software and Reading workshops)


Workshop 1  Immigrants (main idea/details)

1 READ180 Software

Independent reading book

Reading Workshops

1 Organizing reading composition notebook (please make sure your student has a composition notebook)

Recording daily mini-lessons

Selecting independent reading material

4 Setting expectations for a productive reading classroom

Reminder: Almost there assessment will take place on Friday


***Homework sheet due September 1st

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6th Grade Open House


Hello Everyone!!!!

This has been a great start to the school year and I am enjoying working with your students.  They have all adjusted nicely to middle school and we have been having a great time learning.  Please join us tonight at 6:00pm in the theater at Campbell Middle School for Open House.  This time will be your opportunity to meet your students’ teachers as well as get an overview of what we will be focusing on this year.  I look forward to meeting you all!!!  P.S. please check the teacher blogs weekly for updates, reminders and resources that will help your student be successful this school year.  Information for Reading and ELA will be posted here and/or at (Reading) (ELA)

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Campbell Middle School Resource page for ELA and Reading. We have a great year filled with engaging and exciting lessons planned for you students. I am so excited to get started and hope that this page will be a huge help for you and your students!!!

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