Georgia Milestones Assessment is Coming!


Milestone Testing for Grades 3, 4 and 5

Milestone Testing will take place from April 19th– 27th.

April 19th Grades 3-5 ELA

April 20th Grades 3-5 ELA

April 21st Grades 3-5 ELA

April 24th Grades 3-5 Math

April 25th Grades 3-5 Math

April 26th 5th Grade Science

April 27th 5th Grade Social Studies

In addition to ensuring daily attendance, you can also have your student practice with the Georgia online testing platform. The site is  This site will allow your student to manipulate the online testing tools and become familiar with the features he or she will encounter during testing.

During the assessment period, please make sure your child gets plenty of rest, has a good breakfast, and is at school on time.

Read Across America Week

Read Across America Week

We are celebrating Read Across America Week! Here is a list of our school-wide activities. 

Monday, February 27th – Let’s celebrate “Fox in Socks” with Crazy Sock Day. Wear mismatched or silly socks.
Tuesday, February 28th – Be like Dr. Seuss’s “Cat in the Hat” and wear your favorite hat.
Wednesday, March 1st – Wear PJ’s to school…it’s D.E.A.R. Day “Drop Everything and Read” – Let’s stop and drop everything! Choose a book and read for 15-20 minutes during your day.
Thursday, March 2nd – It’s “Daisy-Head Mayzie” Crazy Hair Day.
Friday, March 3rd – Dress up like your favorite Dr. Seuss character.

Georgia Parent Survey

Please note that the school climate surveys for the 2016-2017 school year are officially open, and will remain open through Friday, March 3, 2017. It is critical for all schools to get parents to participate in the surveys.

The Georgia Parent Survey is also modeled after the student survey questions. Parents may complete the survey using their personal computer, smartphones or tablet.  For parents that do not have access to the Internet, school administrators should consider scheduling dates and times to allow parents to complete the Georgia Parent Survey at school.  All parents should be encouraged to participate in the Georgia Parent Survey because the data will be used as part of the calculation of the School Climate Star Rating. Survey responses are anonymous and will be submitted directly to the Georgia Department of Education for analysis.  Individual data results from the Georgia Parent Survey will not be available to the public and will not be posted online.

The URL address for the Georgia Parent Survey is posted below.

News from the Addison Foundation


The Spring semester is here and that means lots of fun events from Addison Foundation to keep your kids happy and the Science Lab going!

Penny Wars runs January 17 – 27th with the final chance to take place at the Winter Wonderland Ball the evening of the 27th. Send your children in with pennies for their grade and silver and dollars to sabotage the other grades.  Pennies are GOOD, the rest is BAD because they’re what subtracts from that grade’s pennies!  The kids can drop them in the buckets each morning before school!  They LOVE Penny Wars!

The first ever Winter Wonderland Ball for girls in grades K – 5 to dance the night away with their dad, grandpa, uncle, or favorite father figure is taking place January 27th from 6-9pm.

The next teacher auction items are coming too!  Bidding is now open –  Monday, February 6th from 2:30 – 4 is the After School Art Class with Miss Stoddard!  And taking place on Friday, February 10th from 6-8pm, a Girls’ Night Out Shenanigans After School with Mrs. Hallmark!!  Check out the experiences and get more information at  If any questions, reach out to Laura Glancy, President at [email protected]

As always, details can be found on the Foundation website at  Thank you for supporting our Foundation’s work to give us the Science Lab and other wonderful things!

Mr. V & Ms. Kerr

New Year’s Resolutions

Hello Families!

It’s 2017. Time for some New Year’s Resolutions. As I have reflected over the first 18 weeks of school, I feel like there have been some areas that I can improve on. Here are some suggestions on how we can make the last half year of school even more awesome than the first half.

Number One: Communicate more

I know. I haven’t been the most communicative for our first two semesters of school (unless I’ve had to – which is not always a good thing). It is easy to get bogged down in the day to day of teaching, paperwork, and lesson planning. So to remedy this, I am purposing to post more pictures to Class Dojo and provide positive comments (hopefully daily) on how things are going. Also, I will write a short preview of the week. How are we doing so far?

Number Two: Ask for help

Really. More communication?

I feel number one is about communication about your student with you. Number two is about asking for involvement. I tried to be more hands off with asking for help during the first part of the year. I realize that I am going to need more help from y’all as we close out the school year and I intend to start asking for it. Many of you have already asked how you can help. I’ll mention a few things at the end of this post.

So, without further ado here is a preview of the week.

First, congratulations to Michael (5th grade) who won the Addison Spelling Bee on Friday! WOW! Check out the video of the championship round.

Addison Spelling Bee 2017 from Tim Villegas on Vimeo.

I know right?! He will be representing Addison at the County Wide Bee on Saturday, January 28th at Kennesaw Mountain High School.

4th Grade

In Math, we are finishing up interpreting remainders and we will be introducing patterns by the end of the week. Look for a quiz on remainders on Wednesday. (Students in Ms. Kerr’s 4th-grade math may have different topics of study.)

There will be a test on sound on Wednesday for Science. We send the vocabulary study guide home with the kids last week so there should have been plenty of time to prepare. We will have a review on Tuesday in preparation.

After the Science unit is complete (we still have light to go over) we will be moving on to Colonial America.

5th Grade

In Math, we are still working on Word Problems and will continue for the next couple of weeks. The homework should be on Word Problems as well.

English Language Arts (ELA)

We will be finishing up our narrative writing pieces this week. Next week I will be assigning an opinion piece about a hero in their life. Details next week.


We are going to continue our work in our reading intervention book Strategie To Achieving Reading Success. This week we will be emphasizing Main Idea. 

That is it for now. If you are interested in helping out the classroom, cleaning supplies (like baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, and tissues) are always welcome. If you would like to treat the staff, baked goods, bottled water, and coffee + creamer are also always appreciated. 

Thanks for everything and here is to a happy and bright 2017.

Mr. V 




Happy Thanksgiving

Here are some of the things we are thankful for!


P: my entire school and class

C: having Voldy time

E: watching My Little Pony on TV

K: cooking with my parents

C: playing Minecraft with K

K: my family inside my heart and everybody in the USA

Have a fantastic week off and we will see y’all when we get back.

PTA Reflections 2016-2017: What Is Your Story?


PTA Arts Contest

Calling All Addison Artists

Do you love to dance? Sing? Draw? Take pictures? Write or create?

Then consider entering the PTA’s Reflections Contest.

Each year the PTA sponsors an arts contest designed so that you can showcase your talents in one of six artistic areas:

Dance choreography

Film production


Musical Composition

Photography and

Visual Arts

All you have to do is submit an original piece in one of those categories that is inspired by the theme:


Your piece will be judged at the school level. Addison winners will receive award certificates and medals. They will be honored on our school news and during a PTA meeting. Then they will have their project submitted to the county level competition. We have some amazing artists here at Addison so let’s show the rest of Cobb County what we can do!

Stop by the front office for project guidelines or download them at:

Don’t delay-projects are due to the front office by October 14th.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Powers at [email protected]

We are excited to learn all about your story!

Physical and Man-Made Features of the US

Hello, 4th Grade Families!

I am linking a PDF copy of the PowerPoint that we have been going over for Social Studies the last few days. We are planning on taking a test on this material on Friday. I was going to send home printed notes, but there was a technical malfunction, and I couldn’t get them to you in time. Please go over the PowerPoint (or have them read it by themselves) in preparation for the test on Friday. The test will be multiple choice.

Thanks! Please let me know if you have any questions.

United States Geography (Physical and Man-Made Features of the US)

Open House

Hello Addison Families-

We look forward to seeing our parents at Addison’s Open House on Thursday, August 11th.  This is the schedule for the evening:

5:00-6:00pm Open House for SNPK, Kindergarten and 1st Grade (in Classrooms)

Open House for ALP 2nd – 5th Grades (in Media Center)

6:00-6:30pm PTA/Foundation Meeting in the Cafeteria. Everyone is welcome to join us. Introductions of teachers will happen at the beginning of the meeting.

6:30-7:30pm Open House for 2nd – 5th Grades (in Classrooms, 5th Grade will meet in the cafeteria)

Open House for ALP 1st Grade (in Media Center)

* 4th and 5th grade parents will have a chance to sign their children up for Office 365.  This is a computer program that will allow students to work collaboratively with groups at school and at home. Parents must give consent for the children to use it.  Please take a moment to make sure your child is signed-up. You can learn more at this link:

* If you’re hungry……… Peace, Love and Pizza will be in our building selling slices of pizza for $2/each.

* Each year, we order student t-shirts to go along with our Leader in Me theme.  If you haven’t already bought a t-shirt for your child, please take the t-shirt order form from the classroom teacher and return it by Wednesday, August 17th.  Each grade level will have their own t-shirt color.  Shirts are used for school wide events, field trips and spirit wear days.  Some grades will also purchase weekly readers for the students to use in class.  Thanks for supporting our school initiatives. The kids love wearing their shirts!

Overall, this evening will be geared towards our teachers sharing information with parents about curriculum and instruction, routines of the classroom, means of communication and expectations for the year. Teachers are excited to share information and meet you.

We look forward to seeing you Thursday Night!

Images from Week One

Here are a few images from our first week at Addison.

Addison Week One Collage

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