Into December

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We had a good first week following Thanksgiving Break.  I’m thankful for this group of students, and most importantly a great group of parents!  The students did a good job with their introduction to Measurement. They also wrote about their favorite things to do during the Day and at Night, and learned the Letter U.  We read stories about the Gingerbread man and retold it after we read. On Friday, they decorated their own gingerbread boy or girl, and most of them loved eating it afterwards!

Here is what we are learning the week of December 4th:

Math: Measurement-I can compare objects by length, height, weight, and capacity.

Writing: I can write sentences using capital letters, finger spacing, and punctuation.

Reading: I can tell the difference between fiction and nonfiction stories.

Phonics: Letter Rr

Social Studies: I can learn about Christmas and how other cultures celebrate.

Continue working with your child to memorize their sight words. Read with them each day and have them retell the story events to you.  Practice all the letters they have learned: go over the sounds and how to form and write them.

Have a great week!

This Week…

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I can’t believe how quickly Thanksgiving Break is approaching!  Next week at Sedalia Park, you can come and enjoy Thanksgiving lunch with your child in the cafeteria on November 16, 2017. Our lunch time that day is from 10:40-11:25 am. The cost of lunch for adults is $3.75.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Math: I can compare Numbers

Writing/ Social Studies: I can teach what I know about Veteran’s Day

Phonics: Letter P

Reading:  I can ask and answer questions about details in the story.

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Thank you to all the parents who attended Conference Week! I enjoyed meeting everyone and discussing your child’s progress thus far.  Here is what we are learning this week:

Math: I can count in a line, circle, and array.

Reading: I can retell key details in a story.

Writing and Science: Motion-I can tell how things move.

Phonics: Letter J, /j/sound

News for the Week of 10/09/17

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Students will be bringing home Parent Conference Slips this Friday afternoon in their blue folders. I have written in a date and time on the slip and you will simply need to let me know if you can make it or if you have to reschedule. I will try my best to accommodate everyone. I’m looking forward to meeting each parent and sharing the learning and growth I see each day.

I also wanted to thank all of you for returning the Field Trip permission slips. The kids are so excited that they will see a live puppet show!

Things we will learn next week:

Math: I Can Count to 100

Phonics: Letter H, Review Letter L and T

Social Studies& Science: Christopher Columbus, Bats

Reading: I Can identify story elements, main idea, and details in a story.

Writing: I Can teach what I know about Christopher Columbus and Bats.

Welcome Back

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I hope everyone enjoyed their fall break! Here are a few reminders for the week of October 1st-6th:

Field Trip:  Please send in permission slips for our trip to the Center for Puppetry Arts on October 13, 2017. We will be seeing Charlotte’s Web, which will be a lot of fun!  Without a permission slip, the student(s) will not be able to board the bus.

ABSENCES: Remember to send a note every time your child is absent.

Homework: The purpose is to practice skills learned at school at home. I will check homework at the end of the month. Feel free to send it in as you finish if that is more convenient.

Agendas: Check agendas for notes about behavior and school reminders. Feel free to use for a quick note to me or other communication.

Blue Folders: Use blue folders for homework, notes, and other important forms such as permission slips and money envelopes.

Fall Festival:  Join us at Sedalia Park on October 6th for the Fall Festival beginning at 5 pm. There will be family activities and the Basket Raffle. We are also in need of volunteers for the event. Sign up to help by clicking the following link:

What we are learning this week

Math: Count to 100 and use the Hundreds Chart

Reading:  Identify the beginning, middle, and end of a story. Compare and contrast characters.

Writing: Examine the world I live in and relate it to writing.

Social Studies: Where I live-Street Address and City

Phonics: Review letters A, C, D, G, M, O and learn letter L.

This Week and other business

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We are quickly approaching Fall Break–hard to believe! This week, we continue to study 2D and 3D shapes in Math Workshop. We will take a closer look at their differences and work with them through sorting and building our own.

Science:  We will finish activities for our unit on farm animals.

Phonics: We will review all letters we’ve studied thus far: A, C, D, G, M, and O.

Reading: We will focus on asking questions as we read books.

Writing: We will finish our unit on labeling, and complete a few activities for Constitution Day.

I’ve also received a few questions from parents regarding the use of agendas, so I’ll try to clear that up here: The agendas will be used to communicate classroom behavior (positive and problematic). You can also use them to change transportation for dismissal. If you have a permanent change in transportation, please send a note about the change, and Mrs. Hester and I will make sure we mark it on our classroom form. Any important or pressing concerns/issues you have, please send me an email and use my address ([email protected]), or send a hand written note in their blue folders. I hope everyone has a great week!

We are learning…

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I’m glad everyone made it safely through the storm. This week, we continue learning about shapes and add 3D shapes to our studies. Have your child point out the shapes they see around the house, in the car, etc. We will also continue learning about baby animals and their parents. Ask your students what are the differences they see between baby animals and adult animals.

Our letter for this week is M and we will practice writing it, saying the /m/ sound and finding it in words. I have received a few questions in agendas about homework: we want students to work on at least 3 each week. Homework will be due at the end of each month. You can hold it and send it all at the end, or if its easier, send it as you finish it. The most important part is that your child is practicing these skills and working with you! Also, make sure your child wears tennis shoes on the days we have PE. If you need another Specials calendar I can print another for your reference. I have also put the calendar under the tab “Specials”.  Here’s to another great (and short) week in Kindergarten!

Early Release Wednesday and Weekly Preview

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Greetings Parents,

First: A quick reminder that students will have Early Release on Wednesday, August 30th.  School will dismiss at 12:20 pm instead of 2:20, so please plan accordingly.

I hope that everyone received the Parent Letter about IXL that came home in Blue Folders last Thursday afternoon. IXL is a math resource that provides fun web based games to help strengthen students’ math skills.  We will be using this website in our Computer Special throughout the year, but it’s great to give your child math practice at home.  Please consider adding this to the enrichment materials you currently use.

This Week: We will be talking about future careers ahead of Labor Day in Social Studies. In Phonics, we will work on the letters D and G. For Reading, we continue to focus on Reading Stamina and 3 Ways to Read a BookWriting: we will revisit how to come up with writing ideas, and how we should add details to our writing.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns (I answer email fastest). Here’s to a great 5th week of Kindergarten!

This week…

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Thank you to all the parents who were able to attend Open House last Thursday! It was a pleasure for me and Mrs. Hester to meet each of you. We can’t wait to work with you and your students throughout this upcoming year.

This week we are learning how to write the letters “C” and “O”, our curved letters. In Math, we’re counting objects and writing numbers 1-10. We are learning the expectations for Reader’s Workshop and have been working very hard to hold our books correctly and take care of them since we’re all “Book Lovers.”

I’ve been receiving questions about homework. We will begin sending activities home in the coming weeks, but until then, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Read with your child daily. This is the best way to expose her/him to rich vocabulary and help her practice common sight words, letter sounds.
  2. Practice letters and sounds at home.  If you have alphabet cards on hand at home, show them to your child out of order and see how many they can identify. Also do this with the letter sounds(show the card A, then have your child give you the letter sound)
  3. Any unfinished classwork should be completed at home.

I am also compiling a list of enriching resources to use at home. Hopefully I’ll send this home soon and post it here on the blog.  Have a wonderful week!

A Great Start

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Greetings Parents!

We had a great first week of school! Students learned rules and procedures, and what it means to be Ready, Respectful, and Responsible Panthers. They also went to Specials each day and visited PE and the Computer Lab, met their Counselor Mrs. Parker, and ended the week with Music. We have also been working hard on our counting, letter recognition, and letter sounds each day.

Here are a few important points:

  • The quickest way to reach me is through email: [email protected]
  • Open House is Thursday, August 10 6-8PM. Please plan to attend to receive more information about the Kindergarten curriculum your student will be learning this year.
  • I will update this blog with important events, enrichment and resources, and stories from our week, so please check back often.

Thank you for sharing your children with me–we’re off to a great year!

Mrs. Gibson