Ms. Gibson's Kindergarten Class

"Making a dfference one day at a time"

Week of 3-12-18


We are now finishing up the third quarter!  This school year just seems to be flying by!  The next few weeks will be filled with assessments and end of the year programs and assemblies.  Here is an overview of what we will be learning!

We will continue to review the -sh -th -ch -wh and -qu digraphs, long and short vowels, and identifying/creating rhyming words.  This next quarter we will focus on the main idea and supporting details of a story. Please continue to work on sight words with your child at home.

We will continue to review Base Ten and Subtraction.

Science/Social Studies:
We will begin to compare and contrast living and non living organisms.  In social studies we will talk about various American symbols and historical people.

Important Dates to Remember:

3/15   High Touch High Tech In-House Field Trip

3/16   Scholastic Book Fair Book Preview

3/22  Report Cards sent home

3/28  Fire Education

3/30  Arts Jubilee

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Week of 1-9-2018


I hope everyone had a great break!  It has been a little crazy trying to get back into the swing of things given we still have no had a full week back from school!  With that being said, guided reading groups will resume next week.  In order for guided reading groups to be done effectively,  we work with the book for 4 days and then on the fifth day the student is assessed on the book to see if he/she has mastered the book.  Here is what we will be doing this week and next week!


We will also continue to work on adding numbers up to 10

Today I explained to the class that we are beginning a new classroom management system that gets the students thinking about spending vs. saving.  The students are able to earn pennies but poor behavior will also cost them pennies from their bank.  At the end of each week each student will be given the opportunity to go to the classroom store.  They can choose to spend their money or choose to save it for a higher priced item that they really want.  The students were given their banks today.  Each bank has started with 5 pennies. Below is how they can earn pennies as well as lose pennies.

How You Can Earn a Penny

staying on task and completing morning work on time
being quiet as a mouse in the hallway
earning a ticket in the cafeteria
Raising their hand and waiting patiently
helping a friend
making good decisions
showing respect towards friends and visitors
Staying on task
working quietly

How You Can Lose a Penny

not finishing my morning work on time
Talking to friends instead of working
Calling out answers
Playing in line
being disrespectful
not following directions
talking when the teacher is talking or in the hallway



We will begin working on identifying the main idea and summarizing information.  I have teamed up with Mrs. McGinley’s class to implement Book Buddies!  Once or twice a month her class will come to our class and work in partners with our students on various reading strategies or activities.

The sight words we will be working on this week are:  ate    but    do

The sight words for next week will be: eat   four   get


Identifying rocks and minerals based on their size, shape, and other distinguishing characteristics

Social Studies:

Identify and discuss Martin Luther King, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial

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Week of December 11th


We are winding down to the end of the 2nd quarter!  The next 8 school days are going to be filled with all kinds of fun activities and going to fly by!  Next week we will be traveling the world as we learn about how different countries celebrate this holiday season.  Each day we will learn about a new country and it’s customs and traditions.  In your child’s folder will be his or her boarding pass which will tell you the country that we traveled to that day so you can ask your child what he or she learned that day!  All of our math and literacy centers will be based around the given country as well.  Here is what we will be doing:

Language Arts:  Next week is all a big assessment week since it is the end of the quarter.  These assessments are done individually and take time so we will not be doing guided reading next week.  I am sending an e-mail this afternoon with more details on this.  We will still do whole group shared reading and other reading and literacy activities but there will not be a book that is sent home next Friday.

The sight words we will be working on are:

are     black       came

Math:    Continue to work on number recognition using ten frames and adding numbers up to ten.

Social Studies:   The bald eagle and Statue of Liberty

Science:  Needs vs Wants

Our holiday party will be December 20th from 9:00-10:30.  Our room moms will be contacting you about what is needed for the party!

Just a reminder that December 19th and 20th are half days so please make arrangements for your child accordingly.  I hope everyone has a great break and has a wonderful time with family!!

And thank you for all the birthday wishes!  Your children really make me feel so loved!

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Week of 11/6/2017 and 11/13/2017


This school year seems to just be flying by!  Next week is a big week of fun activities!  Tuesday, November 14th is our day to Celebrate Families.  Our lunch for everyone to come is from 11:00-11:40.  Our Thanksgiving Feast is Wednesday, November 15th from 10:30-11:30.  I will be sending an email with more information about this in the next few days.  Please make sure you have sent in a white pillowcase for your child if you have not already done so.


Reading/Writing/Social Studies:
We will be focusing on asking and answering questions, searching for sight words, and identifying/creating rhyming words.  This week we have started our Guided Reading groups so every Friday your child will come home with a book to read to you based on their reading level.  We have also started another program called Reading Eggs and the students seem to be really excited about it. Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and fun for kids using great online reading games and activities.  This program starts each student on his or her reading level and builds from there.  I will send home the login information today in your child’s folder if you want to have them do it at home as well.  Sight word bags will continue to go home each Monday.  The three sight words for this week are:

Social Studies:  Discussing Veteran’s Day and creating a book to read at home


Comparing objects (bigger, smaller, longer, shorter, heavier, and/or lighter)
Review of 2D Shapes
Creating patterns

Important Dates:

No School – Tuesday, November 7th
Learning Commons – Thursday, November 9th
Veteran’s Day – Saturday, November 11th

Thanksgiving Feast- Tuesday, November 14th

Celebrate Families – Wednesday, November 15th

Progress Reports Go Home – Thursday, November 16th

No School – November 27th-30th


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Week of October 23rd


Thank you to everyone that came for conferences last week. I can certainly tell where your children get their greatness!!  If anything came to mind after the conference that you meant to bring up or ask about, please feel free to call or email me.  I will be happy to answer an questions you may have. This week we are back to normal with our schedule and routine.  However, it is RED RIBBON week!  This week each student is creating a Say No to Bullying/Drugs (bad things for our bodies) poster.  Each class will vote on the 2 best posters to submit for the school wide poster contest!  The winner will be awarded on Friday’s TRNN broadcast.  In addition to the school wide poster contest, students are also encouraged to dress up to show their support of Red Ribbon Week.

Monday – Wear Red

Tuesday – Wear Neon to show you are too bright to use drugs or bully

Wednesday – Wear Tie-Dye to say “Peace Out” to drugs and bullying

Thursday – Wear Sweatshirts to show that it’s “No sweat” to be drug free

Friday – Wear Team Gear to show that kindness is a team sport!

Today COBB EMC is sponsoring an Author Visit so make sure you ask your child about her visit!  The students really seemed to enjoy her!

Writing/Reading – This week the students that got at least 9/10 of their sights words correct will get Bag #2 in their folder today.  If there is not a Bag #2 in your child’s folder than it is encouraged to go over Bag #1 again this week so he/she can master that list by this Friday.  The three sight words we will be working on this week are:




Math – We will continue to work on the same concepts that were discussed last week.

Social Studies – continue to review American Symbols

Science – Animal habitats

Just a few reminders:

-Make sure you have returned the permission slip for our In-House field trip on November 1st

-Reservations for our Thanksgiving Feast are due back by October 25th

-Monster Mash is October 26th from 6:00-7:30pm

-Please be sure to make all Scholastic orders by the 28th of this month

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Week of October 16th


This week is Conference week!  That means every day this week is a 2 hour early dismissal!  Dismissal is at 12:20pm this week.  Make sure you make arrangements for how your child will get home each day and send in a note if it is different than from how he/she normally goes home.

The Book Fair is also here this week!  Students and parents can only go to the fair before school and after school.  These hours are from 6:30am-7:50 and 12:30-6:00pm.  We will not be able to take students to the book fair during the day.

Reading/Writing– This week I will begin sending home sight word bags as a way to help students learn their sight words at home.  Here is how it will work:

Each week I will send home a bag with 10 site words.  On Friday will see if your child knows all 10 sight words.  If your child knows at least 9/10 words I will send home the next sight word bag on the following Monday.  Your child will keep the first bag of words the following week if he/she does not know at least 9/10 words.

Each week we focus on 3 sight words and this week the words are:




Math – We will continue to work on counting by 2’s and 5’s as well as number recognition.

Social Studies / Science – During our science block we will continue to discuss similarities and differences in animals using observable features and match pictures of parents and offspring.  During our Social Studies block we will focus on various American symbols such  as the U.S. flag, Georgia flag, bald eagle, and the pledge of allegiance.


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Week of October 5th


The beginning of this school year is already flying by so quick!  Over the next few weeks we will be doing a lot of fun things and will need several parent volunteers for the fun activities I have planned!

Here is what we will be focusing on over the next few weeks:

Math:  We will continue to work on 2D shapes and decomposing numbers.  Students will need to know all basic shapes as well as cone, cylinder, cube, and sphere by the end of the second quarter.

Reading/Writing:  As we read our weekly stories we will focus on analyzing characters, main idea, sequence of events and compare/contrast various story events. Please continue to work on site words with your child at home and reading aloud with your child on a nightly basis will help improve text recognition. Individual books will begin to go home after this week.  These books will be based on your child’s current reading level.

Social Studies: Students will learn about a map and identify American symbols (national and state flags, pledge of allegiance)

Science: We will continue to compare the similarities and differences in groups of organisms

Important Dates:

10/16 – 10/20   Conference Week (please make sure you have signed up for a time slot!) and BOOK FAIR is here this week

10/26     Monster Mash

10/29     Scholastic Orders will be submitted

10/31      Pumpkin Party

Wild West Book Fair is A-Comin’, Partners!
The fall Book Fair will begin on Monday October 16th and continue until Friday, October 20th. Lots of exciting events are planned for this year’s Book Fair celebration including:
 Family Night will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 17th until 6:30 pm. The extra 30 minutes would give families picking up from ASP a little more time.
 We would also like to have a “Read Around the Campfire” during Family Night.
 To encourage attendance to Family Night, an exciting raffle will take place. During Family Night, one student’s name (who is in attendance) would be drawn. The student would win the chance to throw a cow patty (actually it would be chocolate pudding) at an outlaw. You won’t want to miss watching this “OUTLAW” get a cow patty in the face!

Spirit days:
o Monday- Bandanna and Denim Day
o Tuesday- Trail Mix-up Day (wear clothes backwards)
o Wednesday- Western Day
o Thursday- Hat Day

It’s also time to start collecting Box Tops 4 Education to help earn money for our school! We will soon send home additional information and a collection sheet in Thursday folders to help get you started.
• Check expiration dates. We cannot accept any expired box tops.
• You do NOT need to trim the box tops. We must be able to see the expiration date.
• Don’t want to use the collection sheet – no problem! Gather box tops in an envelope, a sandwich bag, whatever works for you…just get them in! Please try and bundle in packs of 10 or 25.
• Where? Either send in box tops with your children or you can drop them off in the box in the front office.
• Download the new Box Tops Bonus App, choose product offers and then scan your receipts.
• Due date: Please have box tops turned in by Friday, October 20th.



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Week of August 21st


Hello!  We have had another great week in Kindergarten!  The students are doing really well with the classroom rules and routines and seem to be having a lot of fun!  Here is what we will be doing in the next few weeks:

Reading/Writing – This week we will begin ABC Bootcamp.  This is a 26 day introduction to letters and sounds.  ABC Bootcamp is a quick way to introduce the letters and sounds so that your child can begin manipulating letters and sounds to make works.  For each letter we will do handwriting, a circle map, and various small group activities to become more familiar with the letter and it’s sound.  At the end of the 26 days we will celebrate with a fashion show!  Each child will decorate a “Letter Vest” and will show it off on the runway!  There will be more information that will go over that part in detail in the next few weeks.

Math –  I have introduced ten frames so we will continue to work on number recognition and various ways to represent a number.  Something you can work on at home with your child is getting them to know their address and a phone number to call in case of an emergency.  This is a skill that they need to know by the end of the year.

Science/Social Studies – We are continuing to learn our school mission statement and all the words to the Pledge of Allegiance. We will also begin discussing similarities and differences among various groups of animals.

Upcoming Dates and Reminders

8/24      LIBRARY – this is our first week to check books out from the library and we will continue to go every Thursday for the reminder of the year.  Just remember to have your child ring their book back before the following Thursday in order to check out a new one.



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Second Week Back!


Wahooo! We had such a wonderful first two weeks of Kindergarten! I absolutely love our sweet class. We had fun learning our class rules and procedures, and just generally starting to get to know each other. All of the kiddos seem to be adjusting very well to Kindergarten. It was great to see everyone at Open House!

We would love for you (or aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.) to come in and share some of your favorite books with the class. If you are interested in being a mystery reader in the classroom on a Friday please let me know. We would love to have our first one come and read next Friday.

What We will be Learning next Week:
Math – We will continue to learn how to use various math manipulatives and begin various number sense activities.
Reading/Writing – We  have started writing in our Journals this week and the students really seem to enjoy it.  We will begin our Writer’s Workshop next week which gets students engaged and excited about writing and the importance of it. We will also discuss various parts of a book and make predictions about the given story and the characters. Please try and read with your child nightly because it really increases letter and word awareness.
Language Arts– Students will continue to focus on asking and answering questions.  Next week we will be focusing on the letter Mm and short Aa.  I will introduce 3 new site words each week and the three site words for next week are:   I, am, a
Science/Social Studies – Students will identify the national and state flag. Students will practice saying the Pledge of Allegiance and our School Mission Statement.  Students will also

Important Updates/Reminders:
~ Please turn in ALL paperwork from the Cobb County folder if you haven’t already done so.
~ Please remember to put any transportation changes in writing. If a change occurs in the middle of the day, please notify the office of the change. They will notify me.
~Make sure that your child is wearing tennis shoes to school on PE days. (Wednesdays, Thursdays)

Important Dates to Remember:
August 17th – Fall Picture Day

August 21st- Solar Eclipse  Dismissal time is extended 1 hour
August 30th –  Early Release Day

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