April 16


End-Of-Year Project Overview


Oral Presentations – Week of May 14th

Students are now working to complete the final End-of-the-Year Project ūüôā¬† This project will require them to research several individuals in history who are considered important because of inventions/contributions made.¬† For example…where would children be if Ole Kirk Christiansen didn’t invent LEGO blocks?¬† And, aren’t we all thankful that Willis Haviland Carrier was insightful enough to create modern day air-conditioning!¬† The research articles have been pulled for the students (by the teachers), and time is being provided in class for students to research each of the focus individuals.

Using notes collected during research, students will create a brochure that contains various elements that connect to skills covered throughout the year (argumentative, expository, narrative, grammar, etc.).

A final piece of the project will require students to present findings discovered during independent/outside school research.¬† Students will draw from a list of possible individuals in class on Tuesday (April 17th)–(This date has now been updated to Wednesday, April 18th), and complete research/prepare to present their findings about these individuals to students in the class.¬† The due date for presentations will be approximately during the 2nd week of May…a¬† definite date will be provided at a later time- in a later post.

The following link provides an overview and description of all phases of the project:

Project overview and requirements-yi14nz


Oral Presentations – Week of May 14th

This will hopefully be an insightful and engaging activity that will provide an opportunity for review in addition to a final practice using many of the skills learned this year.

Please see the timeline below for an overview of timing, due dates, grading targets, and various other resources.

If absent at any time, students should plan to see me ASAP (during homeroom) to discuss a plan for catching up with any missed tasks.  Since we are quickly nearing the end of the year, timing is crucial!

Monday (April 16)

Students will view a video which highlights the CARRDSS technique for evaluating resources.  The link below provides an overview of the technique.

CARRDSS Notes Completed-1uix86j

Formative assessment – Friday, April 20th – CARRDSS technique

Tuesday – Friday (April 17 – 27)

Students will be provided a packet of resources each day from which they will collect notes about the individual presented in each packet.

GRADE OPPORTUNITY: The research note packets  will be collected and graded for quantity and quality of notes collected on each individual (1 page of notes required for each individual Рone individual researched each day).  This will be a formative grade.

Monday – Friday (April 30 – May 4)

EOY Project Due Date – May 11th

Oral Presentations – Week of May 14th

We are moving on to the next phase of the EOY project.  The research notes are completed and Synergy has been updated.

During this week, students will use their completed notes to develop graphic organizers for each of the required sections of the EOY project.  They will then use the graphic organizers to create rough drafts of each area.

As always, I strongly suggest that students see me during homeroom to use extra time, as needed, to complete each phase of the project.


  • Graphic organizers will be checked for completion on Thursday – formative grade
  • Rough drafts will be checked for completion on Monday of next week – formative grade



Below is a link to the articles and organizers used during note gathering and organizing stages of the research project. As needed, and for those who have found themselves falling behind in work completion, PLEASE continue to complete research outside of class so that upcoming stages of the process (rough and final drafts) can be completed without further penalties.¬† PLEASE NOTE….completing additional research outside of class will NOT impact previous grades, but it will certainly have the potential to positively impact future grades.

Next grading opportunity – Monday – rough drafts are due completed.

Inventors – Articles-11b856k

Biography Organizer-16t4ugn

Organizer Argumentative-1l0bse4

Organizer Narrative-1ntcztu

REMINDER РMake sure you are continuing to research the individuals for your oral presentations.  Presentations will start the week of May 14th. Specific details will be provided starting Monday of next week!!!



May 7th – 11th

In preparing for the upcoming oral presentations, please be aware of the following:

  • Students will sign up for a particular day to present
  • Speeches must be 1-2 minutes long
  • No reading from notes/papers allowed
  • Visuals (printed or an object) are required

Suggested guidelines for the presentation (these are the basic areas to address….please feel free to add other information as well)

  • Person’s Background
  • Reason/Motivation for Invention
  • Actual Invention
  • Process of “Inventing”
  • Outcome/Impact


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March 26

March 26 – 30

We have several IMPORTANT DATES this week.

Wednesday/Thursday (8:30 A.M.) Retake opportunity provided for those who wish to retake the recent summative assessment.¬† Mrs. Gisi will gather students from the theater at 8:30. Please plan to arrive a few minutes earlier so that you will ready/present when Mrs. Gisi arrives to collect students. You have the option of coming either of the two days….not necessary to come for both sessions.

Wednesday – Subject/Object Case Pronouns formative assessment

Friday – Subject/Object Case Pronoun formative assessment

GEORGIA MILESTONES TESTING – the link below provides an overview and great sample resources that students may use to prepare for the upcoming state test.¬† It is not necessary to complete the various tasks…simply review the samples to become aware of what is expected and how various elements will be scored.¬† GREAT scored samples are included.


We reviewed the recent summative assessment so students would be aware of areas of strengths/weaknesses and be able to make informed decisions about the possibility of retake options.

Class focus: introduced subject and object case pronouns.  The links below provide a PowerPoint and resource sheet.


Obj and Nom Cases Visual-2e7nxrh


Please see the MANY important dates and fyi’s provided in Monday’s post.

UPDATE….the formative assessment scheduled for Wednesday has been moved to Thursday

Today’s focus: students continued to practice using subject and object case pronouns in sentences.

Please refer to the resource notes provided on Monday’s post. The link below provides pronoun case practice. (You will need to copy and paste to a new page for the link to work)



Today was a continuation of Monday and Tuesday’s classes – Please see all notes/resources/reminders provided on Monday and Tuesday

Formative Assessment tomorrow – Subject and Object Case Pronouns: Students will have to know how each case is used within the sentence and also be able to list the pronouns used in each case.


If absent today, plan to take the make up assessment over subject/object case pronouns tomorrow (see Wednesday’s blog post)

Formative assessment tomorrow РStudents will be required to label how words are used in sentences and then select the correct pronoun to be used in replacing the noun.

Today’s focus – reviewed for tomorrow assessment – please see link below


SubObjCasePronounPractice Answer Key-25m6r2i

To see the answers in the second link, click on the “note” box on the right side of each sentence in the document


Formative assessment today РStudents were required to label how words are used in sentences and then select the correct pronoun to be used in replacing the noun.

Grades are updated in Synergy

IF ABSENT TODAY AND/OR YESTERDAY….As was discussed this week, students who missed any of the assessments this week will need to be prepared to make up the assessments on Monday, April 9th, which is the first day back from spring break.¬† Resources needed to review/prepare are provided on previous blog entries ūüôā

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March 19

March 19 – 23


Formative assessment tomorrow

  • Action Verbs (Transitive and Intransitive)
  • Direct Objects
  • Indirect Objects

Today’s focus:

A few minutes was spent preparing for tomorrow’s assessment (please see last week’s posts for resources that can be used to review).

We started the next phase of the unit by pulling together all types of verbs in sentences (action, linking, helping).  Students worked to identify the various verb types in each sentence. We will continue this activity tomorrow.

Summative Assessment РFriday 

  • Subjects
  • Verbs (Action/Linking)
  • Subject Complements (Predicate Nominatives and Adjectives)
  • Direct Objects
  • Indirect Objects
  • Prepositional Phrases

Tuesday-Thursday (updated below this entry…practice added)

Formative assessment completed today (see Monday’s post)

We briefly started to prepare for the upcoming summative assessment today by completing sentences that contained the elements noted in Monday’s post.¬† We will continue to prepare for the next 2 days. But….students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to use the resources posted during the past couple of weeks, as needed, to further their understanding of the MANY elements that will be tested in the upcoming assessment.

Summative Assessment РFriday 

  • Subjects
  • Verbs (Action/Linking)
  • Subject Complements (Predicate Nominatives and Adjectives)
  • Direct Objects
  • Indirect Objects
  • Prepositional Phrases


Students completed a practice assessment in class today.¬† Answers were provided/discussed. PLEASE use the results of this practice assessment to further prepare for tomorrow’s assessment.

Summative Assessment РFriday 

  • Subjects
  • Verbs (Action/Linking)
  • Subject Complements (Predicate Nominatives and Adjectives)
  • Direct Objects
  • Indirect Objects
  • Prepositional Phrases

Interactice Practice (Jeopardy Game): https://jeopardylabs.com/play/subject-complements7

Verb Types PowerPoint https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=myFfTul_U5c&t=99s


Sentence elements –¬† Summative assessment today – See previous posts this week



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March 12

March 12 – 16

Please see the information provided at the top of last week’s blog (red print text)


Prepositional (formative) assessments were returned and reviewed today.  If students are still struggling with this skill, they should review the many resources made available on my blog in the past 2 weeks.  Also, they may see me during homeroom to review any completed practice.

We continued to focus on linking verbs today in preparation for the summative assessment tomorrow.¬† Below are extra practice sentences that may be used to review.¬† Also, a video and notes were provided on last Friday’s blog.

Linking Verb Practice 2-2env6gd

linking verb practice-1lh3290

Some of these sentences were used in class today, but several others are available for continued review.



The formative assessment covering linking verbs was completed today.¬† If absent, plan to make up this assessment tomorrow ūüôā

Today we started the overview of the following

  • action verbs
  • direct objects
  • transitive verbs
  • intransitive verbs

The link below provides a copy of the notes reviewed in class

DO-IO Notes-1ffc8ea


We continued to focus on the lesson started on Tuesday (see previous post).  The link below provides a video review.



Reviewed the (formative) linking verb assessments. Students are encouraged to revisit resources provided on the blog to further improve understanding/mastery of any areas showing weakness (linking verbs, subject complements, prepositions).

Today we continued to review direct objects and transitive/intransitive verbs. Students practiced identifying each in sentences. The links below provide additional practice.  Also, resources have been provided on the past blog entries.

(Page 1 only for the practice sheets) Direct and Indirect Objects Practice-1jcohf6

glorious sheet of gold complete-1ntiotv


We continued to practice the skill of locating the following:

  • subject
  • action verb
  • direct object
  • indirect

Additionally we focused on labeling verbs as either transitive or intransitive AND made sure to look out for all prepositional phrases.

Please see the resource included in the blog posts earlier this week (Tuesday – Thursday) for notes, videos, and extra practice

Action Verbs and Subject Complements formative assessment – Tuesday

Summative assessment next Thursday РThis will assess all content covered from March 5th until today. Resources for all skills are provided in the various blog posts. 

There have been several formative assessments completed during this unit, and each provided students with their current level of mastery for the various skills.  The result of each assessment should be used to determine how much additional review/practice is needed as we progress toward the summative assessment.

As always, students may/should see me during homeroom with any questions or to seek feedback on practice completed outside class time.

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March 5

March 5 – 9

This week we start a new unit which focuses on the various parts of a sentence:

  • Subject
  • Verb (linking and action)
  • Predicate Nominative
  • Predicate Adjective
  • Direct Object
  • Indirect Object
  • Prepositional Phrases

This 4 week unit will conclude with us working on pronoun cases (subject and object case)

There are MANY MANY MANY details and sections involved in this grammar study.  As we progress through the unit, I will continually update the blog to reflect the current area of focus.  It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED that students review these resources as needed throughout the unit.  

We will complete several formative assessments throughout the unit in order for students to understand their current levels of mastery as we progress toward the final/summative assessment.

As always, students may see me during homeroom with any needed review and/or questions.


Grammar Pretest completed today: the data collected will be used to develop lessons/pacing guides and eventually show growth as we complete the unit.

Tomorrow we will begin with prepositional phrases.  In an effort to give students (who wish to do so) the opportunity to get ahead with reviewing, I am posting a resource for prepositions today.

Formative Assessment – Prepositions – Thursday

Prepositions Overview-1y88to9

Prepositions List-y1ulkn


We started our focus on prepositions and prepositional phrases today.  Please see the resources posted yesterday before using the links provided below.  The links below provide a video clip and extra practice.  If extra practice is completed, you have the option to see me during homeroom to review your work.

Video: http://bit.ly/rlODI3

Preposition Practice-12erdnp

Formative Assessment – Prepositions – Thursday


We continued to practice locating prepositions and identifying the elements of the prepositional phrase.  Please see the notes/videos/practice provided earlier this week for further resources

Additional Resources:

Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JvagXaFQGXM

Practice: Preposition Practice 2-2h5r6ha

Formative Assessment – Prepositions – Thursday


We started a new grammar focus today: Linking Verbs and Subject Complements (Predicate Nominates and Predicate Adjectives).  The link below provides a copy of the notes reviewed in class.  The end of the PowerPoint file also includes practice sentences.

Linking Verbs-2bsjh80

Video Link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQgi0Xm6BRo

FYI – The next formative assessment (Linking verbs and their complements) is scheduled for next Tuesday

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February 26

February 26 – March 2

Welcome Back!!! I hope everyone had an awesome break ūüôā


Today we started the CTLS county assessment process.  Today we completed mini-assessment 1.  If absent, please see me to make up this test asap.


CTLS mini-assessment 2 completed today ūüôā


We reviewed/discussed students’ results for the assessments taken on Monday and Tuesday.¬† We worked to not only determine the correct answers but also analyzed the text and answer options. As in the past, the passages used for Monday and Tuesday’s assessment will now be paired together as students complete the final CTLS assessment on Thursday.

IMPORTANT –¬† The argumentative, summative assessment was taken prior to winter break, and for those students who wish to do so, a retake is being offered during class on Friday.


CTLS mini-assessment #3 (summative ) was completed today.

IMPORTANT –¬† The argumentative, summative assessment was taken prior to winter break, and for those students who wish to do so, a retake is being offered during class on Friday.

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February 12

February 12-16


Counseling department session today – Topic – Social Media Safety

FYI – Argumentative post test scheduled for this Thursday


Students should have completed their final drafts today. ¬†Extended time, as needed, is being offered during class tomorrow. If “extra” extended time is needed, students should plan to see me during homeroom.

Final drafts are due tomorrow

For those who have completed their final drafts, we will be reviewing for the argumentative assessment that is scheduled for Thursday. For those who will continue to work on final drafts tomorrow, please use the resources provided on my blog during the past couple of weeks to review outside of class time.

Argumentative post test scheduled for this Thursday


Students completed the argumentative summative assessment today – Except for 1st period ūüôĀ¬† Due to many technical issues, 1st period will need to take the test on Friday.

If absent, please see me to complete the test.

Also, if you have not yet completed the final draft of the argumentative writing piece, the LAST DAY to work on/turn in this assignment is tomorrow, Friday.


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February 5

February 5 – 9


Students continued to progress through the writing process as they work to create an argumentative writing piece.

Today’s Focus:

The brainstorm topic/evidence sheets were returned to students today (grades have been entered in Synergy).  We reviewed the various stages of performance (evidence versus opinions versus topics).

The rough draft/prewrite organizer should have been completed today. ¬†If additional time is needed, students MUST see me during homeroom tomorrow morning. ¬†This step of the process will be collected and graded at the start of class tomorrow. ¬†Please note that additional time has already been offered twice (Friday and today)….tomorrow is the 3rd and final day for an extended time opportunity.


Today’s focus: Peer Feedback – students worked in small groups and rotated papers in order to give feedback on various elements of the argumentative writing piece. ¬†Using this feedback, students will work to revise and edit their papers before starting the final drafts.

I realize that I stated (yesterday) that all rough drafts were due completed today, but that deadline has been extended until tomorrow.  All rough drafts will be collected for a formative check on Wednesday.  If extra time is needed, or if absent, students need to see me during homeroom tomorrow morning to work on their rough drafts.


And we will be extending the collection of the rough drafts another day…..they will be collected at the end of the period on Thursday. Why? Our review/practice/discussion of “Opposing Views and Counterarguments” took longer than expected, so students did not have time to work on drafts in class. ¬†If students have been absent, they will need to plan to use extra time provided during homeroom to catch up within the writing process.


Students continued to revise/edit the rough drafts of their argumentative papers, and as they were ready, they moved on to begin writing in the final drafts. Final drafts are due completed Tuesday

We will have a counseling department session during class on Monday, so our final day to work on the final drafts will be on Tuesday.  As a result, and as needed, students may see me during homeroom on Monday and/or Tuesday to continue using extra time to complete the writing process.

Argumentative Summative post test next Thursday

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January 29

January 29 – February 2

Link for Wednesday’s assessment


Reminder РWriting Fair entries are due to Mrs. Gisi by this Friday.  This is an optional opportunity for those students who wish to participate.  Information has been provided in previous blogs.


We reviewed the basic types of argumentative evidence before moving on to analyze the format of argumentative writing.  Using a sample essay, the class identified the formatting elements and evidence used though out the writing piece.  We will continue to analyze writing samples on Tuesday as students prepare to start their own argumentative writing pieces at the end of this week.

Reminder – argumentative evidence quiz this Wednesday

In addition to the resources posted last Thursday, the following provides a resource that can be used to review argumentative evidence types.

Support vs Propaganda Overview-2nblg3t


Reminder – argumentative evidence quiz tomorrow, Wednesday. See previous posts for resources. Additionally, the link below provides an additional resource.

Argumentative Evidence Powtoon

Students continued to focus on the structure of argumentative writing today. ¬†In small groups, they worked to analyze an argumentative piece titled “Open a Teen Center Downtown.” ¬†Afterwards, we discussed the groups findings and further analyzed the strengths/weaknesses of the paper. ¬†Copies of the ¬†essays analyzed in class are provided below.

Sample Locker Blues-16hmiqg

Sample Teen Center Deconstruct-14icuny


Students completed the argumentative evidence assessment today Рgrades are updated.  If absent, please see me to make up this quiz.

Today’s focus: Students selected two topics from the list of options on page 171 in the Springboard textbook. ¬†They started to develop sample evidence that could be used to support their claim on the chosen topics. If absent, students can review the list of options at home to prepare ideas regarding needed evidence. If additional time and/or assistance is needed, students may see me during homeroom.


Please note that any students who missed taking either the propaganda or evidence quizzes need to see me ASAP to complete these assessments.  Resources were provided in previous blog entries.

We are currently moving through the writing process as we create argumentative writing pieces (summative activity/assessment). ¬†If extra time is needed throughout the process, students should plan to see me during homeroom any morning of the week. ¬†I will be taking formative checks along the way as we complete the various steps. ¬†Failure to use additional time along the way will not extended the deadline for future steps or the final draft. So, please plan to use the option of “extra time” as needed daily so that future steps will not be negatively impacted.

Today’s Focus: Students completed their brainstorm organizer. ¬†They were required to select 2 topics, establish a claim, and provide 4 pieces of evidence for each. ¬†Afterwards, students worked in small groups to pair/share examples of evidence in order to receive peer feedback. ¬†This step of the process will be checked at the start of class on Friday (brainstorm – formative check).


Argumentative brainstorm sheets were collected today (see Thursday’s post). ¬†These will be checked as a formative grade.

Today’s focus: students moved on to the next phase of the writing process – the pre-write organizer. ¬†Using evidence completed in phase 1, students are now working to create a rough draft of their argumentative writing pieces. ¬†They will continue to work on these organizers on Monday. ¬†If absent, please plan to see me during homeroom to start work on this step.


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January 22

January 22 – 26

Please see information posted last week (Monday) regarding the Writing Fair opportunity. The deadline for submitting an entry to Mrs. Gisi is next Friday, February 2nd.


Today we completed our discussion of various types of propaganda. ¬†A propaganda resource sheet and a Powerpoint presentation is provided on last Tuesday’s post.

Formative assessment – an assessment on propaganda types will be given on Wednesday. Students will need to be able to identify the 8 types of propaganda discussed in class.


Students practiced identifying various propaganda examples in preparation for the formative assessment scheduled for tomorrow. ¬†Please see last Tuesday’s post for resources on this topic. ¬†Also, the link below is a copy of the review sheet completed in class today.

propaganda worksheet-268pjzm

Formative assessment – an assessment on propaganda types will be given on Wednesday. Students will need to be able to identify the 8 types of propaganda discussed in class.


Students completed the propaganda formative assessment today.  Synergy will be updated with these grades by the end of the day.

The remainder of class was spent previewing various propaganda clips during which students discussed the propaganda elements and the lack of effective evidence.


Today’s Focus: Argumentative Evidence

We previewed and discussed various types of argumentative evidence.  The links below provide resources needed to review the material. A formative assessment over these terms will be given next week.

Strategies Overview-2lggf29

Strategies Overview 2-1zk2atg



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