November 13

November 13 – 17

This is our final week of preparing to respond to literature using the RACES strategy.  An overview/resources for this strategy were included on my blog a couple of weeks ago.  As needed, please revisit the Powerpoint and examples provided. 

A final formative activity with feedback will be completed this week.  After the Thanksgiving break, we will begin to write the summative response to literature.

Monday – Tuesday

Today’s Focus – After receiving feedback on the most recent RACES practice activity, students began another practice session using “Dogs Make us Human.”  A copy of the story is available in the online version of the textbook (pages 152-153). If needed, students should revisit the text at home in order to be prepared to complete the response in class on Tuesday (formative grade)

Sentence structure assessment will be given this Thursday – clauses, fragments, run-ons, simple and compound sentences (formative grade)


UPDATE—The sentence structure formative check has been moved until Friday.

Students reviewed sentence structure and completed practice activities in preparation for the upcoming formative assessment.  Resources/practice are available using the links below. Also refer to links provided during the past 2 weeks for additional resources.

Notes – Simple and Compound Completed-2lmgj2c

Practice Compound-1dowuq4

AV LV HV Venn Diagram-19kz1r4


RACES practice 2 papers were returned to students today.  We reviewed the scores and reasons for the scores. Students are encouraged to visit not only the resources provided previously on the blog but also the link below.  Additionally, they will benefit from continuing to practice using text/questions from the online textbook.  They are welcome to bring practice in for me/us to review during homeroom any morning.  We will begin our summative RACES writing piece after the Thanksgiving break.

RACE Overview 6th Part B-t16t8z

Formative assessment tomorrow – Sentence Structures (subjects, verbs, clauses, compound and simple sentences).  Please see the resources provided on the blog yesterday and during the past couple of weeks.


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November 6

November 6 – 10


Today’s Focus

1 – We completed our first RACES writing piece.  The students marked required elements in their texts before submitting….also submitted the brainstorm process sheet as well. I hope to have these graded and in the grade book by Thursday afternoon. If absent, please plan to see me during homeroom on Wednesday to begin completing this writing piece.  All work will be DUE COMPLETED BY FRIDAY. As mentioned previously, this will be entered as a formative assessment.

2- We continued our grammar focus by reviewing compound sentences. After reviewing the basic structural parts, students practiced on a few sentences (labeling subjects, verbs, clauses).

Students may use the link below to review the PowerPoint used in class today

Notice – Compound Sentences-2njnf9h



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November 1

October 30 – November 2

It seems that I must apologize again…I forgot to update my blog on Monday, and I was not at school on Tuesday.  All is updated now 🙂


We reviewed the basic structure and requirements for the RACES strategy again.  Students developed a sample paragraph and then rotated papers within small groups to received feedback from peers. A link to RACES strategy notes is provided on last week’s blog post.


Student read “Saying Farewell to a Faithful Pal” in the Springboard textbook (pages 149-151).

Answer questions 1-6 on pages 151-152.

It has been a while since we have used this text.  All students should have an online account at this point in time. If not, please see the “Springboard Access and FAQ’s” resource page in the upper right corner for instructions and access codes.


Language  Unit – For the next several weeks, we will focus on sentence structure throughout each week. Along the way, several formative assessments will be completed.  Near the end of the 9 week period, we will take a sentence structure summative assessment.

Today’s focus – Clauses and Simple Sentences

The following link provides a PowerPoint that reviews  ALL types of sentences. Please only review the first few slides that relate to clause types and simple sentences…do not move on to the compound sentence section.

Notes – Sentence Structure Overview B-1dxpzmj

The following link provides additional practice for locating subjects and verbs.  An answer key is provided at the end of the packet

Practice – S and V-19yf24j


Today’s focus: we continued to work with clauses, subjects, verbs, and simple sentences. Please see the links provided on yesterday’s post for resources/practice, if needed.

Also, we revisited the text read in class on Tuesday (see Tuesday’s post).  Students should be prepared to complete a “response to literature” piece on Friday; the prompt will focus on the text read on Tuesday.  If needed, students may use the online book resource to review the text before class tomorrow.  Also, they may revisit the RACES ppt notes provided in last weeks notes if they need review for RACES strategy.

The “Response to Literature” will be collected at the end of class and scored as a formative assessment.


Students completed their first independent “response to literature” today.  All work was due completed at the end of the period, but 6th and 7th periods will have a small amount of time at the start of class of Monday since their class time was abbreviated today (adjusted Hawk Time schedule).

The response to literature will be scored as a formative assessment.



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October 23

October 23 – 27

Congratulations to Mrs. Gisi’s spelling bee winners.

  • 1st Period
  • Winner – Gwyn Heath               Alternate – Autumn Elkins
  • 2nd Period
  • Winner – Nicolas Shead            Alternate – Kofi Amoako-Boat
  • 3rd Period
  • Winner – Nnenna Ajukwara    Alternate – Saharah Khan
  • 6th Period
  • Winner – Atalia Flores              Alternate – Karson Fields
  • 7th Period
  • Winner – Janna Cleckley          Alternate – Alexander Nguyen

The above winners will compete to be the overall winner to represent Mrs. Gisi’s class at the Lovinggood Middle competition, which will be held at a later date; alternates will compete in Mrs. Gisi’s runn-off if the winner is not able to complete. Information regarding the run-off and the school spelling bee will be provided to students at a later date also.

Monday – Tuesday

Students worked to organize and clean out their work folders since we recently completed unit 1.  We are now prepared to start unit 2.

Class focus: Previewing Unit 2 (pages 93, 94, and 164)

  • Unit Focus
  • Key Vocabulary
  • Unpacking the Standards
  • Rubric Analysis

Wednesday and Thursday

We revisited the rubric and vocabulary that was introduced on Monday. If not completed, please see me to get a list of the vocabulary words and a copy of the rubric

RACES – Introduced the RACES strategy, which will be used to develop constructed expository responses during the 9 week period.  On Wednesday we focused on the basic overview of the strategy; on Thursday we will practice developing the strategy and review ineffective commentary techniques. We will conclude on Thursday by locating RACES components in text structures.

RACE Overview 6th grade-11dy8b2

Ineffective Comm ppt-1a84er6

Locating Evidence and Comm-1w8e9i0

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October 16

October 16 – 20

Conference Week = Early Dismissal = Shortened Classes

Monday – Wednesday

As a result of feedback gathered during the narrative writing, reflections, and teacher conferences, it was agreed that we need to spend some time focusing on introductory techniques.

In addition to viewing brief video clips, we will also analyze the introductions of various literature selections to determines “hook” techniques used.  The goal is for students to become familiar with options that may be used in future writings.

Thursday – Friday

Class Spelling Bee – In order to select an overall class winner from Mrs. Gisi’s 5 ELA classes, we will spend these 2 days selecting a winner from each class period. The name of each period winner will be posted on my blog.  Each class winner will then compete to determine the student who will represent Mrs. Gisi’s classes in the Lovinggood Middle School Spelling Bee.  Additional information about the school spelling bee will be provided at a later date via the subject area coordinator.

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October 9

October 9 – 13

1st Period Students/Parents ONLY….please see last week’s post regarding conference week signups. Again…1st PERIOD ONLY


Today graded personal narratives were returned to students and we reviewed the grading process. These grades are now entered into Synergy

Students will now spend the next 2-3 days completing a “self-reflection” handout that not only requires them to respond to questions but also focus on areas of strength/weakness and rewrite various sections as needed.

During these 2-3 days, each students will conference individually with Mrs. Gisi so that we can discuss the results of each student’s paper.

Tuesday – Wednesday

Continued with Monday’s task….narrative reflections

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October 5

October 2 – 6


The following message is for my 1st period students only.  LMS teachers are conferencing with 1st period students; only parents of my 1st period students should complete the signup process for my schedule. Please visit/contact your child’s 1st period teacher (if not me) to schedule a conference

Conference week is October 16th – 20th, and during this week, students will be dismissed at 1:30 P.M each day in order to provide time for conference sessions.

Please note that you have three options regarding conferences:

  • face to face
  • phone conference
  • no conference requested at this time

If either a phone or face to face conference is requested, please use the SignUpGenius link provided below to select your preferred conference time. Parents/guardians, you may come alone to the conference, or you may bring your child with you so we can conference together. 

If you choose no conference because you take advantage of ParentVue and/or blogs to monitor your child’s progress, please email me to confirm that you have received this email/options. I will send your conference information and report card home with your student by October 20th.

I look forward to seeing or speaking with you during conference week!

Mrs. Gisi 🙂

SignUpGenius Link


I must apologize….it seems that my brain was still on a “blog break” as I have totally forgotten about my blog this week 🙁

However, this has been a week of CTLS testing (county required reading assessments), and there really wasn’t much/anything that could have be posted in regard to nightly review or class preparation….but again…I apologize for the oversight.

As explained to students, we will be taking the 9 weeks end of quarter assessment on Friday.  This will be the same assessment that was given as a “pretest” at the first of the quarter.  As was the case with the first assessment, this score will be entered into a non-weighted category and will NOT impact class averages.  It is simply meant to be a gauge of growth during the 9 week period.

As needed, students may use the link below to review.  IT IS NOT necessary to spend an extended period of time studying or reviewing; I really encourage students to take the test with minimal last minute preparation.  This score should reflect expanded growth as a result of completing tasks throughout the grading period.


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September 18

September 18 – 21

IMPORTANT…..Personal Narratives are due completed by Tuesday of this week. Please see the notes/guidelines/fyi’s posted during the past 2 weeks.  If needed, please plan to see me during homeroom in order to receive additional time to work toward completing this paper by the due date.

Standards Focus:  W 6.1 – 6.6 and 6.10

Monday and Tuesday

Writing Process Focus: Revisions – Students are working on the revision/proofing stages of the writing process today.  Using a list of focus areas provided by the teacher and the feedback provided by peers (see last Friday’s post), students are working through their rough drafts and revising in order to improve content. Once through revising they are moving on to the proofing stage during which they check the paper for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.  As they are ready, they begin to create the final draft.

Summative Assessment – The final draft will be scored in the following areas: Ideas, Structures, Use of Language (a copy of the scoring rubric may be viewed/is located on page 49 of the online textbook)

Formative Assessment – Students will receive a score for completion of the writing process steps: Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Proofing

IMPORTANT – As needed, I am offering extended time on Wednesday for completion of the personal narrative final draft.  This is the final day for any work to be completed.  Also, students are encouraged, if needed, to also see me during homeroom on Wednesday morning to continue working on their writing pieces. All work will be collected at the end of each class period on Wednesday


Today’s focus – preparing for the county required CTLS test. This test reflects current progress/mastery in the area of reading skills (informational and literary) .

The CTLS contains 2 mini assessments (formative assessments) and a final assessment (summative). After the first two formative mini assessments, we will review/reteach skills as needed (based on student results) in order to prepare for the final summative assessment.


CTLS mini assessment 1

Formative Assessment


Revisit/Review results of Thursday’s formative check (CTLS mini assessment #1)


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September 13

September 11 – 15

As was also noted in last week’s post….We continue the narrative writing process this week and will continue to work on preparing for and writing this narrative through next Wednesday. A timeline of progress is provided below. Please note that the due date has been updated to reflect school being cancelled two days this week. If absent or falling behind in the process, it is VERY IMPORTANT that students see me daily during homeroom in order to work on their writing pieces. 

Standards Focus:

  • W 6.2 – 6.6
  • L  6.1 – 6.3 and 6.6

Monday – Tuesday

School Cancelled

Wednesday – Thursday

Students are now working on completing their rough drafts. The rough drafts are due COMPLETED by the end of class on Thursday.  As was noted above and on last week’s post, if extra time is needed, students should be seeing me during homeroom to work on their writing pieces.


Peer sharing and feedback session – Students will rotate and share narrative pieces with one another.  During the process, students will be required to provide positive and constructive feedback (in written form – on an organized form).  Students will then be encouraged to consider provided feedback as they revise and proof their own papers.


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September 5

September 5th – 8th

FYI…..The quotation/dialogue summative assessment has been graded and entered into Synergy.  If desired, students may “retake” the assessment this Friday.  Resources needed for further review are located on my blog.  Additionally, students may bring completed practice to me during homeroom in order to receive feedback/guidance.

We begin the narrative writing process this week and will continue to work on preparing for and writing this narrative through next Friday.  A timeline of progress is provided below.  If absent or falling behind in the process, it is VERY IMPORTANT that students see me daily during homeroom in order to work on their writing pieces. 

Standards Focus:

W 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.10


Brainstorming – students will brainstorm a list of possible topics for their narrative piece. If struggling, look through photo albums, talk to relatives, take time to think so that you can select an incident that you will share through the narrative


Prewriting – Using the topic selected on Tuesday, students will begin to complete a graphic organizer that will guide them through ensuring that narrative elements are included in their writing pieces.

Summative Retake is Tomorrow – The link below provides practice (with answers) for students wishing to further prepare for the retake opportunity.  Previous posts (from last week) provide additional resources and practice

Practice with answers-1tw5rpz


Quotations/Dialogue Summative Assessment Retake




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