Fall Break…

As we are all preparing for a well deserved week off, it is important to keep in mind that the end of the 1st Quarter is quickly approaching. On October 10th, the first Quarter will end, grades will be finalized, and report cards will be available soon after. If your student has any missing assignments, they must be made up by Friday, October 5th.  Thank you, and have a great fall break!

Cell: structure & function Lesson Review pg. 109

Link below is to the online Science Textbook!!


Students will complete the Lesson Review on page 109 using their textbooks in class this Monday & Tuesday…  due Friday, 9/21. Students are to use the link above if they need to access the textbook from home.  This will help to serve as a review for their post-test this coming Thursday, 9/20.

The Cell Choice Menu Board Project is due on Wednesday, 9/19. Students have had class time to work on these projects, and may also use class time this Monday and Tuesday as they work toward project completion.

Cells, cells, cells…

This week students will be learning about Robert Hooke and the discovery and naming of cells.

Students will also learn the 3 steps of the Cell Theory.

Students will begin to compare and contrast the differences and similarities of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.


Today Science students took the standardized Student Growth Measurement pre-test using computers.  This test will not be scored for a grade, but will be used to measure growth once taken as the post-test near the end of the school year.  Again… it will not count as a grade in our Synergy gradebook.  Thank you.

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