October 15 – October 19

ELA Students will begin working on Unit 2 on Monday.  Students will build skills in order to write an informational text. Assessments: DGP Quiz Friday Text Structure Pretest Friday Resources: Vocabulary Flash Cards Unit 2 DGP Organizer DGP Help Reading: Daniels/Johnekins: Formative Monday:  Students took a formative over “Eleven” and “The Jacket”. Washington/Johnekins: Students took … Continue reading October 15 – October 19

Week of Aug. 20

Daniels/Washington/Johnekins Reading Standards: ELAGSE6RI2:  Determine a central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details Assessments:  Students have a formative assessment on Main Idea, Topic Sentences, Topics, and Supporting details on Friday Aug. 24. Practice:  Students have been working on identifying main idea, topic sentences, topics, and supporting details from a … Continue reading Week of Aug. 20

Aug. 13-17

Daniels/Washington/Johnekins Reading Students will be taking the RI (Reading Inventory) on Tuesday.  Students are encouraged to do their very best.  This computerized test will determine their current reading Lexile level.  This test occurs 3 times a year, and students are expected to grow with each test.  Students also received their Unit vocabulary list.  Students will … Continue reading Aug. 13-17