Test Wednesday – Main Idea and Text Structures

There will be a summative test covering main idea and text structures this coming Wednesday.  I am provided an extended study guide.  Students who successfully complete this study guide should be able to perform well on the test.  Students should try to complete this guide on their own.  I will post answers on Sunday evening.  … Continue reading Test Wednesday – Main Idea and Text Structures

Welcome to Week 7!

Welcome to week 7!  IOWA testing will begin on Thursday.  Students should be ready for a modified schedule on Thursday and Friday of this week.  Students will be working in groups on stations activities this week.  Students should also expect a formative grade to be given this week. Standard Focus: ELAGSE7RI5,  ELAGSE7RI1,  ELAGSE7RI3,  ELAGSE7RI10

Week 4

Welcome to week 4.  Our focus this week will be on the essential skill of finding the Main Idea and Supporting Details  of a reading passage.  Students will have a graded classwork assignment on Friday.  Students are also expected to read independently away from class and complete their reading logs each week.   Standards: ELAGSE7RI5,  ELAGSE7RI1,  ELAGSE7RI2,  ELAGSE7RI10