December is Here!!!!

November 30, 2017

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of the last month of 2017.  As the kids were leaving today, we were talking about this.  I had told them earlier this week, that when they return to school in January that they will be closer to being fifth graders than having been third graders.

This is a great month to spend some extra time reading with your child.  The days are shorter and this makes a good activity to do at night.

I am so pleased that 14 of our students have shown mastery of the multiplication facts 0 – 12’s.  We had set a goal back in the beginning of the year to work to reach mastery of the multiplication facts by the Thanksgiving Break.  The kids have enjoyed ice cream sundaes when they reached two milestones in multiplication: 0 -10’s mastery and 0 – 12’s mastery.  Weekly drills continue to be given on Tuesday and Thursday.

We will be going to the Fire Safety Village on Monday, January 8th.  The Firemen will visit us at school on December 18th.


Great Time at The HIGH Museum

November 7, 2017

   Our field trip to the High Museum was full of interesting art exhibits.  We looked at the architecture of  the building and saw the exhibit of art by African artists.  One of the favorites of the class was the glasses exhibit.  These glasses were made from  materials found by the artist.  During our art activity time we created our own glasses.  This was a very engaging time for all, students and adults alike.  Take a look at the students wearing their finished pairs of glasses.  

Thanksgiving Lunch

Our class will eat our Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday, November 14th at 10:30am.  You are invited to come and join us for lunch that day.  Please let us know if you are coming, so that we can let the cafeteria know to expect you.  The price for adult lunches is $3.75

Book Fair

The first Book Fair of the year is next week.  We will preview the books this Friday.  The Book Fair will be open during Thanksgiving lunch.


It was a Great Conference Week!!!

Thank you to all parents who came in to discuss your child’s progress.  I always enjoy talking with parents.  Please contact me anytime you have any questions or concerns.

We had a fun time at the Youth Museum on October 10th.  Everyone, including Mrs. Schneider, had a part in the presentation of the American Revolution.


Please send in those BOX TOPS by Friday, October 27th.  We would love to win the contest.

This week we are studying simple machines and will start to learn about the European Explorers.  Look for a study guide on simple machines on Thursday.  The test will be on Thursday, November 2nd.


October News

Tonight, October 5, the students will be singing at 6:30 the songs that they have been learning.  I hope to see everyone there.  They were excited today when they left.

Tomorrow night, October 6, is the FAll FESTIVAL from 5 to 8PM.  It will be a fun evening with games, basket raffles, and food.

Our field trip to the Youth Museum is next Tuesday, October 10th.  If you have not returned the permission slip, please do so by Monday, October 9th.  

Tomorrow you will be getting the conference form.  Please return these to me by Tuesday, October 10th.  If you need to request another time, go ahead and email me as soon as possible.  I want to have the opportunity to talk with each of you.

Lots of Effort Being Shown in the Classroom!        September 14, 2017

   WE have been busy workers this three day week.  The children have completed the first part of our reading of the book, Love That Dog.  We will begin reading The Sign of the Beaver on Friday.  This book will tie into our unit on Native Americans.  

The students have learned about the different types of clouds.  When you are outside with your child, ask him or her to identify the type of cloud.  WE also have a display of the clouds we have made outside our room.

Next week, we will resume having a reading log to be completed Monday – Thursday night at home.  As always, the reading log will be due on Friday morning.  In addition to the reading being done at home, the kids are reading for at least 20 minutes in class.  Building this stamina for reading has been shown to improve scores on testing.

I am excited about the progress that I am seeing being made with showing mastery of the multiplication facts.  While this is a third grade skill, time needed to be given to “refresh” students’ fluency with the facts 0 – 10.  What makes me so excited now is when the kids know they have passed the mini drill and talk to me about it.  This makes their teacher HAPPY!!!!

All BOX TOPS for EDUCATION need to be turned in by September 22!  I have family members saving them, and I have a bag full.  Maybe we can be the winning class.

September 22 – picture day



4th Week of Fourth Grade is Almost Complete

This morning during our class meeting I told the students that by Friday we will have finished 4 weeks of  school.  During these four weeks, the students have been learning routines, taking several pretests, learning and adjusting to fourth grade expectations, and making new friends.  I am excited about the way that everything is coming together for our class.

This week the students will take the water cycle test and the first spelling test.  I look forward to seeing their progress.  Every Thursday the students will take a spelling pretest for the next week’s list.  I look at their score on the spelling pretest to determine which spelling words they will have.

We are still finishing up The Lemonade War book.  I look for us to finish it by Tuesday of next week.  After we complete it, the class will review economics by identifying examples of the economics vocabulary found in the story and then we will take the economics test.  Continue to help your child review these terms for the assessment.

If you have any questions about your child’s progress after you have looked at their graded papers, do not hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]

The First Week of Fourth Grade was Awesome!


Last week was my first week of fourth grade, since I moved from third grade to fourth grade at the end of May.  Although I loved third grade, fourth grade has always appealed to me.  I am excited I made the move and have the opportunity to work with your child this school year.  I am looking forward to an amazing school year!

I look forward to talking with the parents of my students at Open House on Thursday, August 1oth.  The first session will be from 6:30 – 7:00 pm and the second session will run from 7:10 – 7:40 pm.  Please make plans to attend one of the open house sessions so that you can learn more about academics,  study guides, assessments, homework, field trips, and more.

Mrs. Schneider’s fourth grade on the first day of school, July 31, 2017.


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