We have several STEM activities coming up soon.  We would greatly  appreciate  any of the following supplies for our projects:

-shoe boxes

-toilet paper rolls

-paper towel rolls

Thank you! 


Good morning!  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Below are the instructions to access Pebblego for homework assignments:

Go to East Side Elementary School’s website, Scroll down and click on Cobb Digital Library, which is on the left hand side, enter East Side Elementary School, Marietta, GA, and then enter the username and password that  are on the newsletter.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.  Thank you!

Lost and Found

On Friday, April 20th, lost and found will be cleared out.  If your child is missing any items, please check lost and found before next Friday morning.  Thank you! 

Field Trip, April Collaboration, and Registration Cards

I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break!

Fernbank-Tomorrow is our field trip to the Fernbank Museum.  Please make sure your child wears his/her class t-shirt/black shirt and gym shoes.  Students will be able to purchase a sack lunch from school or bring a lunch from home.  All items from home must be disposable, including containers and water bottles.  Please make sure to write your child’s name and Ms. Alderson on the lunch bag. 

April Collaboration-I have a 2-hour collaboration meeting with the other 2nd grade teachers on April 23rd and will need two volunteers to be with the students from 9:30-10:50.  Please sign up on Shutterfly if you are able to assist.

Registration Cards-Please check your child’s homework binder for the 2018-2019 registration card.  Please complete and sign both sides of the card and return to school by Monday, April 16, 2018.   

Weekly Comment Cards

Good morning, 

Please keep anything that I attach to your child’s weekly comment card.  It is  for you to review with your child and to keep for your records.  Comment cards need to be returned by Thursday of each week.  The only documents that need to  be returned are the documents that require a signature, which will have a form attached.  Thank you! 



When completing permission forms, please complete the envelope that is attached as well.  It helps the bookkeeper keep track of payments.  Thank you! 

March 14th-Early Release

On Wednesday, we will eat lunch at 11:10 due to early release.  

Also, your child has a permission form for the Fernbank Museum inside of  his/her homework binder.  Please sign and return by March 20th.  Thank you! 


Tomorrow is another school-wide STEM day, and we are very excited!  Please send in any supplies that you might have at home that we could use.  Also, if your child has a STEM t-shirt, please remind him/her to  wear it.  Thank you!

Addition and Subtraction Formative/Typing

Hello Parents,

Please check your child’s homework binder for an addition and subtraction formative.  Please continue to review this skill at home.  We will take the summative next week.  

Ms. Alter, our computer lab instructor, asks that students practice their typing skills.  Please practice typing for 10 minutes a day for 5 days a week.  For 2nd grade students, she recommends Dancemat, a free typing lesson tutorial.  Students need to learn how to use all 10 fingers when typing.  If students practice incorrectly, it only creates a bad habit.  To help against this bad habit, she suggests using a towel over your hands.  In the lab, students have skins over the keyboard when they practice typing.  Dancemat is  a self-explanatory and the program tells you what you need to do.  Once they have completed the lessons in this way, they should do the lessons again and this time focus on the speed recommended by the program. You can find Dancemat and other typing tutorials on our computer lab webpage at  Thanks for your help.

Fire Safety Field Trip-March 5th

Monday is our Fire Safety Field Trip.  Please make sure your child wears his/her class t-shirt and gym shoes.  If your child is  bringing a lunch from home, please make sure everything is disposable (including the containers and water bottles).  We must throw everything away before leaving the Fire Safety Village.  Also, make sure to write your child’s name and Ms. Alderson on the plastic/paper bag.  Thank you!