Unit 4 Test Study Guide



Last bit of notes:

University of Georgia:

Improvements in Georgia’s educational system helped the growth of the state. One of the first things the state of Georgia did after the Revolutionary War was to open a university. The state set aside a plot of land for the school, which was named the University of Georgia.

Public education for all

Abraham Baldwin wrote the plan for the University of Georgia. He thought that education was necessary for a free government. Bladwin believed that everyone should have a good education, not just the wealthy, and that government had an obligation to provide this education.

Baldwin’s ideas were new. Other colleges were private and too expensive for the average person. The University of Georgia was the first school to enroll lower-income people and, significantly, the first public university in the United Stated. The University of Georgia was founded in 1785 but did not hold its first classes until September 1801. Soon afterward, other states followed Georgia’s example and built public universities.

Georgia Capital:



▪As Georgia’s land expanded, the location of its capital city shifted.

Which direction did the capital move?


▪Why do you think the capital move westward?

The capital moved west to follow the population and settlements that were moving west post-American Revolution. It finally ended in Atlanta where the railroads came together to create a large city.