My apologies for not having our Blog updated for the past 2 weeks. It will be updated by next week. If there is a document in particular that you are looking for–shoot me a Reminder (app) & that’ll help me get it uploaded as well. Thanks in advance for your patience. At present–look for the U4 Study Guide AND Review Sheets being uploaded along with their Keys.



UNIT 1 Test Grades …

…. will be input tomorrow. Students who have earned below an 80% will be allowed to check their Tests out to make formal Test Corrections for partial credit added back onto their Test Grade. We will review this more tomorrow.



If you have been looking for your grade…they are up now. The Unit 1 Test Grade has not been input yet, so check back for that after Wednesday. It is YOUR job to keep up with your work, and your grade. You can always view your grade-book to see how you did on EACH ¬†assignment–these compile our overall class grade. So I should never hear the question “Coach B, why/how is my grade a ____?” (fill in the blank)


A few of us are missing work. For now, I have marked it Missing with a M. If it is not turned in by Friday, that M will permanently be replaced with a ZERO. You don’t want that. So get this missing work in now. Go check your grade book to see if this applies to you.


Quizzes are not made up or re-taken. Instead, the grade is dropped by a higher Test grade. Or the missing grade is just exempt upon taking the Test. So no worries over this. Just do your best to not miss school.


If you are not satisfied with your test grade, you can choose to come before school to make Test Corrections. Sometimes I can afford to take time out to allow everyone time in class to make Test Corrections but this is not guaranteed. It’s important to stay on track, study as we go, come to tutoring, get engaged in class, ask your questions, take your notes, & finish all practice work to be ready to excel & show Mastery on your Test. We will discuss Test Corrections further in class.

Day 16 ECLIPSE!!!


Today we will take our Unit 2 Pre Test and begin Unit 2: Equations & Inequalities.

Grades for the entire first Unit will be entered today as the grade-book was not my friend last week when I tried to enter grades. It may have been Synergy or my computer or me–I’m not sure which of us was not working it out right. So if you saw a few grades posted but not them all, or if you still don’t see any–this is why. “Don’t fret my pet!!” I will work on this today during my planning.

I hope you get to enjoy this special experience today with the correct protected eye-wear! Either with your class or with family/friends if you elect to leave school early today. I will take a couple minutes to go outside and check it out–then get back to work on these grades for us! ūüėČ


We are off to a great start!!!

I am looking forward to building our Interactive Math Notebooks on Monday 8/14/17, so please be sure to come to class prepared with Composition Notebook, Binder, & Calculator as we learn more about expressions & polynomials. Your Quizzes are graded but will not show in the gradebook as we had to wait to set up our Synergy Gradebooks. You will get your quizzes back to review and place in your ¬†portfolio files. These grades will be entered this week. Remember higher Test grades get your Quiz grades dropped! So continue to work on the skills to improve before this week’s test.

Make sure to regularly check the pages for updates on:

  • Weekly Agenda
  • Classwork/Homework
  • Video Studies


STUDENTS we made it through the first 2 weeks of school & first quiz of your curriculum!!! CONGRATS & KUDOS for being so awesome. If you’ve paid attention to how I am at all, then you know I don’t sugar coat, so I seriously am so very pleased with the squad I have in all my classes.

Please remember that your homework is to go to, log in, and complete the only assignment I currently have posted. It is due Monday 8/14/17. Click¬†THIS LINK¬†to go to the very first post I made on ¬†July 31st, and look up the steps for setting up your account on USA Test Prep if you haven’t done so already. Send me a Reminder Message if you have any other questions.

Get ready to kick it up a few notches with our binders on point, and starting to build out our IMN (Interactive Math Notebooks). Have your supplies–especially your calculator, binder, & IMN. And be here everyday. But if you have to be out, absence is NO EXCUSE!

PARENTS please look out for an email update coming your way!

Volleyball Victory


To the JV Lady Spartans Volleyball Squad for CRUSHING our rival (Osborne) tonight in our home season opener. The Varsity Squad did the same!!


Special thanks to their classmates, Farrah, Jalik, Karina, Emily G, & Jevon for coming out to support!!! ???