Unit 1 Study Guide Key- Floyd

Unit 1: Geog. of GA/GA’s Beginnings

In addition to completing this study guide, you should also be able to know facts from your tables on the Regions and Frayer Notes on the Physical Features of Georgia.  This study guide is meant to guide your studying, but you should review all of your notes to have a complete understanding of this unit.


  1. Where in the World is Georgia?
  2. Southeast    Region of the United States.


  1. United States of America Nation that Georgia is a part of


  1. North America            Continent that the state of Georgia is located in


  1. Northern Two Hemispheres that Georgia is located in



  1. Georgia’s Regions and Features
  2. Piedmont     Region with the largest population (contains metro Atlanta)


  1. Appalachian Plateau  Smallest Geographic region (land area)
  2. Fall Line     What is the natural boundary that separates the Coastal Plains

and the Piedmont regions?


  1. Red Clay     The dominant soil found in the Piedmont region.


  1. Coastal Plains     Largest Geographic region (land area)


  1. Blue Ridge    Region that receives the most rainfall (80 inches per year)


  1. Ridge and Valley    Textile and carpet industries in GA are based in this region.


  1. Piedmont                 Name means “Foot of the mountain”


  1. AL, TN, NC, SC, FL  Name the states that border Georgia
  2. Coastal Plains   Region where rivers are navigable to the ocean.


III. More Regions and Features…

  1. Okefenokee Swamp   Largest freshwater wetland (swamp) in Georgia; contains more

than 400 species of animals


  1. Savannah River River that is the natural boundary between GA and S. Carolina
  2. Chattahoochee River   Provides water source for Atlanta


  1. Savannah River   Only river whose headwaters originate in another state



  1. Recreation, electricity, drinking water List 3 primary functions of the    Savannah/Chattahoochee
  2. Fall Line   inland shoreline of the prehistoric ocean


  1. Barrier Islands    Protects beaches from erosion.


  1. Brasstown Bald    Tallest peak in Georgia (part of the Appalachian Mtns.)


  1. Fall Line    Industries grew up along this because of  rapid flowing

rivers were a source of energy.

  1. Coastal Plains    Has the best soil and climate for agriculture


  1. Blue Ridge     regions part of the Appalachian Mountain chain



  1. Climate and Transportation


  1. Agriculture    Which industry is most affected by climate?


  1. Weather     Day to day conditions and changes in the atmosphere
  2. Vertical Climate   climate in a region is affected by vertical elevation


  1. Airport, Seaport, RR, Interstates List the four transportation systems



  1. Atlanta Hartsfied-Jackson Busiest airport in the world


  1. Savannah, Brunswick  List two major seaport


  1. Columbus, Bainbridge     List two inland barge terminals
  2. Export    goods produced in another state or country and shipped to                                                      Georgia
  3. Import     goods produced in Georgia and shipped to another

state or country

Unit 1 Study Guide Key- Vickery

 Unit 1 Study Guide

1.Which region of Georgia has the most farms ,produces the                      most  agricultural products and has rivers that are                                    navigable all the way to the ocean? The Coast Plain


  1. Which region means “foot of the mountain” and has the most population, gentle hills, and rolling farmland? The Piedmont


  1. Which region of Georgia has the highest mountain ranges and receives the most rainfall? Blue Ridge


  1. Name three major cities along the Fall Line. Augusta, Columbus, and Macon


  1. What is the name of the highest peak in Georgia? Brasstown Bald


  1. Which region of Georgia is the smallest , has deposits of coal, and has steep hills and plateaus? Appalachian Plateu


  1. How does climate affect the agricultural region of Georgia? It allows for a long growing season


  1. Which river of Georgia starts in the North Georgia mountains and eventually forms a border with Alabama? Chattahoochee River


  1. Which river provides hydro-electric power to many homes of the state and forms the border with South Carolina? Savannah River


  1. In which region do you find many carpet and textile industries? Valley and Ridge


  1. The Fall Line (the inland shoreline of a prehistoric ocean) separates what two regions in Georgia? Coastal and Piedmont Regions


  1. What region of Georgia do you live in? Piedmont


  1. How did the Fall Line help the cities of Columbus, Augusta, and Macon grow and thrive? (Hint- think rivers) Access to fast flowing rivers to help generate power


  1. Why is the Chattahoochee River significant to Georgia? It provides drinking water and recreation activities to many areas of the state


  1. Why are the barrier islands important to Georgia? They protect beaches from erosion


  1. Why has the Savannah River been significant to the development of Georgia? The Savannah River has been used for trade, transportation, and a source for water for centuries


  1. What two hemispheres are Georgia located in? Northern and Western


  1. What region of the United States is Georgia located in? Southeast
  2. How does where you live impact how you live? Think climate, physical features, economy/resources, population, and regions. The climate of an area can and will affect how you live.  The climate of an area will affect why type of jobs that you will have and the clothing that you wear.  The physical features of an area will determine what type of housing and transportation that you might have.  The economy and resources of an area will determine what type of jobs that you will have and what you might trade on the world market.   The population of a region will determine what you might buy at a store.  For example, in Georgia, you will see stores sell University of Georgia shirts but that will be difficult to find in a store in California.  In conclusion, where you live will impact how you live.

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