Extra Credit Opportunity–  You may choose to replace a QUIZ grade (or classwork or hwk) of your choice by taking a map quiz on the 50 states.  We will take the quiz on Tuesday May 22, spelling and capitalization counts so start practicing early.  On Tuesday you must be ready to write down the name of the quiz/assignement you want replaced and the percentage grade for the quiz/assignment.  If you do not have this information, your extra credit will not be scored.   blank US map         labeled US map

Our last test will be this Friday 5/18

quizlet – test vocab practice



Final Exam May 21- counts as a quiz grade

Do not do the questions marked with an x on the review

Final Review 2018-z89ngd

Final Exam Review Key 2018

Final Exam Review Part 2-26zf4ne

Lunch on the Lawn Tuesday May 15th bring a towel and sunglasses/hat

Locker clean out Thursday May 17th- all items must be taken home 

Early Release May 22 & May 23


Check out your class syllabus here! Syllabus for General Social Studies   Syllabus for AC Social Studies


To find your daily class agenda click on the appropriate link under categories  ——>  (General- periods 1 & 2, AC- periods 3-5)



Need help knowing HOW to study?  Check out these tips! study strategies





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