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8/27 – 8/31 OL

Monday 8/27

Warm Up: Out of all the countries in Europe, which one would you most like to visit and why?

Country study introduction click here to open power point

  1.  As you view the power point, write down the information in bold for the United Kingdom and Russia in your chart.  When you get to Germany you and your partner will have to determine what information is the most important.  Remember, you can’t write it all!
  2. If you finish early, you may pick up a Geography of Europe crossword puzzle from the front table (this will be our anchor activity for the unit)

Hwk: complete classwork



Tuesday 8/28

Warm Up: copy the definitions below

Arable- land that is good for farming

Agriculture- refers to farming

Urban- relating to a city

Rural- relating to the countryside

Abundant- to have a lot of something

-Today we gathered evidence to support what we learned yesterday by analyzing various thematic maps

No hwk!


Wednesday 8/29

Early Release!

Today we reviewed our chart from yesterday.  Unfortunately we ran out of time to review our test, but they will be posted on Parent-vue today

No hwk!



Thursday 8/30

No warm up today

-Discussion Questions

-Vocab Tic-Tac-know

Hwk: complete classwork- if you need the definitions feel free to look up the words online



Friday 8/31

Kona Ice at Fresh Air Friday!

Warm Up:  Why are water features always a benefit to trade?

-Today we reviewed our classwork from yesterday.  Tests were also handed back and reviewed.

-Next, we organized our binder and our next quiz was announced for Friday 9/7.  This quiz will cover information from p.11 to current.

No hwk! Enjoy the long weekend!

8/20- 8/24 OL

Monday 8/20

Warm Up:  What is the relative location of Germany?

-Reviewed vocab/ organized binder

-continued working on labeling our physical map and the physical geography reading

physical map instructions

hwk: complete classwork (use the instructions above and find a physical map online)


Tuesday 8/21

Warm Up:

-Review physical features

-organize binder

Hwk: study for your test on Thursday check out a quizlet for the test here


Wednesday 8/22

Warm Up: Which direction does the Rhine River flow? Explain

-Binder Check

-Pokemon Go!

Hwk: study for your learning check over physical features tomorrow!



Thursday 8/23

Warm Up:

-learning check over physical features

-test review

Hwk: study for tomorrow’s test!


Friday 8/24

8/13 – 8/17 OL

Monday 8/13

Warm Up: What does a political map show?

-color and label your map of Europe

click here to study using quizlet Even though a quizlet is a great way to study, it should not be the only way.  If you want to guarantee a 100%, write the names of the 22 countries on a blank map without looking at your notes!   click here for a printable blank map of Europe

Hwk: complete classwork, start studying a little each night for your map quiz


Tuesday 8/14

warm up: Identify the countries without looking at your map

-Political Map Practice wkst


Hwk: study

Wednesday 8/15

Warm Up:  What are the four political divisions of the United Kingdom?

If you are curious why the United Kingdom has more than one team in the World Cup when other countries don’t check out this article

Today we had a practice quiz over the 22 countries of Europe to see what we know and what we don’t know.

Next, we reviewed our classwork from yesterday and organized our binder.

Lastly we began an activity about basic geographic terms to be continued tomorrow

Hwk: study for Friday’s quiz



Thursday 8/16

Warm Up:  What is the difference between a political map and a physical map?

-Geography Vocab continued from yesterday

-labeling our physical map

Hwk:  study for your quiz 


Friday 8/17

Europe Map Quiz

-work on physical map

Hwk: Get some fresh air and have wonderful weekend!


8/6 – 8/10 OL

Monday 8/6





-complete puzzle piece

-Getting to know you cheat sheet

Hwk:  Binder Collage due tomorrow, complete the “Getting to Know You Cheat Sheet” if you did not finish in class


Tuesday 8/7

Warm Up: What important events that changed society are missing from the timeline ?

Locker Room Expectations

Collage Scavenger Hunt/Collected “Getting to Know You” Sheet

Why is S.S. Important?

No hwk!



Wednesday 8/8

warm up:  What was your favorite thing you learned in social studies last year?

pretest –  click here to take the pretest

Blog scavenger hunt

Finished early? Work on what is wrong with this map (this is not a required assignment, just enrichment)

Hwk: complete blog scavenger hunt



Thursday 8/9







Today we completed the “Why is S.S. Important” guided notes

No hwk!



Friday 8/10

Warm Up: List the 7 continents and 5 oceans

-Where in the World is Europe

-label countries if time

No hwk!