Daily Archives: September 4, 2018

9/4-9/7 OL

Tuesday 9/4

I hope everyone had a great long weekend!  I am not at school today because I am attending training at the Teacher Leadership Academy for Cobb County.

While I am away, students will be reviewing what we have learned about the natural resources, population distribution, location and climate of our country studies.  (Textbook Questions)

No hwk!


Wednesday 9/5

Today students began their Real Estate Advertisement.  We will be working on this today and tomorrow and it will count as a graded assignment.

Hwk: study for your quiz on Friday (p.11- current in binder) *the vocab definitions will not be on the quiz, but will be on our next test


Thursday 9/6

Warm Up:  Monster Quiz Game (practice for tomorrow’s quiz)

Today students continued working on the Real Estate Advertisement

Hwk: study for tomorrow’s quiz


Friday 9/7

No warm up today

Quiz over p.11- current  

-continued working on advertisement (due Monday)