Monthly Archives: November 2018

11/26 – 11/30 OL

Monday 11/26

Warm Up:  1.  What do you think should happen to Germany after WWII?  2.  What do you think actually happened to Germany after WWII?

Butter Battle

Hwk: complete classwork


Tuesday 11/27

Warm Up: What was the difference between the governments in the USSR and US during the Cold War?

Cold War Guided Notes

No hwk!


Wednesday 11/28

No Warm Up today (Berlin Wall Simulation)

Cold War Guided Notes with video clips


Thursday 11/29

No warm up today

Complete guided notes

Simulation Review

Cold War Summary

Hwk:  complete classwork 



Friday 11/30

Warm Up: Berlin Wall Diagram

Review Classwork

Learning Check over the Cold War


11/12 -11/16 OL

Monday 11/12

Warm Up:  list the 3 Axis powers and 4 Ally powers

Guided Notes

Hyperinflation simulation

No hwk!


Tuesday 11/13

Warm Up: What is hyperinflation and how did it hurt Germany’s economy?

Guided Notes Continued

Causes of WWII cloze

Hwk: complete classwork


Wednesday 11/14

Warm Up:

WWII Cause and Effect

check your answers to the cause and effect wkst here

Hwk: study for quiz


Thursday 11/15


WWII Magazine Questions

No hwk!


Friday 11/16

-Return quizzes

-Cold War preview

Hwk: Have a great break!


11/5 – 11/7 OL

Monday 11/5

Warm Up:  What is the difference between a primary source and a secondary source?

-binder check

-TOV Background Essay Questions

-Analyzing Primary and Secondary Source Documents

hwk: complete classwork, organized binder due Wednesday for those that failed the binder check today


Tuesday 11/6

Election Day (no school)


Wednesday 11/7

Warm Up:

 -Today we reviewed the answers to the “Background Essay” Questions from Monday

-We will review the primary and secondary source documents tomorrow

-Lastly, tests were handed back and students were given class time to complete test corrections/reflections.

No hwk!


Thursday 11/8

Warm Up:  List 5 terms from the Treaty of Versailles that impacted Germany

-review primary and secondary source documents

-Using evidence to support an argument

Hwk: complete classwork


Friday 11/9

Warm Up: Who said it? Analyze 11 quotes and determine which leader during WWII said it.

Reviewed classwork from yesterday

organized binder

Guided Notes

No hwk!