12/3 – 12/7 OL

Monday 12/3

No warm up today

-Quiz Review- Cold War Reading with Questions

click here to check your answers

hwk: study


Tuesday 12/4

Warm Up:  What is the difference between the Potsdam Conference and the Two Plus Four Talks?

Quiz over the Cold War click here to take the OL quiz

Test Review:

Your choice- Option 1: History Atlas Activity: WWII or Cold War   Option 2:  GIS click here

If you choose the GIS option, you will write your answers on notebook paper

Hwk: study for test


Wednesday 12/5

complete “Escape from Berlin” video

-Binder Check

Hwk: study

WWII Quizlet

Cold War Quizlet


Thursday 12/6

Test Review

Unfortunately, due to technology issues I was not able to upload the Jeopardy we played in class today.  However, everything you need to be successful on your test is in your binder.  Make sure you have reviewed your Study Guide and added the “Two Plus Four Talks” to your study guide.

Hwk: study!


Friday 12/7

Test over WWII and Cold War

click here for the study guide