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1/14 – 1/18 OL

Monday 1/14

Warm Up: 5 min to put finishing touches on create-a-country

museum walk- which country would you live in?

Will your country survive?

-Govt. Systems Notes

Hwk: complete wkst on back of today’s notes


Tuesday 1/15

Warm Up: Fill in the blanks for Systems on p.2 in your binder

-organized binder

-Types of Government notes

No hwk!


Wednesday 1/16

Warm Up:  1.  List the systems and types of government without looking at your notes.  2. (write question) What is the difference between a system and type of government

-Types of Govt. Notes continued

-Types of Govt. Web

Hwk: complete classwork


Thursday 1/17

Warm Up:  Do governments control people or do people control governments?

-update p.2 in T.O.C

Government learning check CLICK HERE

Analyzing movie governments

Hwk: study for tomorrow’s quiz  

CLICK HERE FOR QUIZLET Remember, the quizlet should not be the ONLY resource you use to study

Movie Governments key check your answers to today’s classwork to help you study!

Also, don’t forget that you can click on the learning check link above to review your answers from today’s learning check


Friday 1/18

Government Quiz CLICK HERE