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2/25 – 3/1 OL

Monday 2/25

Warm Up:  What do you know about Canada?

-Canada Pretest

-Canada Map

No hwk!


Tuesday 2/26

Warm Up:

1.  Which province is located the furthest WEST?

2.  Which province borders Quebec and Manitoba?

3.  Which territory is located the furthest EAST?


-complete classwork from yesterday if you had not finished

-Atlas Activity – I was unable to attach the atlas pictures so if you did not finish in class today, this assignment is not homework

-Backpack trip through Canada

Hwk: complete classwork, study for your map quiz



Wednesday 2/27

Warm Up: Map practice

-Review classwork

-organize binder

Hwk: study for your map quiz


Thursday 2/28

-Mystery Skype

-Canada Map -Learning Check Practice Click here    Map learning check key-

hwk: study!  Blank map of Canada  If you can fill in a blank map correctly, you can get a 100% 




Friday 3/1

Canada Map Quiz

2/4 – 2/8 OL

Monday 2/4

Warm Up:  List the 4 factors of production and give an example for each

-review binder check

-GDP notes






No hwk!

Tuesday 2/5

Organize binder

GDP: Measuring a country’s income

Economic Indicators wkst

Hwk: complete classwork


Wednesday 2/6

Dollar Street: analyzing standard of living around the world click here

hwk:  study


Thursday 2/7

Warm Up: “How would the literacy rate (% of people who can read and write) impact a country’s GDP?

Review for quiz:

Economics Heads Up

Economics Cloze and create your own Cloze.

Answers to Cloze: economics, producer, consumer, scarcity, standard of living, market, supply, demand, increase, decrease, specialization

Hwk: study for quiz and complete cloze if necessary



Friday 2/8

Quiz over factors of production, vocab

Intro to Economic Systems