9/9 – 9/13 OL

Monday 9/9

Warm Up: How does geography impact where businesses are located?

-Uk Country Chart Research

Hwk: complete classwork  (go to the homepage of the blog to find the username and link to access the online textbook…. the password should have been written in your agenda)


Tuesday 9/10

Warm Up: What is a port city?

-Review UK Chart

-Begin Germany Chart

No hwk!


Wednesday 9/11

Warm Up: (9/11 tribute video) What was one new thing you learned about 9/11 after watching the video?

-Germany Chart

-Review Germany and begin Russia Chart if time allows

No hwk!



Thursday 9/12

Warm Up: What is the difference between urban and rural?

-Germany/Russia Charts continued

Hwk: Click here to check your answers to the Russia Chart


Friday 9/13

Warm Up: Russia has a higher total population than Germany but Germany is more densely populated.  Explain why this is true.

Learning Check over charts

Group Discussion Questions

No hwk!