10/21 – 10/25 OL

Monday 10/21

Warm Up: Would you brave unknown territory for the promise of fame and fortune?  Why or why not?

-Exploration Artifacts

No hwk

Tuesday 10/22


Fast forward to the future 600 years……An archeologist has uncovered an ancient artifact that once belonged to you. What is the artifact and what does it say about the time period in which you lived?

  • Why Explorers Explored Article and Questions (Reviewed answers in class)
  • European Conquest and Colonization Article and Questions

Hwk: complete classwork


Wednesday 10/23

Warm Up: How is this map different compared to a current world map?


  • reviewed cwk from yesterday
  • organized binder
  • Imperialism through maps
  • Imperialism Summary (see below for answers)

Thursday 10/24

No warm up today

  • Learning Check
  • MAIN Illustrations (This will be a graded assignment and will be due on Monday 10/28)


Friday 10/25

Warm Up: What continent were European countries scrambling for in the early 20th century?

Setting the Stage Guided Notes

MAIN illustrations due Monday