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1/21 – 1/24 OL

Tuesday 1/21

Warm Up:  What is the difference between a presidential and parliamentary democracy?

Movie Governments

Government Review Sheet

Hwk: complete classwork, study for tomorrow’s quiz


Wednesday 1/22

Warm Up: What is the difference between an absolute monarchy and a constitutional monarchy?

Government Quiz

Government Graphic Organizer key

Country governments (if time)

No hwk!


Thursday 1/23

Warm Up:  In the Hunger Games, the country is broken into thirteen districts. These districts operate for individual purposes. However, each district is controlled by The Capitol. The Capitol is able to make all decisions for the entire country. The country itself is run by President Snow. President Snow gained his power militarily in the last revolution. After the revolution, he disbanded elections. He plans on giving his authority to a lower general upon his death. What system, type, and form is this government? is this government? Unitary, Autocratic Dictatorship

  • Quiz Corrections/Reflection
  • Country Governments Reading/Chart

Hwk: complete classwork


Friday 1/24

Warm Up

Government Review

1/13 – 1/17 OL

Monday 1/13

Warm Up:  What is the difference between a single market and a free market?

-Campaign Poster

Hwk: study for learning check over the EU tomorrow


Tuesday 1/14

Warm Up: What are the requirements to join the EU?

  • EU learning check CLICK HERE
  • Introduction to Govt. textbook  reading/questions

Hwk: complete classwork


Wednesday 1/15

Warm Up: Is government necessary?

  • Government Notes
  • Systems of Government organizer

Hwk: complete classwork



Thursday 1/16

Warm Up:

Government Systems/Types Continued

Hwk: study for your quiz tomorrow!


Friday 1/17

EU/Govt. Quiz

No hwk!

1/6 – 1/10 OL

Monday 1/6

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a fun, restful break!



Introduction to the European Union

No hwk!


Tuesday 1/7

Warm Up:  On a separate sheet of paper, create a KWL chart for the European Union

*You may clean out your binder after class today.  All you need to keep is the warm up we did today and your tab dividers.  I will be giving you a new table of contents this wee.  We will have an assessment at the end of the year covering all of the content learned in 6th grade, so you may choose to keep the information in a folder at home.*

  • European Union Reading Guide p.82-85 in textbook.
  • EU Map

Hwk: complete classwork *To access the textbook click the link on the homepage of this blog and write the password you wrote down in your agenda*


Wednesday 1/8

Warm Up: What is the EU and why was it created?

-EU overview and video clip

-Reviewed classwork

No hwk!


Thursday 1/9

Warm Up:

*Organized binder

*Analyzing Arguments- Do the benefits of the EU outweigh the costs?

No hwk!


Friday 1/10

Warm Up:  What are the disadvantages of the EU?

-video clip

-campaign poster

-learning check over EU on Tuesday

No hwk!

12/2 – 12/6 OL

Monday 12/2

No warm up today

-Career Cruising with Mrs. Hamer

No hwk!


Tuesday 12/3

Warm Up:  In the early 1920’s, Germany could not pay their debts so they started to print money to pay them.  This made the economy even worse.  Explain why this is so.


  • WWII Guide Notes







  • Causes of WWII

Hwk:  complete classwork/study for your quiz on Thursday


Wednesday 12/4

Warm Up: What are four causes of WWII?

WWII Guided Notes

WWII Cause and Effect

*** AFTER completing the wkst, check your answers using the key below. ****

WWII Cause and Effect Key

Hwk: complete classwork/study for your quiz tomorrow


Thursday 12/5

No warm up today

  • WWII Quiz
  • Cold War Self Guided Reading

No hwk!


Friday 12/6

Warm Up: Let’s get organized!

-Butter Battle

**The Cold War Packet we started yesterday will be due NEXT WEDNESDAY, but don’t wait until the last minute***  CLICK HERE FOR THE READING