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9/9 – 9/13 OL

Monday 9/9

Warm Up: How does geography impact where businesses are located?

-Uk Country Chart Research

Hwk: complete classwork  (go to the homepage of the blog to find the username and link to access the online textbook…. the password should have been written in your agenda)


Tuesday 9/10

Warm Up: What is a port city?

-Review UK Chart

-Begin Germany Chart

No hwk!


Wednesday 9/11

Warm Up: (9/11 tribute video) What was one new thing you learned about 9/11 after watching the video?

-Germany Chart

-Review Germany and begin Russia Chart if time allows

No hwk!



Thursday 9/12

Warm Up: What is the difference between urban and rural?

-Germany/Russia Charts continued

Hwk: Click here to check your answers to the Russia Chart


Friday 9/13

Warm Up: Russia has a higher total population than Germany but Germany is more densely populated.  Explain why this is true.

Learning Check over charts

Group Discussion Questions

No hwk!




9/3 – 9/6 OL

Tuesday 9/3

Warm Up:  Latitude/longitude practice

Review for test  (see last Wednesday’s blog for study guide and quizlet)

Hwk: study for test tomorrow


Wednesday 9/4





Thursday 9/5

Warm Up:  How did you prepare for your test yesterday?

Pokemon Go!

No hwk!



Friday 9/6

click here for pretest


8/26 – 8/30 OL

Monday 8/26

Warm Up:  What is relative location? Give an example

-complete physical features map physical map of Europe blank

-Pokemon Go!


Hwk: complete physical features map Physical Map of Europe labeling instructions


Tuesday 8/27

-Visit from the Guidance Counselor

Hwk: Family Fun Night!


Wednesday 8/28


-Review physical map and organized binder

-handed back and reviewed quiz from Friday

Physical features review: you only need to know the 10 features we highlighted in class today and the vocab terms in your binder


Quizlet with just physical features

Our first test will be next Wednesday 9/4 and it will cover information from our last two quizzes CLICK HERE FOR STUDY GUIDE

Hwk: study for quiz


Thursday 8/29

-Review for quiz

Hwk: study for tomorrow’s quiz


Friday 8/30

Quiz over map skills and physical features


8/19 – 8/23 OL

Monday 8/19

Warm Up:

-Europe Political Map practice

-organize binder

Hwk: study for Friday’s quiz/ complete classwork


blank map of Europe-2jbzv4b


Tuesday 8/20

Warm Up:

-binder check

Hwk: study for Friday’s quiz


Wednesday 8/21

SGM pretest

Hwk: study for Friday’s quiz


Thursday 8/22

-learning check over countries (practice quiz)

-highlight map key using relative location

-organize binder

Hwk: study for tomorrow’s quiz


Friday 8/23

-No warm up today

-Europe Map Quiz

-Physical Geography Map

8/12 – 8/16 OL

Monday 8/12

Warm Up:  List the 7 continents and 5 oceans

-Where in the World is Europe?

No hwk!


Tuesday 8/13

Warm Up: What does a political map show?

-Atlas Activity

-Geography terms

Hwk: complete classwork Geography Vocab Definitions *In order to fill in the “examples in Europe” column, do an internet search for a physical map of Europe to help you 🙂


Wednesday 8/14

Warm Up: Write the coordinates for A, B, and C

Map Skills Practice- due to the altered picture day schedule- 3rd period will get caught up tomorrow

No hwk!


Thursday 8/15

Warm Up:

-Review Classwork

-organize binder

-Map skills review

No hwk!


Friday 8/16

Warm Up:


-Labeled political map

-Announced quiz for next Friday