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11/11 – 11/15 OL

Monday 11/11

Warm Up:  The Russian Revolution was when the government changed from an __________________ monarchy to a __________________ form of government.

Hwk: complete classwork and study for your quiz tomorrow


Tuesday 11/12

Quiz over Russian Revolution Notes CLICK HERE TO TAKE OL QUIZ

Hwk: study for your test on Thursday! study guide



Wednesday 11/13


click here for the kahoot

Hwk: study for your test on Thursday! study guide


Thursday 11/14



No hwk!


Friday 11/15

Anastasia Mystery

No hwk!

11/4 – 11/8 OL

Monday 11/4

No warm up today

  • Imp, WWI Quiz
  • Intro to Russian Revolution Article and Questions

Hwk: WWI Magazine Questions Due Wednesday…. answers are posted on last week’s blog


Tuesday 11/5

Election Day- no school for students

-Quiz over RR next Tuesday 11/12


Wednesday 11/6

RR Simulation



Thursday 11/7

RR Guided Notes

Test Next Thursday 11/14 study guide


Friday 11/8

RR Guide Notes Continued

10/28- 11/1 OL

Monday 10/28

Warm Up: answers only

-WWI Guided Notes

No hwk!




Tuesday 10/29

Warm Up: What are alliances and why were European countries forming them in the early 1900s?

  • WWI Notes continued
  • WWI Before and After Map
  • WWI Timeline

Hwk: complete classwork

Wednesday 10/30

Warm Up: Do you think WWI would have happened if Franz Ferndinand had not been assassinated?  Explain

  • Review cwk from yesterday
  • Learning Check
  • WWI Magazine Questions

No hwk!

*On Friday students will be making a quizlet to study for Monday’s quiz.  If you don’t have your own quizlet account, please set one up at home.  If you are unable to do so, no worries.  You can work with a partner or create a study guide.

Thursday 10/31

WWI Magazine Questions Continued

No hwk!

Friday 11/1

Warm Up:  Timeline of Events


Make your own quizlet!

Hwk: quiz Monday over Imperialism and WWI   *Study pages 30- current in your binder*

10/21 – 10/25 OL

Monday 10/21

Warm Up: Would you brave unknown territory for the promise of fame and fortune?  Why or why not?

-Exploration Artifacts

No hwk

Tuesday 10/22


Fast forward to the future 600 years……An archeologist has uncovered an ancient artifact that once belonged to you. What is the artifact and what does it say about the time period in which you lived?

  • Why Explorers Explored Article and Questions (Reviewed answers in class)
  • European Conquest and Colonization Article and Questions

Hwk: complete classwork


Wednesday 10/23

Warm Up: How is this map different compared to a current world map?


  • reviewed cwk from yesterday
  • organized binder
  • Imperialism through maps
  • Imperialism Summary (see below for answers)

Thursday 10/24

No warm up today

  • Learning Check
  • MAIN Illustrations (This will be a graded assignment and will be due on Monday 10/28)


Friday 10/25

Warm Up: What continent were European countries scrambling for in the early 20th century?

Setting the Stage Guided Notes

MAIN illustrations due Monday



10/7 – 10/11 OL

Monday 10/7

-Environmental Issues Quiz

-Country Review Chart


Tuesday 10/8

  • Warm Up: Check answers to review chart
  • -organized binder
  • -Handed back and reviewed quiz from Monday
  • -Video Clip

Hwk: study for Friday’s test Click here for study guide


Wednesday 10/9

Warm Up:


-Test Review Breakout (do not need to make-up if absent)


Thursday 10/10

Warm Up:

  1.  What are the causes of acid rain?
  2. What European country has been impacted by acid rain the most?

Test Review click here for the Kahoot Review


Friday 10/11

Test over Country Charts and Environmental Issues


9/30 – 10/4 OL

Monday 9/30

-project presentations continued

click here to take the learning check

click here to take project survey

No hwk!

Tuesday 10/1

*If you were absent on Monday, please take the learning check at home.  The scores did not count for a grade, but there are good practice questions for the upcoming test.  If you have already taken the learning check and would like to review your answers, click on the link from Monday.

Warm Up:

The Great Smog

-Write 3 “think-alouds” for sections 3 and 4 of the article

-complete the graphic organizer

Hwk: Complete classwork

Wednesday 10/2

Warm Up: Is pollution inevitable or preventable?

-Review Great Smog

Hwk: complete classwork



Thursday 10/3

-Review answers to yesterday’s classwork/hwk

-Chernobyl character questions (Due Tuesday 10/8.  This will count as a graded assignment)

6th Grade Dance: After school until 5:45


Friday 10/4

-Acid Rain in Germany Article and wkst

-Review Packet (this is not a homework grade, but it will help you study for your quiz on Monday) Click here to view the power point to check your answers


9/9 – 9/13 OL

Monday 9/9

Warm Up: How does geography impact where businesses are located?

-Uk Country Chart Research

Hwk: complete classwork  (go to the homepage of the blog to find the username and link to access the online textbook…. the password should have been written in your agenda)


Tuesday 9/10

Warm Up: What is a port city?

-Review UK Chart

-Begin Germany Chart

No hwk!


Wednesday 9/11

Warm Up: (9/11 tribute video) What was one new thing you learned about 9/11 after watching the video?

-Germany Chart

-Review Germany and begin Russia Chart if time allows

No hwk!



Thursday 9/12

Warm Up: What is the difference between urban and rural?

-Germany/Russia Charts continued

Hwk: Click here to check your answers to the Russia Chart


Friday 9/13

Warm Up: Russia has a higher total population than Germany but Germany is more densely populated.  Explain why this is true.

Learning Check over charts

Group Discussion Questions

No hwk!




9/3 – 9/6 OL

Tuesday 9/3

Warm Up:  Latitude/longitude practice

Review for test  (see last Wednesday’s blog for study guide and quizlet)

Hwk: study for test tomorrow


Wednesday 9/4





Thursday 9/5

Warm Up:  How did you prepare for your test yesterday?

Pokemon Go!

No hwk!



Friday 9/6

click here for pretest