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3/25 – 3/29 OL

Monday 3/25

Warm Up:

Columbian Exchange Atlas Activity


Tuesday 3/26

Warm Up: Do you think the Columbian Exchange more of a positive or negative development in world history? Explain

-Reviewed Atlas Activity

-Columbian Exchange Review

Hwk: complete Influence of African Slavery on the Americas



Wednesday 3/27

Atlantic Slave Trade

Hwk: study for tomorrow’s quiz  quizlet review


Thursday 3/28

Quiz  click here


Friday 3/29

3/11 – 3/15 OL

Monday 3/11

Warm Up:  What 3 regions make up Latin America?

-review test

-organize binder, binder check

-Label and color political map

Hwk: complete classwork




Tuesday 3/12

Warm Up: Map practice

L.A. Physical map

L.A Geography crossword

Study materials: Latin America political key-y3u88j Latin America Physical key-ykdfi1

Blank Maps for Practice-xww39s

  No hwk!


Wednesday 3/13

Warm Up: Physical feature practice

-Review physical features with visuals

hwk: enjoy the beautiful day!


Thursday 3/14

click here to take the OL learning check

-Country Geography Charts


Friday 3/15