News You Can Use…8.29.17

Happy Friday!  I hope everyone is well and has a nice, relaxing weekend.

I sent math homework home today.  It is due next Friday.  Please be sure that your student is logging their reading in their agenda each evening.  See below for the example.
Title:  Harry Potter
pg# 24 to pg# 45
Reading – We will finish up our Close Reading unit by Friday.  The kids have worked diligently on close reading over the last several weeks. I am very proud of their effort.
Writing – We will begin writing our personal narratives.  We want to focus on small moments.
Math – We will continue with our addition unit and learning new strategies that we can use to help us add successfully.  In addition, we will begin fact fluency centers next week.  Once the students have completed the addition/subtraction fluency centers, they will move on to multiplication.
Social Studies – We are going to begin our Native American unit.  Students will be participating in a group project as part of this unit.  They will host a Native American Museum in our class on Wednesday, September 20th.  More details will follow.
Grammar – We are studying nouns.  (common, proper, collective, abstract)
I’ve updated the calendar with a few dates, so be sure to glance at that.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Have a great weekend!

News You Can Use… 8.14.17

Good evening,

Coming up… 8.17.17  – Picture day.  All students will have their pictures taken whether you purchase pictures or not.  This is for the yearbook.
This week in…
Reading – We are continuing our paired reading activities.  We are learning to close read and how to respond to text dependent questions.
Writing – We are learning how to come up with ideas for our writing.
Math – We will be finishing up place value and rounding this week. Next week, on to addition and subtraction.  Please stay tuned for more information.
Science – We have been observing rocks and mineral and identifying their properties.
    VOCAB TO KNOW: Luster, Hardness, Shape, Color
HOMEWORK: Read 20 mins each evening and log title and pgs read in agenda, complete spiral math to turn in by Friday.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]
Thank you!