December 9th Updates

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Well, it looks like the cold and flu season has hit Mt. Bethel. We are working hard to try and keep everyone healthy before the holidays. Our class has had one confirmed case of strep, and I know of multiple cases of the flu throughout the school. Please remind your children of the importance of hand washing. We will be taking extra precautions disinfecting tables and cleaning our hands in the classroom. If your child does become sick, please keep him/her at home until fever free for 24 hours without fever reducing medicine. I would rather your child miss a few days of school than spread illness to other students and families. This time of year we are wrapping up our different units of study, and doing extensions and holiday activities, so your child’s learning will not be impacted if he or she is out during this time. We just want everyone to stay healthy, so they can enjoy their break to the fullest!

Mrs. Hill and I are looking forward to the staff holiday luncheon tomorrow. Thank you to our TPVs for coming in and making it possible for us to attend. Students will be creating our class giving bag, which would not be possible without all of your donations. Thank you for helping us encourage generosity and kindness with our children.


Dec. 16th- field trip to Lego Land. All students will be given pizza and a drink for lunch. Everyone should wear our red class t-shirt. Thank you to Mrs. Sanchetti and Mrs. Govil for volunteering to chaperone.

Dec. 18th- Class holiday party at 10:30. Parents are welcome to attend, but no siblings please. Students are encouraged to wear pajamas for our Polar Express themed party! Hope to see you there!

Dec. 19th and 20th are early release days. We will have Grinch Day and Reindeer Day respectively with fun activities and movies on those days.


December News

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Welcome back! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was great seeing all of the kids this morning and hearing about the fun things they did last week. Thanks for all of the feast donations and extra snacks that were brought in before break. The kids had a fun time feasting with their book buddies!

December is going to be a busy month! Next week we are going to kick off our unit on holiday traditions. Each day several students will share how they celebrate the different holidays. Your child should have brought home a green paper today with his/her assigned day. This is just a fun way to learn about different traditions and customs with each family sharing special items, pictures, food, etc. I can’t wait to hear how your family celebrates!

Also in your child’s folder, you will find several holiday magnets with your child’s picture on them. If you would like to buy them, just send in the envelope with your payment. If you do not wish to buy them, simply return them to school in the red folder.

This is the last week for fact clubs this semester. If your child is attending a fact club, please submit a new transportation note next week so we can be sure how your child will be going home on their former fact club days.

If for some reason you are not able to make it on the day you are Mystery Reader, please be mindful and either email or Remind text me that you are not coming. If you know in advance, you can just remove your name from the Shutterfly list and allow someone else to take your place. Thank you!

Next Tuesday the students will be working with our TPV volunteers to put together our class giving bag. Thank you to the families who have already sent in their donations. If you are interesting in helping a family in need, please check out our Shutterfly site and sign up to donate! We still need a few items. The kids enjoy making the bag and feel very proud when they see everything that the class has contributed. It really goes along with our word of the month- Kindness.

Dates to remember:

Dec. 16th is our field trip to Legoland! Remember lunch is included! Please have your child wear our red class t-shirt. I am in need of one more chaperone. If you are interested email or text me!

Dec. 18th at 10:30 is our class holiday party! Parents are welcome to attend, but please no siblings. Parents are encouraged to assist at the different stations we will have going on at the party. The official sign-up is on Shutterfly.

Dec. 19-20th are early release days. Students will be dismissed at 12:10.

Phew! That’s all for now!

November 16th Updates

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Our class is looking forward to our Friendship Feast on Thursday with our book buddies. Please remember to send in the requested donation by Wednesday, if possible. Thank you to the families who have already sent in their items. If you do not recall the item you were asked to donate, just email me and I will let you know.

We have had a lot of kids forgetting their snacks lately. Please help your child remember to pack a healthy snack each day. With that said, we are out of our supply of extra snacks. If you are able to send in some extra snacks, like crackers or pretzels, we would greatly appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!

November Updates

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Only 2 more weeks until Thanksgiving break! That’s crazy!

Here are a few reminders for what will be going on this month:

Monday, Nov. 11th is Veteran’s Day. Students can come dressed in their red class shirt and jeans to show off their patriotic spirit. We will be cheering on the visiting Veterans as they parade through our school. Thank you to all Veterans for your service and sacrifice.

Thursday, Nov. 14 is National Diabetes Day. Students are encouraged to wear blue that day.

Friday, Nov. 15 is the fifth grade’s Pajama Pant Challenge. They are raising money for the Center for Children and Young Adults. If your child would like to wear pajamas that day, please send in $1.00.

Thursday, Nov. 21 our class will be participating in our second High Touch High Tech program focusing on force and motion. Our schedule will be impacted that day, and we will be having lunch at 10:20.

Also on the Nov. 21, we will be hosting a Friendship Feast for our 5th grade book buddies. Letters were sent home yesterday requesting a specific food donation. We will be making trail mix and fruit salad.

Our focus over the next 2 weeks will be on friendship and the meaning behind Thanksgiving. When we return from break we will be discussing and sharing our different holiday traditions. Such a fun and exciting time! It’s definitely my favorite time of the year!

October 27 updates

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We are in the last days of the Patron Drive at Mt. Bethel and I want to again thank everyone who has already participated. As a teacher, I see the impact of the foundation on a daily basis. Here are my top 3 reasons to donate:

#3 The Turf (see previous post for details)

#2 The Kindergarten Ipad Cart

Our classroom has 5 Ipads that we use throughout the day for Morning Stations, Reading stations, Math stations, SeeSaw, assessments, and other activities. The kids love using them and don’t even realize they are learning while they are “playing.” We are so appreciate of the foundation for providing this technology to our students.




#1 Teacher Training

I have benefited tremendously from the OG phonics, OG math, and the Kagan trainings over the past 3 years. It has been amazing to see the growth of the students and experience their joy as they take part in these new engagement activities. I feel so fortunate to have had these opportunities provided to me and know that they have improved my teaching. After being in the classroom over 20 years, it’s wonderful to learn new ways of helping my students.


Upcoming Events

October 31- We are Super Readers! Students are encouraged to dress up in super hero attire to celebrate learning all of our super reader powers. Please no masks or other costumes. T-shirts work great! No need to buy anything.

November 1st- Fall Festival. We will hold all activities indoors this year. If you are interested in donating items or volunteering, please sign-up on Shutterfly. Only volunteers are invited since we are limited on space. Please have your child wear our red class t-shirt. It should be a lot of fun!

November 2nd- Mt. Bethel Fun Run! Sign-up online. Hope to see you there!

November 11th- Veterans Day Parade during school. We want to thank all of the veterans from our community. If you have a family member of friend you would like to honor at the parade, be sure to send in the form!


October 23rd updates

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I enjoyed getting to meet with everyone last week during conferences. Mrs. Hill and I just love this sweet class and are so proud of how far they have come already!

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Foundation’s Patron Drive. With just a little over a week left to pledge or donate, I wanted to share one of my top three ways I have personally benefited from the Foundation.

#3 The Turf

It may just seem like fake grass to you, but to me it is amazing! Before the turf, the field was a giant dust bowl that the kids could barely play in without getting covered in dirt. It was awful. Now that we have the turf, the kids can play all kinds of games and run around without kicking up a dust storm. P.E. holds classes out there as well. When it rains, it doesn’t stay wet for long, which is great, because the kids really need to get outside. It’s so nice to go out and always have green grass to play soccer, roll around, and chase your friends on!


#2 coming soon…

Patron Drive

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Dear Families,

Please view the video linked here for ways that your Patron Drive donations directly impact ALL students and teachers at Mt. Bethel! Our class would love to have 100% participation in the Patron Drive and sincerely appreciate all of your support in this goal!

Thank you,

Mrs. Barnes

Conference Letters

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I hope that everyone had a wonderful Fall Break. It was fun listening to everyone share what they did over the break. They were all full of smiles!

Today I sent home a letter in the red folder with your child’s conference time. Please return it to school as soon as possible, so I may get everything finalized and ready. If the time I provided does not work for you, please write down a few other times that do work for you and I will do my best to accommodate. I’m looking forward to meeting with you soon!

September 17 Updates

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Yogli Mogli Party! We definitely enjoyed eating our frozen yogurt yesterday. Thank you for supporting the PTA and helping us win this wonderful treat! It was delicious!

Conference letters will go home on Monday, September 30th. If the time that I scheduled you for does not work, please reach out and we will figure out a time that works better. I had 14 sibling conferences to coordinate, and the other teachers and I did our best to give you the preferred times that you requested. But I know that things change, so just let me know as soon as you can if you need to reschedule.

This Thursday is our first High Touch High Tech program. It will be all about the 5 senses. The program will be held in our room from 12:30-2:00, so we will be eating lunch around 10:30 that day. It should be a great experience!

Next week is Fall Break and I hope that all of you have a safe and relaxing week. I’m also hoping that the Dawgs beat the Irish!! Go Dawgs!



September 4th

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We are ready to read!

Yesterday your child should have brought home his/her reading bag. This bag should be returned to school every day. Inside the bag are books that are on your child’s independent reading level. For those students still not truly reading, they have level A books. The goal is for those students to be reading books at that level by the end of the quarter. You will also start to see books that are one level above your child’s reading level coming home. These are the books that are taught in small group, and your child should be familiar with them. The other books are selected by your child and are not read with the teacher. Therefore, you may have to help your child with any new words. Your child will also have a ring of sight words inside the reading bag. The first few weeks of words are all going to be decodable words- which can be sounded out. All of the words contain letters that have been already taught in class, so your child should be able to begin sounding out any words that he/she does not know. If your child is able to read the words fluently, then have your child practice spelling the words.

We know our shapes!

We have spent the past few weeks learning about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes. Students should be able to identify and describe these shapes. This week we are comparing and contrasting shapes and using smaller shapes to create larger ones. Today we are sending home a workbook from the county. It has extra practice pages on shapes as well as on measurement, which we will cover next quarter. Feel free to use this workbook however you see fit. You do not need to return any pages to me.

Progress Reports

Your child will bring home a progress report today inside the red folder. It is based off of the many assessments we have been giving. It provides a basic overview of the current standards and where your child started the school year at. Remember that we still have 4 1/2 weeks left before report cards are completed. So we are still teaching and working on these skills. If your child is not meeting the standard, feel free to practice this skill at home. If your child has a less than satisfactory mark in the area of behavior, please remember that we are still working on our routines and procedures, and some children require more time than others in mastering these skills. If your child received a progressing grade, it just means that he/she still needs reminders in that area.

Conference Times

Believe it or not, but conference week is quickly approaching! I am getting ready to make my conference schedule. If you have other children at Mt. Bethel, I will be coordinating sibling conferences so that they are held in back to back time slots.

In order to help me schedule our conference at a time that will work for you, please look at my availability and email me with the following information ( :

  1. First choice of day and a general time
  2. Second choice of day and a general time

Available dates and times:

Monday, Oct. 14th- 7:00 am, planning time, and from 12:40-3:30

Tuesday, Oct. 15-7:00 am, planning time, and from 12:40-3:30

Wednesday, Oct. 16- 7:00 am, planning time, and from 12:40-3:30

Thursday, Oct. 17- 7:00 am, planning time, and from 12:40-3:30

Please let me know your preferences by this Friday. I will be creating my schedule on Monday.