Week of May 11th

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I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend and that all the moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

This week I am not posting a separate video lesson since I created 2 videos for our choice board. Your child may enjoy watching them since I recorded them in our classroom last week when I was up at the school.

This Friday, for our last small group session, I’m asking the kids share something they learned during our time of digital learning. It can be something from any of the choice boards or something you did together at home. I would like the children to do some kind of show and tell to explain their learning. For example, your child could show and discuss a diagram of a plant or explain the Fourth of July with a fireworks craft. If your child learned how to bake, he could share the recipe or show us the actual baked goods. I think the kids will enjoy seeing what other kids have been up to and also get new ideas of things they can do at home.

I hope you all enjoy the LAST choice board of the school year!!

May 11th choice board


Week of May 4th

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Hello Parents!

I feel like we are finally in the home stretch! Only 2 1/2 more weeks until the end of this school year. You can do it!! You all have done such a fabulous job and I know it hasn’t always been easy.

Small Group Writing Lessons

This week, the goal is for your child to put together a book about his/her animal. Using the facts that were gathered last week, your child will write sentences and add illustrations to each page. I’m including a writing sheet that you can use, but any type of paper is fine. The minimum requirement is 3 pages, with one fact on each page. If your child is able to do more, then I would push them to do as much as they can handle. I would encourage you to spread it out over a couple of days.

Options you can do:

  • Have your child add headings to each page.
  • Try labeling the parts of the animal in one of the pictures.
  • Print out pictures from the internet.
  • Go onto Youtube and search “how to draw…(your animal)” to find kid friendly versions of how to draw your animal.

Remember, this is supposed to be a nonfiction piece of writing, so sentences and pictures should be factual and realistic.

Video Lesson

Writing Paper


Those of you who are using this program, please continue to use it. It’s great because it provides leveled books that your child should be able to read either independently or with minimal assistance. With that being said, I also want to give a disclaimer about leveling up. If your child is moving up levels, but is receiving a lot of assistance, or the opposite, and they are just blowing through books without any accountability, then the reading level may not be accurate. One way to determine if the reading level is appropriate is to have your child read a book to you, and for you to record the number of mistakes that are made without your child fixing them. This includes skipping over words, adding words, or saying the wrong words. If your child reads the book with 94% or higher accuracy, then the reading level is correct. If your child reads it with less than 94% accuracy, then your child should read those books with assistance. I’m excited about the reading that I see going on, but I want to make sure that you understand that just because your child may be leveling up on this program, does not mean that your child would be on that same level when they return to school. I’m not trying to discourage anyone, I just want to remind you that Raz-Kids is a resource and not a true assessment of your child’s reading level.

Please continue to read at home, no matter which form of text you use- paper or digital! Reading to your child is just as important as having them read to you. Sometimes it’s nice for them to just sit and enjoy hearing a story.

Remember, your child can read to me on Raz-Kids by recording themselves. I love hearing them read and I will write a comment back and give out extra incentive points! Happy Reading!

Need more to do? Then check out this week’s fabulous choice board!

Kindergarten Choice Board




Week of April 27th

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Hello Parents!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend!

This week in writing, we are going to focus on informational writing. I am going to begin a writing project that I usually do every spring. Students will select an animal to research and write facts about it to later turn into a book. If we were at school, I would spend about 2 weeks on this project. Online, I will spend 3 lessons, so this is the consolidated version. If you find that I am asking too much of your child, simplify it. If your child needs more to do, then have them write more. Writing is very individualized. Everyone writes different amounts and with different levels of spelling and grammar. I’m presenting the big idea, and what you do with it at home is completely up to you.

This week I am asking the kids to go onto Pebble Go (directions below) and research an animal of their choosing. I’m asking that they do not select pets. It can be fun to look around the site before actually selecting an animal. Once your child has found an animal to research, he/she can listen to the book by clicking on the speaker icon next to the text. We have used this site at school, so they should be somewhat familiar with it.

After reading the information, help your child decide on which facts they are going to use in their own book about the animal. I’m including a recording sheet for the facts, but any paper will do. My goal is for each child to have one fact for each heading in the book, which is 5 facts. Students who want to write more facts, certainly can! On Friday, when we meet in small group, students will share the animal that they picked and 2 facts about that animal. In later lessons we will turn our facts into sentences and put them together to make a book.

video lesson

writing paper to record facts

How To find Pebble Go

Your child must first log into MacinVIA  using firstname.lastname@students.cobbk12.org  Password 123

On the left hand side, click on the link for databases.

Then, scroll all the way down the different options until you reach the end and click on the green button that says load more.

You should now see the button for Pebble Go Animals.

This Week’s Choice Board

Choice Board

Week of April 20th

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Hello, Families! Below you will find some important dates, kindergarten information, and Mt. Bethel information. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher.

This week in kindergarten..

*Our kindergarten choice board can be found here– Mt. Bethel Kindergarten Choice Board. We hope you find these activities fun and engaging for the whole family!

*Wednesday is Earth Day! Check out this week’s choice board for a fun video and activity. Challenge your family to do at least one thing each day this week to positively impact the Earth!

*Mt. Bethel was able to collect 7 full boxes worth of wipes and 3 boxes worth of hand sanitizer from classrooms for our first responders. We appreciate your donations throughout the year and want to give a shout out to our teacher volunteers that collected those items from the classrooms.

*Be sure to check out our specialist’s blogs too for some fun activities throughout the week–

STEM BLOG PE BLOG Art Blog Music Blog

*Please don’t forget to visit our Mt. Bethel Digital Learning Website daily for the morning announcements and other important/helpful info!

🙂 The Mt. Bethel Kindergarten Team

Mid Quarter Update and Weekly Plans

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Hello Parents!

Sorry for the long blog, but I wanted to give some updates on the different resources we are using, as we are in the middle of quarter 4 already! Please read it carefully as it contains a lot of information and links to different activities.

I want to thank you for all of your hard work and support during this new schooling experience. Please know that I trust that you are all teaching and working with your children in the best way that you see fit. The resources discussed below are only options for you to use. I know many people are using other activities, books, and resources to make learning at home as fun and easy as possible. Also know that I understand that direct instruction may not occur every day. It doesn’t in my house. Some days are just too crazy and sometimes we all need a break for our own sanity! I get it!

I also believe that unstructured learning is just as important to children. Nature walks, puzzles, creative time, and dinner time discussions are invaluable experiences. All of your children were making wonderful progress, and I know they will continue to do so with you at home. Below are the resources that I recommend for you to use at home. There are hundreds more you can use, but these are the only ones I am checking in on and offering support through.


  • Splashlearn.com– this site is great for reviewing the different math standards that have been covered all year. Each area of curriculum here is based off of the kindergarten standards. If you are using this site, please have your child complete the addition, subtraction, geometry, and measurement units. You can find them by clicking on the curriculum button. I hope to be moving students who have completed all of these areas on to the first grade standards soon.


  • Moby Max– the fact fluency section is great for helping students master their addition and subtraction facts. It would be great if your child could master these before starting first grade since they will be doing a lot with addition and subtraction.


  • Raz-Kids– I like this site because it has books that are leveled. Since I cannot give your child real books to read in their reading bags, this is the next best thing. On Raz Kids, your child has the option to record his/her voice while reading a book. As an extra incentive, I will award 500 bonus points when your child reads a book to me!


  • Sight words– keep practicing those sight words! I’m attaching the lists that we were using at school. I recommend having your child read through the list and assess which words they know. Then take 5 words they do not know and work on those for a week. I’m also including a link to some activities you can do to practice sight words in lots of different ways.

Word list 1

Word list 2

Word list 3



I will continue to teach writing lessons in small groups each Friday. Right now we are working on writing our opinion. Please have your child watch the video lesson, watch the read aloud(s), and then complete the activity before the lesson on Friday.

Mrs. Barnes’ lesson week 2

Required read aloud: Yucky Worms

Optional read aloud: Diary of a Worm

Optional read aloud: Worms are Wonderful

Writing Sheet

Choice Board

This week the choice board contains video lessons from some of our fabulous kindergarten teachers! The choice board offers extra activities in math and language arts, as well as covers the standards in science and social studies. Do not feel like you need to complete all of these activities. One idea that I’m doing with my own children, is that I’m keeping all of their choice boards and having them work on the things we don’t get to over the summer when they need something to do!

Choice board for April 20th


Have a great week and Happy Earth Day!

Week of April 13th and Optional Placement Class Form

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Welcome back from Spring Break! We hope you all had a fun and safe time off! Below you will find information per the district, our Mt. Bethel optional placement form, and our kindergarten digital learning plan for this week.

School Week

On Friday, 4/10, the District announced that we are going to four-day digital school weeks from Monday – Thursday. Friday will be a day for students to catch-up on any previously assigned lessons. Teachers will be able to collaborate and conference with peers, parents and/or students, assess student progress, and prepare future instructional lessons. Can you have students continue to use digital tools to learn on Fridays? Absolutely! Is it required? No, but if working with a structured schedule is better for your child, then please carry on!

Placement for Next Year

One of our top questions has been, “What about placement forms?” If you wish to fill out an OPTIONAL CLASS PLACEMENT FORM, THE NEW DIGITAL LINK IS HERE. If you filled one out previously on paper, you will need to complete one again.


Because this process of not being at school together is going to make placement more challenging, we are only offering a short window for completion. If you choose to complete the optional placement information, please do so by Friday, April 17th.

Choice Boards and Resources

As a friendly reminder, Kindergarten students should continue to spend at least one hour every week day engaged in school work.

This week’s Kindergarten Choice Boards can be found here– Kindergarten Choice Boards

In addition to the choice boards and Raz Kids/Moby Max, we wanted to make you aware of some county resources that can be found on Clever. You can use this link and log on to view the resources. Directions on how to log on can be found here– Clever Directions. The username and password are the same that are used for MackinVia. Once logged in, you can find some great resources that we feel our kindergarteners will love– Freckle and First in Math. Freckle and First in Math may have a pretest to adjust the program to meet your child’s needs. If so, please don’t help them answer any questions, because later on that could cause frustration for them. It might place them in too high of a level that they can’t play independently. Please feel free to use these resources instead of, or along with MobyMax and Raz Kids to meet the needs of your child.

Have a great week of digital learning and don’t forget to utilize the resources found at https://www.smore.com/kj568

As always, we are here to help you!

🙂 Kindergarten Team

Week of March 23rd – Digital Learning

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Greetings Kindergarten Buccaneer Parents,

Welcome to week two of online digital learning! We’ve been working hard to create some wonderful opportunities for you to learn at home in addition to MobyMax and RazKids. While these two digital resources are wonderful, we wanted to provide you with some additional opportunities to work on other kindergarten standards that we would regularly teach in the classroom.

Attached you will find two optional choice boards– one for ELA and one for math. Just as their name states, these are a CHOICE 😊. The ELA choice board is integrated with some of our social studies standards for quarter 4. It focuses on The Statue of Liberty and The Star Spangled Banner. Each day, your child may choose one or more boxes from each board. We would love to see your child’s learning in action. Feel free to send us photos of your child’s work via Remind, Dojo, email, etc. (whichever platform your class uses).

Additional Skills to Practice-
*Learning your address
*Practice shoe tying
*Writing your numbers to 20 (TV teacher-see digital learning resource list)
*Letter formation (TV teacher-see digital learning resource list)

CLICK HERE to access this week’s Choice Board!

CLICK HERE to access additional resources!

Requesting Access to ParentVUE – for Digital Report Cards

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Report cards will be available digitally for Quarter 3. You can access your child’s grades and attendance through ParentVUE.

If you are having problems logging into ParentVUE to access your child’s report card, we are here to help! In order to grant you access, please complete the following steps:

1. If you are the enrolling parent, please continue to #2. If you are not the enrolling parent, please STOP READING! We can not assist you further unless you are the enrolling parent. Sorry!
2. Email Assistant Principal Kevin Johnson ( Kevin1.Johnson@CobbK12.org )with your first and last name, along with a photo of your government-issued ID.
3. Please state “I Need Access To ParentVue” in the subject line.
4. Once Mr. Johnson confirms you are the enrolling adult, he will email you back with an Activation Key letter that includes instructions for logging into ParentVue. You will also receive an attachment regarding ParentVue Acceptable Use Policy & User Agreement.
5. Please follow the instructions for logging in. If you are still unable to log in, please email Mr. Johnson back ( Kevin1.Johnson@CobbK12.org ), so he can assist you with troubleshooting.

Thank you!

Kindergarten Digital Learning Specifics

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Buccaneer Families,

We will continue to update our Mt. Bethel Digital Learning site with daily morning announcements and information each weekday while we are out by 9:00 am. The Mt. Bethel Digital Learning site’s web address is: https://www.smore.com/kj568 .

We are providing digital resources, but please keep in mind analog resources such as books, flash cards, games, etc. are also great ways to spend your time!

If you have questions or issues, please reach out to our staff. We are here to help!

Want to share images of digital learning? You can email them to mt.bethel.buccaneers@gmail.com or tag @mtbetheles on Instagram!

Specific guidance for Kindergarten:

Kindergarten students should practice reading and math facts using real books and online resources such as RAZ-Kids and MobyMax. On RAZ-Kids, students will be able to read a variety of books on their assigned reading level. Students can also complete the quizzes that relate to each book. MobyMax can be used for all subject areas. There may be a pretest at the start of the skill your child is working on. It is important that your child takes this independently, so the program can differentiate for their specific needs. Please focus mainly on addition and subtraction facts with this resource.