September 19

Tues Sept 19

PARENTS: Students were to receive a performing arts permission form today in homeroom. Please be sure to sign and return this before Friday, Sept 22.

Block 1, 2, 4, & 5

Complete Activator #6: Create one of your own similes and one metaphor.

2nd Read of “The Jacket” on pages 30-32 as a class while listening to the text for answers questions 1-5 on page 32-33.

Answer questions 1-5 independently

Homework – None

Block 3 AC LA

Complete Activator #7: Think of an article of clothing that you remember because you especially liked or disliked it. In 7 or more sentences, describe your article of clothing. Remember to use descriptive words to capture the image you are trying to portray and a simile or metaphor to make a comparison.

Complete a 2nd read of “The Jacket” on pages 30-32 as a class while listening and looking for a specific item. I assigned each student randomly to look for sensory language, similes, metaphors, and vivid verbs. This will be used in tomorrow’s class.

Homework – None

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