December 5

Tues Dec 5

Block 1, 2, 4, & 5

Class checked the worksheet on Independent Clauses.

We then completed question 6 on page 71 and question 8 on page 72 in the textbook.

Homework- Study using the 24 vocab words on Zinc in the Online textbook by Thursday Dec 7th for the Vocab Test on Friday Dec 8th. 

I went over with all classes how to login to the online textbook at the following web address:

After logging in, students should click on the Zinc box. Then click on vocabulary across the top of the page. Under Assigned Sets tab, you will see Unit 1 Academic and Literary Vocab box.

Students are to complete all 3 Decks by Thursday Dec. 7th for 3 homework grades. If there is not internet access at home for a student, they can use the computers in the library from 8:30 am-9:15 am.

The students must have one green check under each Deck by Monday to get full credit. This is also to help them study for the test on Friday Dec 8th where they must know the definitions to the 24 words. Students should also have all 24 words defined in their composition book.

Block 3 AC LA

Complete the Unit 1 Vocab Test.

Complete the Narrative Writing Prompt on page 73 in the textbook.

Homework- None