April 19

Thurs April 18

Block 1, 2, 4, & 5

Students should have finished reading to the end 33. They are not to read past chapter 33 though.

I began checking that students completed a reading log on Chapters 24-27 and for Chapters 28-31. If I did not check yours today, I will be checking it tomorrow.

Students should continue to complete the study guide on chapters 26-33. We will go over the study guide answers tomorrow.

Homework-  Be ready to take another multiple-choice quiz on chapters 26-33 on Monday, April 23rd. 

Block 3 AC LA

Students are to continue reading Walk Two Moons in class. By Friday, April 20th, students should be finished reading chapters 26-33.

Three reading logs have been uploaded to Office 365 to be completed: one for Chapters 26-28, another for chapters 29-31, and then one for chapters 32 & 33. All three logs should be done by Friday, April 20th as well. These have to be completed as homework because there are no computer labs available while Milestone testing is still going on.

Once students finished reading through the end of chapter 33, I gave them a study guide for the next quiz. We will check these answers tomorrow once everyone has competed the study guide.

Homework-  Finish your 3 reading logs by Friday, April 20th. Be ready for a multiple-choice quiz on Monday, April 23rd on chapters 26-33.

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