May 14

Tues May 14

All Blocks:

  • Complete the Writing Post Test
  • Pass back composition books and portfolios to be taken home

Homework- Please give your parents your portfolio so they can decide if they want to keep any of your work from this year.

May 13

Mon May 13

All Blocks:

  • Complete the notes on root words, prefixes, and suffixes
  • Practice making words with prefixes and suffixes

Homework- Be ready for the Year Post Test tomorrow

May 6

Mon May 6

Due to testing, only blocks 1 and 2 met today:

  • Color the sheet on Conjunctions and Prepositions

Homework-  Be ready Math Section 2 of the Milestone Testing tomorrow.

May 1

Wed May 1

All Classes:

  • Complete the quiz on Acts 1 & 2
  • Grade the quiz and turn it in
  • Read Act 3 of the teleplay on “The Secret Garden”

Homework-  Be ready for a quiz over Acts 3 & 4 when we finish reading them.