Bonjour et Bienvenue! I am so excited to be your French teacher and I can’t wait for all the exciting things we are going to do over the course of our French journey! Don’t ever hesitate to ask me any questions or come to me for help. I am here for you 🙂
****Please find your class link above and click on it. There you will find many useful exercises to practice the material and concepts we are covering and/or reviewing.


French III-Unit 4 Projects (Speaking and Writing) will be due by Friday…Bon travail!!!!  If you are going to be absent Wed for LGPE, we are doing our book exercises for practice: p. 199-200, ex. 1, 2, 4 (for ex. 4, answer the questions about yourself, you do not have to work with a partner as the directions state).


French I-We have a test this Monday over Unit 2…For the speaking assessment, be ready to answer 2-3 questions with the -er verbs from the unit or your classes.  Be ready to answer affirmatively or negatively (i.e. Est-ce que tu habites à Cartersville?  Non, j’habite à Acworth OR Non, je n’habite pas à Cartersville.)  Use the exercises under the French I tab for extra practice and I also posted the answer key to the study guide for you to check.

French III-We have a test this Monday over Unit 4…Use the exercises under the French III tab for extra practice.  We will continue to work on the Speaking and Writing assessments in class after the test Monday.


French I-We are continuing in our unit talking about school and the courses we take and this week we are working on a set of verbs called “-er verbs”.  We are working on meaning and conjugation of.  Be ready for a quiz on Friday.  Use the exercises on my blog to practice.

French III-If you still need to record from last unit’s speaking assessment, click on our class link and find Unité 3 for directions to get into the Seesaw website/app.  We are continuing in our Unit 4 this week, talking about places and directions around town.  Quiz over the 2nd set of vocab will be next Monday and our unit test will be next Friday.  Don’t forget to get pictures of 6 places around your town of places you want to show your penpal.


French I-We finished Unit 1 last Monday with a unit test and started Unit 2 this week.  We finished the week with a vocab quiz on Friday over the new unit vocab.  Please stay on top of the vocab over the break so you don’t forget everything.

French III-We finished our penpal letters and wrote to them about what we do on our cell phones, computers, or tablets.  We also made up a new technology invention and told them what we would invent if we could.  There are some great ideas out there!  We finished Unit 3 with a unit test this past Tues and started learning the new vocab for Unit 4.  We will have a vocab quiz on Tuesday after we return from winter break, so make sure you are keeping up with the new vocab and you can use the quizlet set that I posted under your class to help you practice as well as your slap cards.


French I-We are wrapping up our unit this week with adjectives and the verb être (to be).  They have a quiz Thursday over these concepts.  We will have our unit test next Monday.

French III-We are wrapping up our unit this week with reciprocal verbs and the conditional tense of verbs (saying we would do something).  They have a quiz on Thursday over reciprocal verbs and their unit test will be next Monday.  We got our pen pal letters back and we hope to write back by the end of this week!


French I-We started our 1st unit last week: School, classroom objects, and people.  Our vocab quiz will be the day we return, either Wed or Thurs.  Please use the quizlet set under your class and study your slap cards.

French III-We started our new unit last week: Technology and electronics.  Our vocab quiz will be the day we return (Wed or Thurs).  Please use the quizlet set under your class and study your slap cards.


French I-We had our first test today over our preliminary unit.  We learned the alphabet, how to introduce ourselves, say how it’s going, numbers 1-60, telling time, days of the week, months, and weather.  They did amazing and learned lots of new words in 2 weeks!  This week we start in our 1st unit and we will focus on the topic of school…including places around the school, our classroom, and school supplies.  Make sure to study your new vocab every night and use the exercises on the blog for extra help.

French III-We wrapped up our review unit today.  We reviewed most of the vocab from French II and verbs from French I and II.  We wrote pen pal letters about our year in review using the past tense to tie up our past tense review.  We will start our new unit this week which focuses on technology terms and we will be able to discuss about technology use in today’s culture.  Remember, anything that you still need to review can be found under the French III tab for some extra practice.

Open House-Thursday night-Drop in 6:30-7:30.  Hope to meet some parents on this night!


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