September 12




Check Answers with keys below.

I will be in tomorrow morning at 8:15, if anybody needs extra help!

Exponent Operations Review Worksheet Key-1xoti9q   

Compound Mixture Practice Key-18wwisu   (AM8 ONLY)

Bonus point opportunity:  On top of your review write…..”This quiz is going to be exponential!”

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September 11

We have been working hard on learning the Exponent Properties.  

Advanced Math 8 will have a quiz on Thursday

Math 8 quiz will be on Friday.  

Study your notes in order to help you better understand these properties.  You may also refer to the textbook for the rules and additional examples.  

HW:  AM8 Complete Exponent Worksheet Packet: Due Thursday!

Math 8:  Complete Even problems on the Product and Power warm-up we did in class today! 


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August 21

Math 8 -We covered Dilations today.

To Do:  page 26-28 Odds only.

Advanced Math 8:  Complete Transformations Review #1

Transformations Quiz, Thursday. 

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August 20

On-line textbook info: 

username:  SCH/studentIDnumber

password:  same password used to log onto computers at school

Math 8:  Transformations with Rotations.  

To Do:  finish pages 19-20.  Remember to list all pre-image and new image ordered pairs for full credit.  

ADV Math 8:  Transformations with Dilations. 

To Do:  Finish Dilations packet

Transformations Quiz on Thursday, August 23rd.  Unit 1 Test Thursday, August 30th. 


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August 15

We have been learning about how figures can transform on a coordinate plane.

Quiz 2 on Unit 1 Transformations will be next Thursday, August 23rd.  UNIT 1 TEST Thursday, August 30th.   

TO DO:  

Math 8:  Finish page 8 in packet

Adv. Math 8:  Reflections w.s. Odds only.  Homework check tomorrow.  To get full credit you must have QUALITY WORK!  Refer to page 48 for the rule if you need to!

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August 10

We spent the day reviewing for our first grade which will be the Unit 1 Angle Quiz on Monday.

For those of you that were absent, I’m attaching a blank copy as well as the key to the review on the blog.

Blank Copy: Angle Quiz Review Blank

Key:   Angle Quiz Review

TO DO:  These will be graded on completion.  Show all necessary equations!!!

Advanced Math 8:  Complete the Unit 1 Angle Quiz Review (ALL) 

Math 8:  Complete Odds only on Unit 1 Angle Quiz Review- Challenge Triangles are optional!  I love to see who chooses to go Above and Beyond?  

Bonus point opportunity:  After you check your answers with the key, write on the top of your quiz review.  “My angle on this topic is I’m going to transverse through this quiz” ; )

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August 8

We applied our knowledge of angle classifications to dance music and danced to Dance, Dance, Transversal!

TO DO:  Angle Tangle w.s.

Quiz on Monday!

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August 6

Today’s lesson included more practice with setting up and solving equations for triangles with missing angle measures.

To do:  Triangle Sum and Exterior Angle w.s.  (Use the rules you have been learning to set up and solve for the missing angle measures)


Unit 1 Quiz 1-Monday, August 13th.

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