Month: August 2014

Homework Update 8-28

Good afternoon!

We had some trouble tearing out math homework pages from the student workbooks today. Some of your students may have a different math homework page, but it still assesses the same multiplication skills. I apologize for the confusion!

For spelling homework tonight, the students need to complete page 14 in their Words Their Way books, not 24.

Don’t forget about Dress Down Day tomorrow! Students should have their $1 ready when they arrive at the building!

What an awesome week we have had! Look forward to seeing Friday journals this weekend.

Miss Nichols



August 25

Good evening! We had a busy Monday wrapping up units and beginning new ones!

This week, we are . . .

Reading: recounting stories, fables, folktales, and myths. We are taking a break from Winn Dixie and will return in a few weeks. The students will learn strategies for recounting stories from those genres and identifying the theme or moral.

Writing:  composing small moment narratives. We will add details and revise our narratives.

Language Arts: using possessive forms of nouns. This will be practiced in the nightly spelling assignments as well.

Spelling: identifying long vowel patterns with Sort 3!

Science: identifying properties of rocks and minerals and the three parts of the rock cycle. I cannot wait to see the rock report presentations tomorrow! The students are very enthusiastic about sharing their projects!

Social Studies: locating lines of longitude and latitude, the equator, the Prime  Meridian, and Greece on a world map. This will be a great preview for our study of Ancient Greece, Democracy, and the Olympics!

Math: finding multiplication facts with arrays. Even though we are introducing multiplication this week, it would be a good idea to obtain a set of flash cards to help your students study and know their multiplication facts! By next week, I will try to send home a printed copy of simple flashcards. Students will be better prepared for future standards and skills studied later in the school year once they know their multiplication facts. 🙂

For the weekly KWL word problem, please use the green KWL guide to support your student in correctly completing the  word problem using the KWL strategy. Students must explain the reasonableness of their answers in words and sentences, not just numbers!

Also, please be sure to use third grade math strategies from the roadmap given out at Open House. This is a wonderful resource to support your students ALL YEAR LONG! 🙂

Another great resource for both Math and Language Arts, check out, a free website with videos demonstrating standards and skills for our current curriculum.

Important Information

Reading Logs: Please initial to signify that your student has read at least five nights each week AT HOME! Reading logs must be completed by FRIDAY MORNING (Also known as Thursday evening).

Friday Journals: These will be sent home each Friday. Please respond back to your student’s reflection of their week.

Field Trip/T-Shirt: On October 6th, third graders at Teasley will participate in an on-campus field trip. Students will have enriching hands-on experiences with rocks and minerals! We  will also be ordering third grade t-shirts for the year. Each third grade class will have their own color t-shirt. Our shirts are turquoise! Third grade t-shirtrs will be worn on special days, such as field trips, as well as any Friday with uniform bottoms! The field trip and t-shirt are included in fee, $15! Please return the field trip form, t-shirt size of your student, and $15 by Friday, September 5th! Contact me if you have any questions.

Agendas: Check nightly for daily behavior and homework!

Dress Down Day THIS FRIDAY: Bring $1 to school! Some of the teachers are talking about wearing shirts or jerseys to represent our favortie teams. . .

Email me with any questions or concerns!

Miss Nichols

Welcome to the new blog!

Hello, parents!

Thank you for subscribing to my new blog! I look forward to sharing information from our class and Teasley with you!

Miss Nichols

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